Fear & Tension

“He is under constant fear and tension, and that makes for more…” trouble. When I tense up & make decisions based on fear… trouble always follows. This trouble comes in many forms… it causes alcoholism, drug addiction & gambling addiction; it can cause relationship troubles, emotional upsets or psychological disorders; it causes all sorts of problems that we wouldn’t normally attribute to fear. The goal for today: know that fear is only a weakness when we don’t spot, admit & correct it! Have a great day everybody!

Mandated Happiness?

Love is only loving if it’s voluntary. Kindness is only kind if it’s voluntary. Generosity is only generous if it’s voluntary. Charity is only charitable if it’s voluntary. We have a tendency to believe that people should be forced, by law if necessary, to do the Right thing… but life doesn’t work like that. When we attempt to mandate things like love, kindness, generosity & charity… we actually destroy them! The goal for today: do the Right thing because it’s the Right thing to do… not because someone ordered you to! Have a great day everybody!

True Pleasure

I got to really help someone last night! When someone really lets me in… is genuinely seeking the Truth… & trust me enough to help them find it… NOTHING feels better! I used to look at helping people as a chore… an unenjoyable, arduous task, that I didn’t want to partake in… but I had to. Now I look at helping others as a privilege… an honor… a pleasure… the single most enjoyable aspect of life! I don’t do it so I can feel good, I do it because it’s the Right thing to do… but it always does feel good! The goal for today: help somebody… & see what true fulfillment feels like! Have a great day everybody!

It’s Everywhere

I was recently asked where I get my inspiration for my writing & the more I ponder that question, the more I am inspired. I have written one of these every single day for nearly 7 years. I find inspiration everywhere… it is all around us, in everyone & everything. It comes when people rise above their problems… or drown in them. Sometimes it’s reading… other times nature. Sometimes I’m inspired by the heroics of the past… or the potential of the future. The goal for today: know that the good & the bad alike, are ripe with inspiration… go find it! Have a great day everybody!


Laus Deo: praise be to God.
Etched in the capstone on the east face of the Washington Monument.
Culdee: sworn ally to God.
The name of a group of Druid monks who were tasked with safeguarding the original version of the bible.
Molon Labe: come & take them.
That’s what king Leonidas said to the tyrant king (Xerxes) when the Spartans were told to surrender their weapons.
The goal for today: Praise God… champion His cause of Peace… & don’t lay down my arms until I achieve this objective… or die trying! Have a great day everybody!


Your thinking dictates the entire course of your life. I never knew how important my thinking was… I never knew I could control it… & even with a written guarantee… I still didn’t believe it. Then one day, when I was desperate enough, I tried it & sure enough… it worked. Example: when I’m driving to work, I can think about helping people… or I can think about choking the guy going 45mph in the passing lane. The choice is mine… & my serenity is completely contingent upon that choice. When I focus on the negative… I am literally choosing to feel bad. The goal for today: think Right & stop creating my own misery! Have a great day everybody!

Do You?

Do you want to know the truth? Then why don’t you? I used to think that the truth was hidden, that it was really hard to find, sometimes even impossible to find… but as usual, I was wrong. The truth is always available, to absolutely everyone, under any & all circumstances… no exceptions. If I don’t know the truth, it’s because I didn’t “really” seek it… & I didn’t seek it, because I didn’t “really” want to know it. The goal for today: want the truth… seek the truth… find the truth… & be set free! Have a great day everybody!