Your Heart

Most of my life I had a massive lack of self-esteem, and that caused me to rely on others to tell me how to live. I would believe things just because people (that I decided we’re smarter than me) said so… & that caused all sorts of problems. Here is what I learned from it: it is immature & irresponsible to let others run my life. Not everyone that “sounds” smart, is smart. No one on Earth is more qualified to run my life than I am. And the only guaranteed source of Truth in my life is my own conscience. The goal for today: know that your own heart is a far more reliable source of Truth than their opinions could ever be! Have a great day everybody!



I have found that trauma is in the eye of the beholder. Some are traumatized by things that others wouldn’t be… but that doesn’t make them any less traumatic. I recently heard someone say they are a drug addict but they didn’t have anything traumatic happen to them… they just like to get high. This is NEVER true! No one destroys themselves with drugs & alcohol because they “like” to. Whether you were abused as a child or your parents just didn’t buy you the car you wanted for graduation… if you have deemed it traumatic, it is adversely affecting you & must be dealt with. The goal for today: overcome your difficulties (big or small) through forgiveness, understanding, maturity & altruism! Have a great day everybody!


A little determination will go a long way! When we are truly determined to do something, nothing can stop us; and without that determination, nothing can help us. So, we all need to get our minds right, believe in ourselves & each other, and rise up to reclaim control of our lives & circumstances. Yes, we have a lot problems in this world today, but we also have all the solutions… & our willingness & determination to put the solutions into practice, will dictate whether or not we are successful in solving our problems. The goal for today: dig deep, find your determination… & let’s get some of these problems solved! Have a great day everybody!

Unity & Peace

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” ~Mark 3:25. Good can’t create bad… & bad can’t create good. Our hearts always know what’s Right & if we can get our heads to agree… good things happen. Unfortunately, sometimes our heads don’t agree… & that’s when bad things happen. Fear is what causes our heads to tell us things that aren’t true & that fear based dishonesty causes selfishness & resentment & these are the things that poison our hearts & divide us against each other & ourselves. The goal for today: rise above the fear, let your mind embrace the truth, give freely of yourself to others & let the love in your heart bring us unity & peace! Have a great day everybody!

Be Alive!

I got to a point in my life where just avoiding misery wasn’t enough… I needed to find true happiness; just avoiding confrontation wasn’t enough… I needed to find true peace; just avoiding trouble wasn’t enough… I needed to find true freedom. And here is how I did it: I admitted that I was the cause of my problems & I changed myself. I learned how to do the Right things for the Right reasons & how to be Honest with myself; I learned it is better to give than receive & to Love rather than hate; I learned that helping others is more important than helping myself. The goal for today: don’t just exist… be alive! Have a great day everybody!

What’s Missing?

Yesterday I read this… “We must be missing something, because the number of overdose deaths keeps going up.” Yes, we are missing something… most people do not understand that substance abuse is only a symptom of the real problem. As long as we keep treating the symptom of substance abuse, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of gun violence, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of suicide, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. The goal for today: I pray that eventually someone listens! Have a great day everybody!

Clean The World

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean” ~Goethe. I used to be great at spotting the mistakes of everyone else in the world while ignoring all of my own. Now I try to spot my own mistakes & use what I learn about myself to help others. Can you guess which one of these two methods yields more positive, productive results? Every time I spot, admit & correct one of my mistakes, it makes the world a little better place; every time I slander others for their mistakes, I simply contribute to the mess. The goal for today: clean up your own mess & help others do the same… that’s the Right way to clean up the world! Have a great day everybody!