Should I… ?

Someone recently asked me if I thought they should move out of their current environment because of the actions of others in that place. My response was that they should do some soul searching to find out what fear is causing the other people’s actions to bother them, get rid of said fear, and then their answer, stay or go, will become clear and obvious. Fear clouds our decision making processes and therefore… it is infinitely more important that I help you spot, admit, and correct your fear, than for me to make your life decisions for you. The goal for today: learn how to spot, admit and correct your fears & you won’t need a life coach! Have a great day everybody!


“Nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth losing your peace of mind over” ~Emmet Fox.

What a powerful and important statement! For many years, I let anything and everything take my peace of mind; big things, small things, important things, unimportant things, things that directly impacted me and even some things that had absolutely nothing to do with me… I was letting everything get the best of me. But now I have truly learned how to only concern myself with the things that I can actually control… and I leave the rest to God. And although I don’t practice it perfectly… I do find myself at peace a whole hell of a lot more often than not. The goal for today: fix what you can, don’t worry about what you can’t, do your part, be responsible, let God and the Universe do their job rather than you trying to run the world based on your fears… and enjoy some Peace! Have a great day everybody!

Mind Killer

“Fear is the mind killer” ~from Dune.

How many things have you allowed fear to talk you out of that you know you should have done? How many things have you let fear talk you into that you know you shouldn’t have done? Fear keeps us from sanity, it keeps us from peace, it keeps us in bondage and kills our mind. It is extremely important that we learn how to spot, admit and correct our fears… so we can be the people we are all capable of being. It isn’t until we overcome our fears that we can be assured that we are doing what’s Right. The goal for today: don’t let fear kill your mind… rise above fear, do the Right thing for the Right reason, and let Purity bring your brilliant mind back to Life! Have a great day everybody!


Life can be quite challenging at times, and in our toughest moments… it’s important to remember a few essential elements. First: we are stronger than we know; we have more Power within us than most of us could possible imagine… and that Power is available to us all, at any given moment. Second: we are smarter than we think; we have exclusive access to an infinite amount of Truth… and it too, is available to us every second of every day. Third: Love is truly all we need; we get our Love from God… and then we give it out freely to others, and as God replenishes our supply, the circle is complete and we all feel Loved. The goal for today: rise above any and all challenges by tapping into the Life, Love, Spirit, Soul, Truth, Intelligence, and Principle that lies deep down inside of each and everyone of us! Have a great day everybody!

You Will Play The Way You Practice

The way we practice living on a day to day basis will become habitual… it will become our norm. In my teenage years, I started acting selfishly; it was a very subtle selfishness, so I didn’t really even notice it. Once that selfishness became my norm I practiced it more and more, and the more we practice anything… the better we get at it. So after nearly 20 years of practicing selfishness, not only did I get very good at it… but it became such a normal part of my daily life that I didn’t even know it was there; it had become second nature. The goal for today: practice Purity, practice Honesty, practice Unselfishness, practice Love… because if these are the things we practice, we are guaranteed to win at the Game of Life! Have a great day everybody!

Good… or Bad

When I was a kid, selfishness was bad; I was taught things like it doesn’t say ‘I the person’… it says ‘we the people’ & it doesn’t say ‘my father’… it says ‘our father.’ Now it seems as though the world view has changed… and now we are all supposed to be selfish. Self-care, self-love, self, self, self. I should only love the people that lift me up, I should vote based on self-interest, I should do what makes ‘me’ happy… and it all adds up to having a blatant disregard for the well-being of anyone other than myself, which is exactly why the world is in the mess that it is. You can disagree if you’d like… but I am absolutely, 100% certain, that selfishness is destroying us all. The goal for today: we are all in this together; if you fail… we fail, if you suffer… we suffer, if you hurt… we hurt. The oil in your car doesn’t just take care of itself… it contributes to the whole. Know that helping others… helps us all! Have a great day everybody!

Guidance or Advice?

“There are many who give advice, but few who offer guidance” ~Unknown.

This is an important one! The difference between advice and guidance, is the difference between opinion and fact. When I am asked questions like: should I take this job or that? Should I stay or leave this relationship? Should I move to this place or that? It’s important for me to stay in my lane and know the difference between advice (opinion) and guidance (fact). The fine line between the two is actually rather simple: I should guide you to the answer that is not motivated by fear… rather than advise you on what ‘I’ think you should do. The goal for today: guide people to the elimination of fear… so they can follow their own advice! Have a great day everybody!

Move The World

“Let him that would move the world first move himself” ~Socrates.

I once read that it is by finding God that one finds himself… and when I experienced that for myself, then I knew it to be true. Beyond that, I realized that once I found myself… that made it possible, based on true human nature, to find everyone else as well. So I found God, He helped me find and fix myself… and then He sent me out into the world to help others do the same. I try to apply this system of living to my everyday life; I wake up, get Right with God, then set out with the hope of helping the rest of the world find Peace. The goal for today: tend to your own soul first… but do it with the Pure motive of making the world a better place for all living things! Have a great day everybody!

Where Do You Really Want To Be?

The only way to get where you truly want to be in Life… is to follow your heart, your instincts, your intuition. You can’t get there by following the money; that might get you to the money, but that’s not where your heart truly wants to be. You won’t get there by following other people’s opinions; that might get you to where other people think you should be, but that’s not where your instincts truly want you to be. And you sure as hell aren’t going to get there by following the crowd; that might get you to where everyone else is going, but that’s not where your God given intuition truly wants you to be. The goal for today: if you truly want to get to the Promised Land… you must follow your heart! Have a great day everybody!

Love Of All Kinds

Love is a wonderful thing… and I enjoy talking about it in its many different forms and fashions. Most Love sounds something like this: you’re smart, you’re funny, and you’re beautiful. But let’s not forget about or neglect the version of Love that sounds like this: you’re acting like an ass… let me help you fix that. We have tough Love, sweet Love, spiritual Love, and let’s not forget about the most important of them all… unconditional Love. We should be seeking Love and finding Love… we should be following Love and of course giving Love. The goal for today: let Love (the impersonal sense of good will toward all) be the thing that matters most; get it from God and give it out freely to all! Have a great day everybody!