Depression & Anxiety

Anxiety & Depression!

Our world today is plagued with these two things & it is getting worse, not better. We have come so far medically, why can’t we fix this? Maybe it is because we are treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Example: What causes depression? A chemical imbalance… right? Wrong! Depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance… it causes a chemical imbalance. Depression is the result of wrong thinking, coupled with an emotional upset, which ultimately causes the chemical imbalance. We have a thought, attach an emotion & the glands react. My emotions control my glands! How do I know this? The tear duct is a gland… how does it work? Do the tears running down my face make me sad? Or does my sadness cause the gland to over produce?
How do we fix it? Do we take a pill to balance the chemicals? Or would it make more sense to trace the chemical imbalance back to the emotional upset & back to the wrong thinking that actually started the ball rolling to begin with? If I take a pill to balance the chemicals, I still have the emotional upset & I’m still thinking wrong & therefore, this will be an ongoing, recurring, chronic disorder that I am trying to manage for approximately six hours at a time, with a pill, for the rest of my life. Or, I can learn how to think properly, stop living in remorse over the past & permanently eradicate the problem… no pills required. Anxiety is the same exact problem just in the opposite direction… it’s about the future rather than the past.
To sum this all up… Depression is living in remorse over the past… anxiety is living in fear of the future & the absolute cure to both conditions is to force myself to think positively about the present (I choose to ask the God of my understanding for help). I’m not saying it’s easy… but it is possible & it is the only permanent solution.

Obviously you should consult a physician before stopping any medications. But if you really want to fix this, please consider what you just read.

Money Or Mind

“If anyone should come to you with a billion dollars in one hand and Peace of Mind in the other, if you took the billion dollars, you would be the most foolish person on earth.” ~Emmet Fox. This statement is so profoundly true! I deal with human suffering on a daily basis & the one statement that I hear more than ANY other is “I wish I could just turn my brain off”. Without Peace of Mind I have a hard time doing anything, I get mentally exhausted, I don’t function efficiently, I don’t sleep well at night, I can’t remember things & all of this brings about an emotional imbalance which leaves me more prone to things like anxiety & depression. I lose my Peace of Mind through a lack of focus & attention, therefore I can regain it through a renewed focus & attention. For me, Peace of Mind comes from focusing my attention on God & Country! What type of thinking brings you Peace of Mind?

A Powerful Lesson

I was always ‘sorry’… I kept doing wrong & saying I was sorry & then repeating that same act proving that I wasn’t really sorry. Then one day someone said something to me that changed everything. They said “I’m sorry means – I won’t do it again”. The goal for today, don’t say I’m sorry unless I mean it & am willing to prove it through my actions. Have a great day everybody!

The Difference Between God & Church

I talk about God more so than religion… there is a difference. Example: Our Founding Fathers built this great nation on the bedrock foundation of “In God We Trust” & then built a wall of separation between church & state. Did they change their minds? Is this a contradiction? Or did they fully understand the difference between God & Church? I’ve come to realize that God is a fact & religion an opinion & what that means is that our Founding Fathers were saying, that the church should NOT be running the state… God should be! & the state should NOT be running the church… God should be! I hope this makes sense because when we talk about religion, it divides us & divided we fall, furthermore when we stop talking about God, we act on OUR will & that also leads to trouble. Your religious beliefs are yours… my religious beliefs are mine… faith in God is ours, together, united, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty & Justice for ALL! The goal for today, be Free properly! Have a great day everybody!

Image & Likeness Of God

I have heard some pretty wild statements & been asked some pretty interesting questions in regards to the statement that we were created in the image & likeness of God. I actually had one person say to me “God must be very sad & lonely & hurt because that’s how we feel”. Then just recently while discussing whether or not people are born with alcoholism this Bible quote came up & one man asked, in a very sarcastic tone, “is God mentally retarded? because sometimes people are born that way”. These are both absurd questions but in a round about way, they are very legitimate questions. The first thing apparent is that our understanding of God sucks! Before we get into the explanation, I suggest you stop reading & ask yourself this question: What is the image & likeness of God? If you answered “I don’t know” then you should learn about God before you decide that you know what we are born with & what we are not born with. One of the big problems in the world today is that we are allowing ourselves to be instructed by people who are not qualified to instruct or even worse, we are following our own judgement no matter how screwed up that’s proven to be in the past. At some point we, as human beings, need to be reeducated about God, either by someone who actually knows what they are talking about or from God Himself, through inner dialog. Now the explanation; God is NOT a physical being, therefore He does NOT cause physical things to happen to people. Physical beings cause physical things to happen. Being created in the image & likeness of God very simply means that we are born with absolute Honesty, absolute Purity, absolute Selflessness, & absolute Love (spiritually perfect). Nothing more, nothing less. Mental retardation has absolutely nothing to do with God. Birth defects of any kind have nothing to do with God. The less we understand God the bigger the problem gets. How can I possibly claim that I’m living a Godly life when I don’t know anything about God? If you research the book Alcoholics Anonymous it says that we become alcoholics by being selfish, resentful, dishonest, & afraid (which are the polar opposites of the assets listed above i.e. honesty, purity, selflessness & love). Therefore, if I believe what’s written in the Bible & Alcoholics Anonymous then I absolutely cannot believe that people are born alcoholic. The only way I can believe that people are born alcoholic is to throw The Bible & The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous right out the window. I once heard someone define God as the innate ability to know right from wrong. The word ‘innate’ means that it is not hereditary & it is not learned… it just is. We don’t have to be taught right from wrong, we already know it from birth. Example: A friends 5 year old threw a piece of ice at his dog… his father asked “Do you think that was the right thing to do?” & the child, of course, hung his head & said “No daddy”. He didn’t tell him it was wrong… he asked his son a question, his son consulted his own conscience (God) & KNEW the right answer. None of us need to be taught right from wrong… however, we all need to be reminded of it from time to time. I’m born Honest & then I LEARN how to be dishonest. I’m born Selfless & then I LEARN how to be selfish. I’m born Pure & then I LEARN how to be afraid. I’m born Loving & then I LEARN how to be resentful. Anything that can be LEARNED is not genetic or hereditary & furthermore, anything that is LEARNED, can be UNLEARNED. We are all born perfectly selfless, honest, pure & loving, in the image & likeness of our Creator!

Understanding Solves Problems

“No defect can be correct until we clearly see what it is.” ~Anon. There are four things that cause all of my problems… I’m selfish, resentful, dishonest & afraid. Now lets see how these defects of character function. Example: If I am driving down the street & someone pulls out in front of me, what do I do? I usually lay on the horn, yell & curse, flip them off, I might even swerve at them if I’m really out of my mind. Now, if I can figure out the Truth about why I react this way, maybe I can correct it. If I don’t figure out why I react this way then there is no hope of fixing it. The four character defects, listed above, work in a very specific manner. Most people, when asked, would say that they reacted that way because it made them mad, but that’s not accurate. We react that way because we get scared. Fear causes anger. Fear is ALWAYS the 1st part of a problem! What happens next… someone pulls out in front of me, it scares me & then what? I lie to myself & somehow I become convinced that they pulled out in front of me on purpose, just to ruin my day… so my fear caused me to lie to myself. Stage 3 is where my selfishness comes in… it scared me, I lied to myself & now, with a blatant disregard for anyone & everyone, I begin to act like an insane person… I don’t stop to think if their children are in the car, I simply proceed to yell obscenities & drive erratically potentially putting everyone around me in harms way. The end game, the 4th & final stage is resentment. This part was tricky to understand because I actually didn’t even know what the word resentment meant. Resentment means: To feel again. A couple miles down the road, I’m still mad… I keep rehashing the event in my mind & feeling that same shitty emotion over & over.
What is the solution? I’ve come to realize that the solution to any problem is the opposite of the problem. So if the problem is that I’m selfish, resentful, dishonest & afraid… then the solution is to be selfless, loving, honest & pure!

Unbreakable Law

There is a very clear cut ‘right’ & ‘wrong’ that applies to every human being on the planet & there is no escaping the natural consequences of it. Example: If I drink poison, it will kill me. But what if I thought it was lemonade? It will still kill me but I will believe that consequence to be unjust; it was an accident & therefore, I should not suffer the natural consequences of my own actions. I might even take it as far as blaming you for my actions – “why didn’t you tell me it was poison? This is all your fault”. That’s what makes this so confusing… there is a natural law that applies to us all, but until I believe that & understand it, to a certain extent, I remain self-deceived & therefore convince myself that it isn’t true in a subconscious attempt to con my way out of the natural consequence. Now that’s good solid insanity!
Do you believe that there are a set of rules or laws that apply to us all? Can there be a universal ‘Right’ & ‘Wrong’?

Freedom To… Freedom From

“What is the essence of America? Finding and maintaining that perfect, delicate balance between freedom ‘to’ and freedom ‘from’.”
~Marilyn vos Savant. I had to read that a few times before I got it – lol. What an incredible statement! I need to learn how to be Free properly. We all have Freedom of speech, press, assembly & religion, until we abuse those Freedoms to the point where they take away the Rights & Freedoms of others. Example: A group of people running around to soldiers funerals, being disruptive & holding up signs that say thank god for dead soldiers, are supposedly protected by Freedom of speech. Is that what the Constitution really says? Or is it, in reality, unconstitutional for their speech to take away the Freedom of religion that those families have, by not allowing them to peacefully lay to rest their loved ones. We are all Free ‘TO’ do & say & believe whatever we choose, until what we do & say & believe takes away ‘FROM’ the Rights & Freedoms of others. The goal for today, BE FREE PROPERLY! Don’t abuse or take for granted my constitutional rights. God Bless America! Have a great day everybody!

The Bald Eagle

Some birds seek shelter from the storm, others try to fly against it, but the eagle rises above the storm & that is why it is our national symbol, the symbol of freedom. I am done hiding from my problems. I am done wrestling with my problems. It’s time to rise above my problems & look down at them as they fade away into nothing! Today, I will be FREE!! have a great day everybody!