Grow… or Evade?

Do you seek challenging opportunities for growth… or would you rather be put in a position that is beneath you to avoid facing potential failure? The way in which you answer that question will tell you whether or not you are engaged in self-sabotage. When my self-esteem was lacking, I sought out life situations that I knew I could handle and there was no possibility of failure. It was like I’d rather go back to 3rd grade instead of move onto 10th because I already knew everything and then I could feel smart. That approach to life however, makes forward progress, growth, and true self-esteem impossible. The goal for today: if you want to stay stagnant sabotage your challenges; if you want a better life… rise to the challenge and prove to yourself that you’re capable of more. Have a great day everybody!

The Best of Intentions

A friend asked me yesterday if I would agreed that you can’t know what other peoples intentions are. What a great question! I would agree that it is not always possible to know someone’s intentions BEFORE they act, but if we pay attention to the end result of their actions… the outcome will always stand as proof of their intentions. I believe there is a Spiritual Law that makes it impossible to get the Right results out of skewed or impure motives. For example: “I stay because I Love them” MUST cause happiness. Whereas, “I stay because I’m afraid of ending up alone” MUST cause unhappiness. And I don’t believe there to be any exceptions to this Law. The goal for today: Purify those motives and see what real happiness, peace and freedom feels like. Have a great day everybody!

The Best Defense

We can breakup without anger. We can resign without anger. We can reply without anger. We can react without anger. We can defend without anger. Anger is not a required part of anything good. We all fall prey to it from time to time (some more than others)… but we don’t NEED anger to get things done, and in fact… anger always makes any situation worse. I once read “If we were to live, we had to be free of anger.” When I’m angry I can’t be fully alive, I can’t be at peace, and I can’t be of any real help to anyone else… all the good in my life is temporarily on hold until I get rid of that anger. The goal for today: don’t be a doormat, but don’t be angry either; know that Love is always the best defense against harm. Have a great day everybody!


“You cannot be affected adversely by anything if you have no fear concerning it” ~Emmet Fox.

This quote explains the true nature of trauma. When I was young I found someone deceased under some extreme circumstances. This incident always seemed as though it should have been traumatizing, but it never really was. I have often pondered why I wasn’t traumatized, but now I understand why. I once read that we really only have two fears—losing something we have… or not getting something we want. Those fears were not present, and therefore, I was not traumatized. The goal for today: rise above your fears so you can heal your trauma. Have a great day everybody!


I frequently hear people joyfully explaining how God caused terrible things to happen to them… and how those terrible things were a blessing and brought about these wonderful things in life. Here’s how this actually works: pain and suffering are warning signs that you have left the path, or wandered outside of that healthy middle range where all good exists. So God didn’t cause the pain to teach us a lesson or test our faith… the pain was actually caused by us dragging our soul outside of the present moment. And more importantly… the pain is not where the “blessing” came from; it is our return to grace, or God, or that healthy middle range in the present moment that actually brought about the blessing. Looking at it the other way is like saying: I wish God would cause some more horrible things to happen in my life so I could receive some blessings. It doesn’t sound quite right when you say it like that… does it. The goal for today: know that pain comes from drifting away from God… and blessings come from reuniting with Him. Have a great day everybody!


Our happiness is absolutely not contingent upon our outer circumstances. We constantly tell ourselves that things like money will make us happy, but money, in and of itself, is definitely not the root cause of happiness. We all know this hypothetically, theoretically and intellectually, but we don’t really truly believe it in our hearts… and therefore, our false belief causes ongoing fear, frustration, and selfishness. It isn’t the absence of money that causes unhappiness… it’s actually the afore mentioned fear based false beliefs that bring on our unhappiness. The goal for today: know in your head, and in your heart, that real happiness comes from the honest desire to give freely of yourself to others… no matter what your current outer circumstances might look like. Have a great day everybody!

Something For Something

Would you like to be trusted? Then tell the Truth. Would you like to be loved? Then give Unconditional Love. Would you like to be respected? Then act respectfully. Would you like to be forgiven? Then carry the spirit of forgiveness. Would you like to be understood? Then put the time and energy into understanding others. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting something for nothing. Give all the things you would want for yourself out freely to others first, and you are sure to get a full return. The only catch is that your motive must be Pure; giving to receive, rather than because it is the Right thing to do… won’t bring the results you hope for. The goal for today: give nothing, get nothing; give something, get something. Have a great day everybody!

The Right Reaction

When I ask God what I should do in any given situation, it makes finding my answers infinitely easier. It is always a good idea to consult your own conscience when trying to make decisions in life. Whether it’s a big question, or just a minor little thing, it’s worth asking God and getting in the habit of turning to that inner resource for your answers. Your conscience is always your most reliable source of Truth and Intelligence. Now, I don’t know if it will work to end the age old debate of: what do you want to eat tonight? I don’t know… what do you want? But it is guaranteed to answer questions like: Should I Love or hate? Should I forgive or resent? Should I walk away or retaliate? The goal for today: practice having a conscious contact with God and watch as your “knee-jerk” reactions turn into the Right reactions to Life. Have a great day everybody!


If we feel as though we are being judged it is because we are judging ourselves… and there really aren’t any exceptions to this. The only way that the judgement of others can bother me is if one of two conditions is present. 1) If I believe the negative things that other people say about me, then I will feel as though I’m being maliciously judged by others. 2) If my fear of being alone crops up, then I will absolutely overvalue other peoples opinion of me, rather than operating on “self”-esteem… which also will cause me to feel as though I am being harshly judged. The goal for today: if their judgement of you is true… then fix it; if it’s not true… then let it roll off your back and say a prayer for the spiritually sick person that said it. Have a great day everybody!


There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem. There is ALWAYS a solution, and that solution always, 100% of the time, requires an admission. The first step in solving any problem is to first admit that there is a problem. The difficulty with this admission is that it requires us to admit that we, ourselves, are at the very least, part of the problem. Sometimes I wrong people… and that’s the problem. Sometimes I put myself in a position to be harmed by others… and that’s the problem. Still other times, I’m harmed by others… and my refusal to forgive them is the problem. The goal for today: spot, admit, and correct the fear inside of yourself that is causing your unhappiness. Have a great day everybody!