Don’t Make Decisions Based On Fear

There is a Law written only on the door posts of our hearts, that says, ‘If the motive isn’t Pure… the outcome won’t be either’. 
Some think that fear keeps people safe, but I disagree. 
Example: At 6 I almost drown… should I fearfully avoid water to stay safe or should I face my fear & learn how to swim to stay safe? 
If I fall in the water & all I have is fear… I’m dead! 
Fear is never a ‘Pure’ motive… but facing my fear to help myself & others is! 
Have a great day everybody!



5 thoughts on “Don’t Make Decisions Based On Fear

  1. Amen to this. Natural fear does protect us, but too many people make decisions based on illusional fears that they create themselves. I know I’ve been guilty of this many times : )

    • I agree Joe… A few years ago, I asked someone why the bible asks me to ‘fear’ God & they pointed out that in the concordance in the back of the bible, it says that fear = reverence (respect). Today, I have respect for water… not fear. As always, thanks for the positive feedback! Have a great day Joe!

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