The Natural Order Of Things

“It’s human nature to get angry” (or any other negative emotion)… that’s just not true!

It took many years to understand the difference between ‘human nature’ & ‘common place’ & I finally get it.

Real human nature is a Purely positive influence… a negative is never human nature!

Just because everybody’s doing it, doesn’t mean it’s normal & natural… that just means it’s common place.

The goal for today, know that Happiness, Peace & Freedom are the natural order of things!

Not happy… not natural!

Have a great day everybody!


There are a handful of things in this life that I am certain of & one of them is that fear is at the root of all my problems.

My next thoughts, words & deeds will either be based on Love or fear… & only I can decide which it will be.

There was a time in my life that I would have disagreed with this statement, but now I can see that I had piled my fears so high & so wide that I could no longer see over or around them to the Truth.

The goal for today, tap into a Higher Power that will help me rise above my fear so I can see the Truth & start solving some problems!

Have a great day everybody!

Nice Guys Finish Last?

“Nice guys finish last”… that’s just not true.

Being kind, considerate & polite while trying to manipulate people doesn’t make me a ‘nice guy.’

In order to actually be a nice guy… I have to be genuinely kind & loving… I have to be giving ‘freely’ of myself to others.

If I feel angry or hurt because you didn’t show appreciation for my kindness, that is proof positive that it wasn’t really kindness… it was in fact, fear based selfishness.

The goal for today, if I want to avoid finishing last… I should learn how to really be a nice guy!

Have a great day everybody!

I Care Too Much?

“I care too much” ~unknown.

I’ve made this claim many times, but in reality… that’s just silly.

The Truth was that I had a fear of people not liking me, a fear of confrontation & a fear of being alone that caused me to be a doormat.

I allowed people to walk all over me, take advantage of me & take me for granted because I was afraid.

So the True statement would sound more like this… “I fear too much.”

The goal for today, tell myself the real Truth… get rid of fear & care more… because we can never care too much!

Have a great day everybody!

The Easy Way Or The Hard Way

There are 2 ways to learn the Truth.

I can access it from within, through contemplation or I can access it from without, through painful experience.

When Isaac Newton was asked how he discovered gravity he said “I thought about it… all the time.”

As a kid, I learned about gravity when I jumped off of a wall & came crashing down to the ground.

There is an easy way & a hard way… but either way I end up at the Truth.

The goal for today, think properly & learn a few lessons the easy way for a change!

Have a great day everybody!

Rather Vain Of Us…

“We chose to believe that our human intelligence was the last word, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and end of all. Rather vain of us, wasn’t it?” ~Anon.

I can’t create a planet & that means there’s a Power greater than me.

I don’t understand all of existence & that means there’s an Intelligence greater than me.

It doesn’t matter what I call it… what matters is the attitude I take toward It & my willingness to work with It rather than against It.

The goal for today, sanely & logically work with this Powerful, Creative Intelligence… instead of believing that I am it!

Have a great day everybody!

More Than Just Words

There are 3 very powerful, meaningful, terms that I’ve thrown around very lightly all of my life & they are “I promise”… “I’m sorry”… & “I love you”.

These are things that I should never say unless I mean it & in order to really mean it… I must understand it.

1) I promise means I’m not just telling you what you want to hear… but in fact, I will keep my word.

2) I’m sorry means I won’t do it again… I will stop repeating & apologizing.

3) I love you means that I am truly willing to give to you… looking for nothing in return.

The goal for today, understand it & mean it… or don’t say it!

Thanks to my new friend Jessi for inspiring this post in part!

Have a great day everybody!