Your Own Conception

Someone once suggested to me that I choose my own conception of God because the conception I had, at the time, came from someone else & was not working.

This is what I came up with: God is omnipotent (all powerful) & omnipresent (always present)… caring & helpful… kind & loving… understanding & forgiving… patient & tolerant.

God is fair & just… honest & omniscient (all knowing)… strength & direction… God is the light in the darkness.

The goal for today: choose Freedom of religion!

Have a great day everybody!

That’s How I Would Want To Be Treated

I don’t know who coined the phrase ‘kill them with kindness’, but I absolutely love it!

I’ve tried it… & it works!

Sometimes it takes time but if I stay persistent, it always pans out in the end.

It’s hard to stay mad at someone who is being nice to you.

There is a catch however… it must be sincere to have any real, lasting effects.

People can tell the difference between a genuine act of kindness & a sarcastic, fake smile.

The goal for today: be kind to everyone, no matter what… because that’s the way that I would want to be treated!

Have a great day everybody!

Free From What?

Yesterday I mentioned that ‘the Truth will set you free’, but the real question is… free from what?

It will set me free from fear… the Truth says fear isn’t real.

It will set me free from dishonesty… the Truth eliminates the need to lie to myself or others.

It will set me free from selfishness… I will not grab for more of everything, because if I have the Truth, I have all that is worth having.

It will set me free from resentment… the Truth tells me that anger is ALWAYS wrong.

The goal for today: be set free!

Have a great day everybody!

Truth Is The Only Help

Do you want me to help you… or do you want me to tell you you’re right?

I’m not a big fan of telling people what they want to hear… I’d rather encourage people to want to hear the Truth.

For some reason we seem opposed to the Truth.

We have all heard ‘the truth will set you free’… but we don’t really believe it.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way to help someone is to tell them the Truth.

The goal for today: don’t lie… help the willing see the Truth & help the unwilling by not helping.

Have a great day everybody!


“Don’t be too hard on yourself” ~idk.

I’m of the opposite belief!

If I’m not happy… I’m doing something wrong, & although we all make mistakes, that doesn’t mean that I should go easy on myself.

I hold myself to a high standard & when I fall short, I put effort into fixing it… rather than using ‘everybody makes mistakes’ to justify it & continue to do it.

The goal for today: hold myself to a high moral standard & ‘constructively’ criticize myself on a regular basis, in an attempt to be a better person.

Have a great day everybody!

Slave Or Master

We become slaves to the things that we are afraid to admit to others.

When I screw up & I’m afraid of what people will think of me if they find out, I become paranoid… I’m looking over my shoulder… I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop… my every thought & action, at times, is built around this fear & it makes my life incredibly uncomfortable.

The goal for today: break the chains… face my fears… admit my mistakes… teach others how to do the same… & live Free!

Have a great day everybody!

We Are All Worthy

I don’t need a pat on the back to feel good about myself… I don’t need others to validate my worth.

I’m not going to feel worthless if someone doesn’t return the Love, helping hand or favors I give out.

My sense of worth comes from inside… not outside.

Any good feeling I get from outside is temporary… but the way it feels in my heart when I do the Right thing, for the Right reason, is where my real sense of worth comes from.

The goal for today: think, feel & act properly toward others & feel my sense of worth steadily increase!

Have a great day everybody!