We Can’t Legislate Humanity

There are three things that can NEVER be brought about by law… no matter how hard we try & those three things are: Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Health: If you write a law that says that I can’t buy one big drink… I will buy two small drinks.

Wealth: If you write a law that says we must all make the same amount of money… I will get a job ‘off the books’.

Happiness: Happiness is a direct result of loving each other (if you don’t believe me, go out & try it) & you certainly cannot enforce humanity by law… we will either remember how to love each other or we will perish like every other civilization before us did once they lost their sense of humanity. The more laws we write attempting to force people to live the ‘right’ way, the less happiness we have because happiness absolutely cannot be brought about by force. It MUST come from inside & it MUST be voluntary or it isn’t real & it won’t last.

We cannot legislate Happiness & Humanity, but we can breed it! We, as adults, need to remember how important it is to love our neighbor & then we must teach our children, from kindergarten on, to do the same if we have any hope of fixing the problems we now have in this country & in this world!

The goal for today, take care of my Health, Wealth & Happiness because I ‘want’ to… not because someone said that I ‘have’ to.

Have a great day everybody!


School Vs. Education

“I’ve never let my school interfere with my education.” ~Mark Twain.

In kindergarten we had a book that said “The sky is ____.”

The teacher could tell me the right answer & even how to spell it & write it, but what the teacher couldn’t do was experience it for me… that, I had to do for myself.

The goal for today, don’t just read about life… be a part of it… live it… experience it… breathe it in!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Be ‘Blindly’ Led!

Most of my life, I would offer anyone advice & I would take anyone’s advice… but now I know better.

I should know what I’m talking about before I give advice & I should take a good hard look at your life before I take your advice.

I have found a guaranteed method of not being misled by others… & here it is:

“Don’t take anyone’s word for it… try it & prove to yourself whether or not it’s accurate” ~Emmet Fox.

Have a great day everybody!

You Owe Me Nothing & I Owe You Everything

If I want something out of life, I have to earn it for myself (or it won’t last).

If I’ve already got something out of life, I have to share it with others, who are deserving (or it won’t last).

The goal for today, break the vicious cycle of ‘entitlement thinking’ by reminding myself, frequently, that no one owes me anything & that I owe you everything!

Have a great day everybody!

Small Spark… Great Fire

“A small spark can start a great fire” ~Emmet Fox.

That is what happened to me!

About 8 yrs ago my life & problems had piled up on me to a breaking point.

I went out in search of a solution to the sufferings of everyday life that had plagued me for years.

I was so desperate to find relief that it suddenly seemed easy to see through all the nonsense!

Everywhere I turned someone was offering a solution but none of them sounded sane to me.

Then one day a desperate phone call to a friend gave me a tiny glimpse of the Truth & that was just spark enough to ignite a fire in me that still grows to this day.

Now that I got a little taste of the Truth, I want more & today I know that the only thing that can keep me from the Truth is me.

I will seek & find more Truth today!

Have a great day everybody!

Blessed Are The Meek

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” ~Matthew 5:5

The word “meek” in the Bible means, open-mindedness & faith in God.

The word “earth” in the Bible means, the whole of your outer experience.

So, in laymen’s terms, it says that once I’ve suffered enough & there’s no place left to turn but to God, then I can regain control of my own life. I’m no longer at the mercy of the world around me & the people in it. Me & God are running things, from the inside, out. I’m free!!

Have a great day everybody!

Will I Be Young Or Old Today

“You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.” ~Samuel Ullman.

This isn’t just a cute thing to say… when I’m in doubt, fear or despair, I can literally feel it. I feel tired, run down, my eyes even feel old.

The goal for today, live young by having faith, confidence & hope!

Have a great day everybody!