I want to succeed in life… but what does that really mean? To me it means finding Happiness, Peace & Freedom. And how do we find these things? We find them by doing the Right thing, for the Right reason (Purity)… by telling ourselves the Truth (Honesty)… by giving freely of ourselves to others (Selflessness)… through the impersonal sense of goodwill toward all (Love). More importantly, how do we keep these things? By teaching them to others. The goal for today: know if I’m not helping others… I’m not succeeding! Have a great day everybody!

Want Truth

I used to want certain things to be true & certain things to be false. For example: when something went wrong, I wouldn’t take responsibility… I would rather believe that it was someone else’s fault. Now… I just want the Truth to be the Truth & I want to know what it is. For example: when something goes wrong, I want to take responsibility… because I know I can’t fix it if I don’t. Personal responsibility leads to personal freedom. The goal for today: seek, find & follow the Truth… no matter what! Have a great day everybody!

Change The World

“If you both show a willingness to remedy your own defects, there will be little need to criticize each other” ~Anon. Wow! The more I read things like this, the more I realize how lost I was in life. In large part, we are all (myself included) walking around with our heads in our asses. There are not a lot of people that truly know how to… & put the effort into, living Right. If we came anywhere near living like this everyday… there would instantly be a profound change for the better in the world. The goal for today: fix “MY” mistakes & change the world! Have a great day everybody!

Seize The Opportunity

Every problem we experience is an opportunity to fix something. When a problem comes to the surface & steps out into the light, that is our chance to get rid of it… for good! Sometimes the problem scares us & we quickly bury it again… other times, we rise to the challenge & overcome a major difficulty. I don’t like having problems & I will do what I can to prevent them, but when they come… I try to put them to good use. The goal for today: seize upon your difficulties as an opportunity to learn & grow! Have a great day everybody!

Giving Is Living

Giving is living! Our purpose for existing is to “give” Love. We are literally here to learn how to give Love out freely to others, unconditionally, expecting nothing in return. And we know this because in those brief moments when we are being truly Selfless… we feel truly alive. The ONLY feeling that can come from Honestly & Genuinely giving Love is Joy… & there is no greater feeling than that. The goal for today: know that the one & only way to feel loved, is to give Love… & give it freely! Have a great day everybody!

Did You Know… ?

Did you know the Statue of Liberty is holding a keystone in her left arm… not a tablet? Did you know the Washington Monument is actually the tallest pyramid in the world? Did you know there is a 240 ton, 68′ 10″ obelisk (Cleopatra’s Needle) in Central Park in New York City? Did you know Praise be to God is carved in Latin on the capstone on the east side of the Washington Monument & it’s on the east side so the sun will always rise & never set on it? The goal for today: pay closer attention! Have a great day everybody!

Real Freedom

I like Freedom! I have a new found respect for & understanding of the word Freedom. I once believed that Freedom simply meant “not in a cell”… but now, it means so much more! Now it means that I am no longer a slave to selfishness, resentment, dishonesty & fear. It means overcoming the fear of being alone… the fear of running out of money… & the fear of what other people think of me. I don’t practice it perfectly, but when I do… I am Free. The goal for today: don’t just be free… be that Braveheart kind of Free! Have a great day everybody!