I Don’t Believe In Inspiration Without Application

Yesterday someone asked: ‘Do you really believe that we get to choose how we feel all the time?’… that’s a great question!

I don’t want to write a bunch of inspirational sounding stuff that can’t be applied to our daily lives.

I won’t ask anyone to do something I don’t believe is possible & if I haven’t seen it done, or done it myself… then I won’t suggest it.

My answer was: ‘Yes… I don’t practice it perfectly, but when I practice it… it works perfectly’.

The goal for today, live inspiration… don’t just talk about it!

Have a great day everybody!


Someone once said to me… “I’m untouchable today”… & he explained that he was in a frame of mind where it didn’t matter what anyone else said or did, he could still be happy.

He wasn’t going to allow other people or circumstances to dictate his mood.

He was going to feel good & be happy, no matter what!

By the end of our talk, he convinced me that we, in fact, do get to choose our mood.

I have since had many of these ‘untouchable’ days & the goal is to have another one today!

Have a great day everybody… insist upon it!

Let Go & Let God

“Let go & let God”… what does this mean?

I used to think it meant that I don’t have to do anything… I can just kick back, watch some tv or take a nap & God will fix all of my problems for me.

What it really means is that I don’t get to control everyone & everything… it means that I should stop playing God… it means that I should ask God what He would have me do, instead of me telling Him what He should do for me.

The goal for today, let God play God… & I will very humbly play the role of Jeff!

Have a great day everybody!

I Want To Help You Be Happy

I never want to take pleasure in other peoples suffering. I never want to play judge, jury & executioner. I never want to harbor resentments or seek revenge.

I want to practice sympathy & compassion. I want to help people learn how to properly & fairly judge themselves. I want to Love people unconditionally & fully understand them.

The goal for today, I want to put an honest & genuine effort into treating others the way that I would want to be treated… I want to help you be happy!

Have a great day everybody!

Forgive Them… No Matter What

“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” ~Luke 23:34.

The greatest example of tolerance in human history!

He could have said “I hope you rot in hell!”… he could have said “karma is a bitch!”… but he didn’t.

He asked for forgiveness for the people that were killing him.

I held grudges for years over some pretty trivial things & then you have this guy forgiving his own murderers; maybe I should try to follow his lead.

The goal for today, practice things like tolerance & forgiveness. Why?… because I know it’s the Right thing to do!

Have a great day everybody!

Attention Sees Through Lies

“Attention is the key” ~Emmet Fox.

It used to be easy to lie to me because I wasn’t paying attention… today it’s nearly impossible.

Attention is a skill that we have from birth, but we must practice it, in order to stay sharp.

The only way I can be lied to is if I’m too lazy minded to give the required attention… or I don’t really ‘want’ to know the Truth, so I will deliberately not pay attention.

The goal for today, practice the art of attention so I can protect myself from your lies… & my own!

Have a great day everybody!