Why Are You Mad?

Did you ever suggest that someone do something that was for their own good & when they didn’t take your advice, you got mad? And do you know why you got mad? This has happened to me many, many times & here is what I’ve learned: I didn’t get mad because they didn’t get what they needed… I got mad because them not taking my advice meant they didn’t think I was smart enough to know what I was talking about… they didn’t respect my opinion. The goal for today: help people so they can get better… not so I can get respect! Have a great day everybody!


“Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone” ~John 8:7. I spent a good portion of my life, maliciously judging people as if I had never made a mistake myself. Well, I have made mistakes, lots of them… & so have you. So let’s try some forgiveness… some understanding… & some compassion… rather than bashing the shit out of each other for our mistakes. The goal for today: I won’t self-righteously point out your mistakes… & at the same time, I will refuse to be affected by it when others self-righteously point out mine! Have a great day everybody!


Why do we constantly do things that we know in our hearts we shouldn’t do? We revel in our anger… drown in our self-pity… refuse to forgive… & then lie to ourselves & others about it. I am 100% certain that anger, self-pity, resentment & dishonesty are wrong… so why do I still sometimes do these things? And why then, am I shocked when unhappiness follows? Unhappiness comes as a direct result of doing the opposite of what your heart wants you to do. The goal for today: know that love, self-esteem, forgiveness & truth cause happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Too Far

Once a want turns into a demand… I’ve gone too far. Once consideration turns into frustration… I’ve gone too far. Once kindness turns into meanness… I’ve gone too far. So, when I’m doing something that is normally a positive thing & I end up angry or frustrated… it’s because my motive for doing it got twisted. When I get pissed off because someone didn’t appreciate my kindness… that is proof that I was looking to “get” appreciation, more than I was looking to “give” kindness. The goal for today: give, rather than get… & stay on the Right side of life! Have a great day everybody!


This is my periodic disclosure stating the fact that I don’t come anywhere near perfectly practicing the things I write about. I make mistakes just like everybody else… I just don’t have the luxury of blaming everyone else anymore. When my life hung in the balance, I had no choice but to go out in search of The Real Truth… & now that I’ve found it, ignorance can never be bliss ever again. The goal for today: if I’m not feeling happy, joyous & free… I will look for my own mistakes in order to fix it, because my unhappiness is ALWAYS my fault! Have a great day everybody!


Fear is usually contagious so to speak… but it doesn’t have to be. When people are afraid they tend to act a little crazy… & sometimes that leads others to act a little crazy too. If someone mistreats me it’s because they are afraid & if I let that dredge up my fear, I will probably wrong them back, justify it because they wronged me first… & cause a giant mess. But the right way to handle it would be to understand their fear, pray for them & find someone to help. The goal for today: don’t trade craziness for craziness… destroy crazy fear with love & understanding! Have a great day everybody!


I’m going to try to simply explain this tricky topic. Perception is everything. I will be to you, what you perceive me to be… & your perception of me will dictate the affect I have on your life. If you perceive me to be a know-it-all asshole, then you will feel annoyed by me. If you perceive me to be a helpful source of positivity, then you will feel inspired by me. And the same thing applies to every single person in your life. The goal for today: perceive all people to be good… & you will be positively affected by all people! Have a great day everybody!