Facts… or Theories?

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts” ~Sherlock Holmes.

I was once one of these people; I would only seek information that backed up what I already believed, because I was more interested in being ‘right’ than I was in finding actual facts… especially if those facts might prove me wrong and make me look stupid. If I claim I know nothing, I can never be wrong. If I claim I know everything, I can never be wrong. If I admit I don’t know everything, with the understanding that there is nothing that can’t be known… then I will consistently collect data and learn and grow and gain in Wisdom. The goal for today: be principled, yet open-minded… be humble, yet confident… be diligent, yet patient and may your heart and mind be filled with all the facts of this Life! Have a great day everybody!


There is a huge contingency of people in the world that believe the best way to help someone is to withhold the Truth from them because telling them the Truth might hurt their feelings. It seems to me that it would make much more sense, and be far more beneficial to the individual, as well as to the whole of the human race, to teach people how to utilize the Truth like a constructive criticism. The first thing I was told whilst treating my addiction was that I was selfish; and although I was hurt and offended by it… it was the beginning of the end of my suffering. It was the Truth… and the Truth ALWAYS heals. The goal for today: first… know the Truth, then tell it, and let’s heal the world! Have a great day everybody!

Find… or Bring?

“If you don’t bring it here, you won’t find it here” ~Unknown.

I made the mistake of going to church to find God… rather than finding Him in my heart and then bringing Him to church with me. I made the mistake of trying to find recovery by relocating… rather than finding the desire to stop within myself, no matter where I resided. I made the mistake of trying to find Love in a woman… rather than finding it in my own heart and then bringing it into a relationship. The goal for today: know that everything we could ever possibly want or need can be found deep down inside of us—and once we find it there… then we can bring it with us wherever we go, and share it with all those around us! Have a great day everybody!

Our Peace Part II

Yesterday I wrote about finding peace by doing God’s will; today I would like to expand upon that idea. It’s important to understand that God’s will ALWAYS involves helping others. Goethe once said “On all peaks lies peace”… and when we combine these two ideas they give us a very clear view of what Life is all about. So as we climb the mountain of Life and embark on the adventure of attaining “our” peace (not just mine)… it is essential that we focus on lending a hand to our fellow travelers. Just as things like Love, respect and forgiveness come from giving… so too is our peace contingent upon our desire to help others achieve it. The goal for today: know that God wants us to help others so that we may all reach the summit of peace… together! Have a great day everybody!

Our Peace

“In His will is our peace” ~Dante.

I Love this! Some of these old school writers really had a way of packing an entire world of meaning into even the most compact statement. Here I am being told where peace comes from (doing God’s will), where conflict comes from (not doing God’s will), how to know when I’m doing God’s will (I’m at peace with myself and others), and how to know when I’m not (I’m in conflict with myself and others). Quotes like this have so much meaning and power because they are based and rooted in Principle, which means they are Laws that have no gray area, no flexibility, no exceptions; it is humanly impossible to honestly and genuinely do God’s will and not be at peace. Read that again… and let it really sink in. The goal for today: let this incredibly simple idea reshape the landscape of your entire existence… let it set you Free! Have a great day everybody!

But Is It?

Life seems so mysterious… but is it? I have been told at times that I am over-thinking and over-analyzing Life; and at other times I’ve been told that I am over-simplifying it. The fact of the matter is this: the only way to truly simplify anything, is to first collect all of the data. The first 14 years of my life went well, the next 18 went poorly, and the subsequent 16 have gone well again; and through extensive study and self-analysis… I have come to an absolute conclusion. We make mistakes based on self-centered fears; and we do what’s Right based on the impersonal sense of good will toward all (Love). The goal for today: know that unhappiness means self-centered fear is present, and that happiness means unselfish Love is present… and know that there are no exceptions; that’s when you have solved the mystery of Life! Have a great day everybody!


As a teenager I had a job interview at the old Big Chief market in my home town (now RiteAid). In that interview, I was asked what my best qualities were… and one of my answers was that I was very obedient. The owners response to that statement still resonates with me to this day… 30+ years later. He said: “Son, be disciplined, be hard working, be dedicated and devoted, but don’t be obedient… dogs are obedient.” I will not do what I’m told when I know that it’s wrong. I will not follow orders that don’t sit well with my conscience. I will not conform to man’s will when it doesn’t line up with God’s… and neither should anybody else. The goal for today: fearlessly do what’s Right & let that be your best quality! Have a great day everybody!


“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest” ~Elie Wiesel.

There are two types of people in this world; those who bow down to their oppressors and those who rise up against them. Most of my life I tried to force myself to be a conformist, primarily because I was afraid that I ‘needed’ something from certain people. But being slave like was always distasteful, disheartening and disturbing… so I returned to my natural state of conforming only to what’s Right. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow… but we were never intended to be groveling slaves. The goal for today: rise above your fears, stand up to injustice… and set yourself free! Have a great day everybody!


The good that we do always comes back to us. It may not come from the person, place or thing that we want or expect it to come from… but the universe always pays its debts. You may go above and beyond at work, and even though your boss doesn’t appreciate it… your co-workers or customers will. The same Law of Life holds true in all of our human relations. For example: in line at the drive through at Dunkin Donuts on a busy Monday morning, I let someone in line in front of me that was coming from the opposite direction and not having much luck getting in line. The person I let in didn’t show any appreciation, but the store manager saw me do it and give me my coffee for free. The goal for today: don’t give just to get… give because it’s the Right thing to do, knowing that your good deed will never return unto you void! Have a great day everybody!


An altruistic act a day, keeps our troubles away. All of our troubles stem from our self-centered fears; those fears turn into thoughts, those thoughts into emotions, and those emotions into selfish acts… and this all adds up to trouble for us. In order to prevent our troubles… we need to do the opposite of what caused them. I didn’t wake up full of fear today, and as a result, my thoughts have been focused on what I can do to help others; that thought process has brought emotional stability in its wake… and now I can confidently start my day, knowing that I have something worthwhile to contribute to the world. The goal for today: know that when it’s not “all about me”… I become a powerful source of peace on earth and goodwill toward men! Have a great day everybody!