Do’s Or Don’ts

What should I think about more… not doing the wrong thing, or doing the Right thing?

Man’s laws all say… don’t do wrong!

God’s Laws simply say… do Right!

Every morning I ask God to direct my thinking & He never says… “Don’t do this…” He always says… “Give Love!”

The goal for today: don’t bring a bunch of negative “Don’t do’s” into your mind.

Instead… think about giving God’s Love out freely to your family, friends & neighbors; your city, state & nation; your competitors, adversaries & even your enemies!

Have a great day everybody!

The Absolute Equation

I can’t say this enough!

If I’m upset, it’s because I’m being selfish… no exceptions!

If I’m being selfish, it’s because I’m lying to myself… no exceptions!

If I’m lying to myself, it’s because I’m afraid… no exceptions!

I’m sure some will disagree, but this equation is, in fact, the science of life.

Solution: Pure motives leave no need to lie.

The Truth is that we should always Give Freely of ourselves.

And Love is what we NEED to give.

The goal for today: Purity, Honesty, Selflessness & Love… no exceptions!

Have a great day everybody!

Just Give

I don’t give expecting to get anything in return anymore.

I don’t give help, to get help.

I don’t give respect, to get respect.

I don’t give love, to get love.

I give, because it’s the Right thing to do… period!

When I give, expecting something in return… not only is it selfish, but it’s the best way to feel let down, taken for granted & taken advantage of.

When I simply give because it’s the Right thing to do… I ALWAYS feel good & fulfilled.

The goal for today: Purify my motives… & just give!

Have a great day everybody!


I was afraid to admit that I was afraid.

Fear always felt like a weakness… & that’s probably because IT IS!

But not admitting it, doesn’t make it any less of a weakness or less destructive.

In fact, not admitting my fear is the best way to insure that it sticks around.

Being able to admit that I’m afraid is a major strength & the great first step toward correcting any & all problems.

If I have a problem, I have a fear… but there is always a solution.

The goal for today: be strong enough to admit my fears & faithful enough to correct them!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Just Give… Teach

“Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime” ~Chinese Proverb.

When someone asks me a question, I am always leery of giving them a specific, point blank, yes or no answer.


Because teaching you to think for yourself, consult your own conscience & find your own answers is a vitally important part of helping people properly.

If I give you the answers, you’ll keep looking to me & will never learn anything for yourself.

The goal for today: don’t just give… teach!

Have a great day everybody!

Can Or Can’t

If someone is acting in a manner that I don’t like or approve of, should I tell them that they are not allowed to do that because it bothers me?

Or should I find out why it bothers me & then act accordingly?

It’s really not my job to tell ANYBODY what they can & can’t do.

It’s my job to decide what I can & can’t be involved with.

If I don’t approve of it, I should remove myself from the situation, rather than demand that others do what I say.

I don’t get to dictate your morals. The goal for today: govern my own life… not everyone else’s!

Have a great day everybody!

Is He?

“He’s alive, but feels absolutely nothing… so is he?” ~Eddie Vedder.


I have heard people say & said myself many times, things like… “This or that saved my life!”

Just because I’m not physically dead, doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m alive.

The real purpose of Life is to manifest the Love of God out into the world around us.

So if I’m not giving Love out freely to others, I’m not really alive.

So I should only claim that something saved my life if it taught me how to give Love.

The goal for today: give Love & see what real Life feels like!

Have a great day everybody!