The Cycle

Moonlight glows and then it passes

Sunlight follows and enlightens the masses

The night brings rest and rejuvenation

So that our days may be filled with jubilation

Well rested beings—mind, body, and soul

With relative ease meet each new days goal

We Live, we Love, we care for each other

With anger and angst we seldom do bother

Clearing our conscience each restful night

Makes possible a morning where we may think Right

So I hope you slept well and you wake with full heart

So that Love fills our world from this mornings very start

Have a great day everybody!


There is simply nothing in this world more powerful than a human heart pointed in the direction of altruism, or the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. If your heart is set on anything else, you have missed the point of Life. You can have your money, you can have your titles, you can have your reputation… but without a Loving heart, those things mean absolutely nothing. Not a heart that seeks Love, not a heart that takes Love, not a heart that demands Love, but a heart that gives Love… that’s the one with ALL the Power. The goal for today: don’t give Love to get Love… don’t give Love to avoid guilt… don’t give Love for fear of being alone… give Love because it’s the Right thing to do, and feel the full effect of its Power! Have a great day everybody!

Make It Disappear

“Your depression will disappear when there is tolerance, love, and spiritual understanding” ~Anon.

Tolerance is defined as respecting others beliefs, practices, etc… without sharing them; I tend to feel depressed when I’m practicing intolerance toward others. Love is defined as the impersonal sense of good will toward all; I tend to fell depressed when I’m feeling disdain or ill will toward others. Spiritual understanding is definitely a bit of a lost art, but I must try to understand that Spiritual Law says it’s impossible to be selfish and happy simultaneously; so there is a certain degree of selfishness and self-centeredness in my depressive moments. The goal for today: respect those you disagree with, Love everybody, even your enemies, think about what you can contribute to life, rather than what you aren’t getting from it… and be Happy! Have a great day everybody!

Be Truly Wise

“The pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise” ~Hermes Trismegistus.

I can’t imagine there was a time in the world that those words were more accurate than they are right now. The “pure” being those with the Right motives, those who definitely have the greater good in their hearts and minds; the “impure” being those who act on motives such as self-interest, personal gain and control… who are spitefully vindictive and driven by greed. Our political world is a wonderful example; I truly have a difficult time believing that there is one single person in Washington that has my best interest at heart… in fact, I KNOW there isn’t one. The goal for today: Purify your motives, be Honest with yourself and others, give freely of yourself to the world, Love unconditionally… and be one of the good guys, be truly Wise! Have a great day everybody!

Fate & Destiny

“Fate is fluid, destiny is in the hands of man” ~from The Man In the High Castle.

We have no control over fate… man played no part in creating the earth; we do however have total control of our destiny; how we think, feel and act will determine what our lives are like whilst we are here. It is supremely important that we learn what we are, and are not, in control of… and that we act responsibly with regard to our part. The goal for today: know that it’s not my job to play God… but it definitely is my job to carry out His will to the best of my ability! Have a great day everybody!

The Components

In order to successfully solve problems, rise to challenges, and forge forth into a better life… three key components must be present. 1) a source of Power and Knowledge. 2) a channel for that Power and Knowledge to flow through. 3) a willing recipient of said Power and Knowledge. For example: one day an apple fell from a tree and Isaac Newton felt compelled to figure out why. He asked this source of Knowledge why it happened… and he got the answer. He then proceed to share what he learned with everyone who cared to hear about it… and now we know. If we apply this simple process to our everyday lives, we are guaranteed to start rising above our difficulties into a better life. The goal for today: listen to God, be a channel of His peace, help the willing… and Love your Life! Have a great day everybody!


If I refuse to admit that I have a fear of being alone, then there is no hope of fixing my fear of being alone. If I refuse to admit that I have a fear of running out of money, then there is no hope of fixing my fear of running out of money. If I refuse to admit that I have a fear of what other people think of me, then there is no hope of fixing my fear of what other people think of me. And worst of all… if I don’t fix my fear, it is guaranteed to cause the things I’m afraid of to happen. We tend to believe that an admission of fear makes us look weak, but being too afraid to admit we are afraid is our actual weakness. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people that can admit they’re afraid… and even more respect for those who work to fix it. The goal for today: spot your fear, admit your fear, correct your fear—because if you don’t… you will most certainly manifest your fear! Have a great day everybody!

The Big Question

The 64 million dollar question is always “When do you know… ?” When will you know when to stay, when to go, when to start, when to stop, when to love it, when to leave it, when to double down or when to call it quits. We stress, we strain, we research, we ask everybody that we think might know what they’re talking about. When people ask us these questions, we tend to give stern answers as if we actually know what we are talking about, but it is all based on opinions, and to quote Emmet Fox… “Personal opinion is exceedingly likely to be wrong.” The goal for today: if you have to ask… it’s because you already know it’s wrong; and if you have to answer, give the only Right answer there is… “You will know when you no longer need to ask.” Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the world to stop offending you, because it’s not gonna happen. Instead we must learn how to properly cope with an offensive world. We seem to be in this weird place where we adamantly tell the world what we believe to be wrong or unacceptable, and demand that the world adhere to our guidelines. Well unfortunately, the world couldn’t care less what our guidelines are… they are all too busy setting their own guidelines. How do we correct this? We set guidelines or boundaries for ourselves to follow, knowing that the world can’t hurt us if we live up to them. The goal for today: don’t wait for the world to act Right… just make sure that you are acting Right! Have a great day everybody!


I will Love you when you hate me. I will Love you when you insult me. I will Love you when you slander me. I will Love you when you mistreat me. I will Love you when you take me for granted. If you don’t show your appreciation, I will Love you anyway. If you don’t reciprocate, I will Love you anyway. If you don’t Love me the way I want you to, I will Love you anyway. Even if you just don’t Love me… I will Love you anyway. I might have to Love you from a distance… but I will Love you anyway. Life isn’t about what you get… it’s about what you give. The goal for today: Love unconditionally, knowing that if you do, the world can never hurt you! Have a great day everybody!