Freely… Means Freely

If I get upset because someone didn’t appreciate my kindness… that’s proof that I was looking for appreciation. If I get upset because someone didn’t return my kindness… that’s proof that I was looking for a return. If I expect to get something in return for my kindness, then it’s not really kindness… it’s selfishness. We do receive as a result of giving kindness… but that can’t be the primary motive & we must understand that we don’t always get the return from the person we were kind to. The goal for today: give kindness out freely… for no reason other than, it’s the Right thing to do! Have a great day everybody!



“Fear of this sort turns out to be the bogie man, nothing more” ~Anon. I have had thousands of occasions in life where fear kept me from facing a particular problem, just to have it all work out in the end. Every time we face our fears & finally pick up the phone or get that test done or whatever else the problem may be… we instantly get relief & see that there was really nothing to be afraid of to begin with. The goal for today: face your fears knowing that fear isn’t real… & that you are stronger than you know! Have a great day everybody!

Today Is The Day

You can think about whatever you want right now. Nothing & no one can force you to think about things that make you feel bad. In fact… even if you must think about something unpleasant, you aren’t obligated to feel bad about it. We seem to be trapped in the false belief that under certain circumstances we MUST feel miserable or depressed. I spent most of my life letting negative thinking push me around, but when it finally pushed me to the breaking point… I pushed back! The goal for today: let today be the day you reclaim control of your life… & choose to be happy! Have a great day everybody!

Even When It’s Ugly

Last nights speaking engagement was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It wasn’t amazing because of me… it was amazing because I got to share the Truth with a room full of amazing people, that were incredibly open minded. I stood up, with mic in hand, told everyone that they are selfish… & they were happy to hear it. That’s how I know that this amazing group of people are honestly & genuinely seeking the Truth. The goal for today: let the Truth (even when it’s ugly) positively affect you… let it set you Free! Have a great day everybody!

Nervous… Or Excited?

I have a public speaking engagement today. I’m a little nervous… but pretty excited! My nervousness comes from the fear of what other people think of me… I don’t want to look, sound or act like a fool. My excitement comes from having the potential to help a lot of people… I have watched the Truth radically change people’s lives for the better. So fear & nervousness come from thinking about what I’m going to “get” from you; Purity & excitement come from thinking about what I can “give” to you. The goal for today: let giving be more important than getting! Have a great day everybody!


“He wants to enjoy a certain reputation, but knows in his heart he doesn’t deserve it” ~Anon. The first time I read that, it really hit home. I spent a lot of time living wrong while trying to convince people that I was this great person. I wanted to be viewed as a good father, son, brother, friend, lover, worker, etc… but I was so focused on reputation, that I missed what was really important. The best & easiest way to be viewed as a good person… is to be a good person. The goal for today: be a good person & let reputation take care of itself! Have a great day everybody!

Mad = Selfish

Getting mad at someone for not doing what’s right, is proof that I’m not doing what’s right either. Anger & frustration can only come from selfishness, which literally means that it is selfish of me to get mad at someone else for being selfish. We are all incredibly hypocritical & we usually don’t even know it. This stuff is hard to explain, even though it is really simple to understand once we see it. I once read… “If we were to live, we must be free of anger”… & that sounds like a great goal for today! Have a great day everybody!