I Am Mine

“I know I was born and I know that I’ll die… in between is mine” ~Eddie Vedder. 
There are a few things in this world that I have no control over… but my life is not one of those things! 
My life can & will be exactly what I make of it. 
I can make opportunities or miss them… I can Love or hate… I can be happy or miserable… I can succeed or fail. 
Today, I can & will control my own destiny… “I am mine”! 
Have a great day everybody!

Fix The Problem… Not The Symptom

I spent most of my life just patching up my problems on the surface. 
Example: If I’m having relationship or money problems, it’s because I’m selfish or scared & just finding a new girl or a new job isn’t gonna fix that. 
I have to fix my fear & selfishness if I hope to be successful at these things. 
The goal for today, fix myself on the inside & watch how the outside magically takes care of itself! 
Have a great day everybody!

Dread Of Evil

“The dread of evil is a much more forcible principle of human actions than the prospect of good.” ~John Locke. 
Why is that… why do I have to be threatened to do what’s right? 
When my motive for helping you is fear… I’m not really helping ‘you’… I’m helping ‘me’. 
The goal for today, love & help the people around me for one reason & one reason only… because it’s the right thing to do! 
Have a great day everybody!

Conquer Fear

“They who have conquered doubt and fear have conquered failure.” ~James Allen. 
This is so profoundly true! 
Doubt & fear are the things that keep people in dead end jobs… shitty relationships… & all sorts of other undesirable situations. 
The goal for today, conquer my doubts & fears, earn my Freedom & keep moving forward… because it’s time to start truly succeeding at life! 
Have a great day everybody!

Love Is Freedom

“Love is the only freedom in the world because it so elevates the spirit that neither the laws of humanity or the phenomenon of nature can alter its course” ~Khalil Gibran. 
Man made laws can take ‘things’ from me… 
Hurricanes & earthquakes can take ‘things’ from me…
But nothing & no one can take away my ability to Love you! 
The goal for today, know that freedom isn’t about things… it’s about Love! 
Have a great day everybody!


“We are accustomed to judge only by external appearances” ~Unknown. 
When people are mean on the outside… it’s because they are in pain on the inside. 
If I would just take a moment to understand that, instead of taking it personally… it would definitely help me & maybe help them too. 
The goal for today, remember that a little bit of understanding can go a long way! 
Have a great day everybody!

Determined To Be Free

“Unless we are just as determined as were our forefathers to keep Freedom & Harmony & Unity in the nation, we can lose them” ~Emmet Fox. 
Our forefathers were willing to sacrifice all, if need be, for Freedom… am I? 
The goal for today, do whatever it takes to maintain Harmony & Unity & earn my Freedom! 
Have a great day everybody!