Lofty Ideal

“Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals.” ~Dr. James Naismith.

My ideal is to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

The only way to achieve this goal is by getting my mind right first… no negative, doubtful, condescending thoughts.

And through this high ideal & daily renewing of the mind, the body will strengthen & be able to rise to any challenge that it meets.

The goal for today, get & stay right… mind, body & soul!

Have a great day everybody!

Mental & Emotional Balance

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~Socrates.

Some people love to over analyze life & to others… ignorance is bliss.

Most of my life, I had a tendency to swing violently from one extreme to the other.

The goal for today, mental & emotional balance… avoid driving myself crazy with unimportant details, but take a good hard look at my daily life, in an attempt to make it better.

Have a great day everybody!

No Conditions

“Happiness can be felt only if you don’t set conditions” ~Artur Rubinstein.

How many millions of times have I said… “I can be happy ‘IF’…”.

All I have to do is remove the ‘IF’ from that statement & happiness will be achieved!

The goal for today, stop putting conditions on my happiness… my peace… my forgiveness… my love & just be the person I was built to be!

Have a great day everybody!

The Truth Or My Truth

“The devil can site scripture for his own purpose!” ~Shakespeare.

I have been guilty, at times, of taking things out of context & bending & twisting them to say what ‘I’ want them to say.

What does the U.S. Constitution really say? What does the Bible really say?

The goal for today, know that the real Truth is better than the truth that I manufactured & the real Truth is that we must give, not take, in order to succeed at life!

Have a great day everybody!

The Brotherhood Of Man

Should I hate or take from the man who has more than me… or should I be inspired by him, to do more?

Should I laugh at or look down on the man who has less than me… or should I love him & lift him up?

The goal for today, drag no one down, but lift everyone up!

That’s what The Brotherhood of Man is really about!

Have a great day everyone!

Do I Know… Or Do I Think I know?

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so” ~Mark Twain.

Do I want to live my life based on facts, or opinions?

There is always a fact available if I am willing to put the effort into finding it.

The goal for today, don’t live by opinions… find & share the facts.

Opinions get us in trouble… facts bring Happiness & Freedom!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Fear A Detour

“The really Happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour” ~Unknown.

I have always had a fear of ‘not knowing’ & that fear is the only thing that can keep me from safely reaching my destination. The only way I have found to overcome that fear is to have faith.

The goal for today, have faith in the fact that the absence of fear will lead me home!

Have a great day everybody!