Happy… Humble… Helpful

If I want to have good friends… I should learn to be happy, humble & helpful.

If I want the right people to like me… I should be happy, humble & helpful.

If I want to find the right girl… I should be happy, humble & helpful.

If I want to find a good job… I should be happy, humble & helpful.

If I want To be surrounded by people who are happy, humble & helpful… I must be happy, humble & helpful myself.

The goal for today: know that to attract happy… I must be happy!

Have a great day everybody!

Fear Blocks Life

There is an approach to problem solving that is absolutely guaranteed to work.

It is based on science… the Law of Cause & Effect.

It can’t fail to work… it’s flawless!

Most of my life, I didn’t want to hear about it.

When people brought up solutions I either had no interest… or I had a thousand excuses for why it wouldn’t work for me.

Now I know why I didn’t want to hear it.

I was afraid that I would have to change… I was afraid I wasn’t good enough… I was afraid of everything.

The goal for today: spot, admit & correct the fear that keeps us from living!

Have a great day everybody!

Law Of Life

“It is a spiritual axiom (law) that every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us” ~Anon.

That means the truth is the opposite of what I always believed.

If I’m mad at you… there is something wrong with me.

If you’re mad at me… there is something wrong with you.

That doesn’t mean the other person was right… it just means my feelings are my responsibility.

The goal for today: be responsible for my own thoughts, feelings & actions… by spotting, admitting & correcting my own mistakes!

Have a great day everybody!

Factual… Practical… Principles

I have stumbled upon a solution to all of our problems… that is guaranteed to work… that is very simple & can be practiced by anyone over the age of twelve.

It is a factual, principle based solution, that absolutely cannot fail.

In fact, it’s called The Four Absolutes & this solution is flawless.

The best part of this is that I didn’t just read about it, I’ve lived it… taught it… & watched many others live it as well.

It’s not a theory or an opinion… it is an absolute fact!

The goal for today: Purity… Honesty… Selflessness… & Love!

Have a great day everybody!

Priorities… Patience… Persistence

About six years ago I started writing these daily writings.

It didn’t start because I wanted to be a writer… it started because I wanted to help people.

I wanted to inspire people, in a very practical manner.

After a while, I started thinking that maybe I could be a writer.

My main priority is still to help people, but I’m proud to announce that patience & persistence has payed off.

It looks like I will have my first book published sometime in the next three or four months.

The goal for today: priorities… patience… persistence!

Have a great day everybody!

Bad Day

If I’m having a bad day… shoul I fix it or spread it around to everyone else?

“I’m having a bad day”… isn’t really a good enough excuse to mistreat other people.

Furthermore, my bad day is never somebody else’s fault.

How many times have we all treated someone like shit… felt bad about it… & said “Sorry, but I’m having a really bad day.”

The Right thing to do, would be to spot, admit & correct the root cause of my bad day (fear)… & treat people with the love & kindness that they deserve.

The goal for today: fix it!

Have a great day everybody!

Make The Right Choice

What should I do if someone insults or offends me?

A) Feel hurt

B) Retaliate

C) Love them

Feeling hurt is always a choice… & always the wrong choice.

Retaliation always starts a vicious cycle… & is always the wrong thing to do.

Love is always the right thing to do… it is the only right answer to this question… & love will completely destroy the other two shitty conditions.

I can never feel hurt when giving love… & love always breaks the vicious cycle of negativity!

The goal for today: love… no matter what!

Have a great day everybody!