Fear Is My Real Weakness

Is admitting that I’ve been hurt a weakness… or is my real weakness the fear that keeps me from admitting it?

Not only does fear cause all of my problems… but it also keeps me from helping you solve yours.

The two best reasons for me to admit my fears are…
1) I can’t fix a problem that I refuse to admit exists…
2) Admitting them to each other, we can work together to solve ‘our’ problems.

The goal for today: know that True Strength comes from admitting & overcoming my fears!

Have a great day everybody!

Heart… Mind… Eyes

Open my Heart, my mind & my eyes.

When I open my Heart, that makes it possible for me to believe things that were once impossible to believe.

When I open my mind, I can properly process the information coming from my Heart to insure that I won’t be blindly led.

Once my eyes are open, then I can clearly see the difference between the True & the false & then proceed to CHOOSE which one I will live by.

The goal for today: spiritual… mental… physical… in that order!

Have a great day everybody!


A Visionary is one who has Hindsight… Insight & Foresight.

If we look back in our pasts we can find many things that worked & many things that did not.

A little bit of insight can show me whether or not what I’m currently doing is working.

Then, with some foresight, I can form a rock solid idea of what I should & shouldn’t do moving forward.

The goal for today: if life isn’t working for me, I’ll look back to find out why & do the opposite of that moving forward!

Have a great day everybody!

Move The World

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world” ~Archimedes.

We human beings are the lever… & God is our fulcrum.

The more human beings that we can band together in unity… the longer the lever.

Unity is brought about by knowing that God is our real strength… our boundless support.

The goal for today: Trust in God & Love my neighbor… because that’s how I help move the world!

Have a great day everybody!

Transcending Boundaries

The more I thought about yesterday’s message, the more the bigger picture came into view.

The person that I helped was a white woman… the person she helped was a black man… he helped a Hispanic man & he helped a white man.

This helped me see that there is a more important message here & that message is that Love & Service transcend all of the boundaries of gender bias, racism or religious dispute.

The goal for today: know that Love really does conquer all!

Have a great day everybody!

Help One… Help Many

When you help someone, you aren’t just helping that person… you are helping everyone that they come in contact with as well.

I helped a friend from a town near home & they helped someone on the west coast & that person is helping people near him & those people are helping others… & on & on.

“Pay it forward” used to sound cute, but now that it’s actually happening, I’m blown away!

The goal for today: pay it forward… because one person can make a difference!

Have a great day everybody!

Happiness Through Giving

“One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others” ~Lewis Carroll.

I love quotes like this that remind me of the vital importance of Loving my neighbor… of having a genuine concern for the welfare of others… of giving freely of myself so that others can live & be happy too.

The goal for today: know that the reason we exist is to be Happy as a direct result of learning how to Love each other!

Have a great day everybody!