Permanent Peace & Happiness

Did you ever genuinely perform a random act of kindness? 

Most of us have at some point & here is what I’ve found. 

The one that gave help, probably remembers it & still feels good about. 

The one that received the help, has probably forgotten it & retreated back into the selfishness that caused their problem to begin with. 

The goal for today: don’t settle for the temporary relief of getting help… but bask in the permanent Peace & Happiness that comes only when we give help out to others! 

Have a great day everybody!

Impressed Upon Us

Prior to the age of 12 life is impressed upon us from the outside. 

Our surroundings tend to dictate what we believe. 

From 12 on, we begin to think for ourselves & we ‘choose’ whether or not to believe what we were previously taught. 

In other words… my life today is NOT the result of my upbringing… it’s the result of deciding whether or not to live the way I was raised. 

The goal for today: if I was raised wrong, I should change; if I was raised Right, I should stay the course; but above all… I should know that the choice is mine! 

Have a great day everybody!

The Solution

If someone has drug or alcohol problems… I teach them to trust God, clean up their past & help others. 

If someone has marital or money problems… I teach them to trust God, clean up their past & help others. 

If someone has depression or anxiety problems… I teach them to trust God, clean up their past & help others. 

I believe that the problems listed above, all have the same root cause & therefore… the same solution. 

The goal for today: apply the common solution! 

Have a great day everybody!

Punishment Or Love

“Punishment never heals. Only love can heal” ~Anon. 

If I commit a crime I should be punished, but that will not heal me. 

The only hope I have of being healed is for someone to Love me enough to help me, & more importantly… teach me how to Love & help others. 

So, there should be consequences for our wrong doings… but if we really want to help people, we need to Love them. 

The goal for today: Love everybody… the good, the bad & everyone in between! 

Have a great day everybody!


Don’t let guilt keep you from doing what’s Right… let it motivate you to do what’s Right. 

I have run away from many situations because of guilt & remorse, when what I should have done was stand toe to toe with the problem & fix it. 

Running away because of guilt & remorse will just create more guilt & remorse. 

The goal for today: get rid of guilt & remorse… & regain some self-esteem & respect, by admitting my mistakes & putting an Honest effort into correcting them! 

Have a great day everybody!

Now Or Later

I thought it was a good idea to join the Navy even though I couldn’t swim. 

Half way through basic we were expected to jump in water that was 13 ft deep… with nothing but a pair of pants to stay afloat with. 

If I refused, I had to start over & would still end up at the edge of this pool again in a few weeks… so I could face my fears now or later. 

Life is just like that… we don’t get to bypass the tough parts, so why delay the inevitable. 

The goal for today: face my fears now, so I can move on to bigger & better things! 

Have a great day everybody!

He Said… She Said

I was recently told that someone was talking badly about me & my first instinct was to ask who it was. 

But when I took a second to think about it, I don’t really want to know… it simply doesn’t matter. 

If I knew who it was, I might direct my anger at them… & I might be tempted to show great indifference toward them rather than Unconditional Love. 

The goal for today: I won’t ask you “who?”… I will ask myself “Is it true?” If it is, I’ll fix it & if it’s not, I’ll let it roll off my back! 

Have a great day everybody!