Remind Myself Of Right

What’s the Right thing to do… Give or take… Love or hate… be Honest or lie?

How could I know what’s Right… be perfectly capable of carrying out that Right… but still sit around thinking about what I can take out of life… who pissed me off today… & what lies I’m gonna tell to falsely prop myself up?

The goal for today, ask myself these questions more frequently… because if I don’t consciously remind myself of what’s Right… my brain lazily wanders toward what’s wrong & my actions follow!

Have a great day everybody!


Love: An impersonal sense of good will toward all.

This definition changed my life!

Love is something I seek to give rather than get… it is something I can share with anyone & everyone… & when properly carried out, it is something more Powerful than we could possibly imagine!

Love is creative & causative… it is the foundation stone of everything good in the world!

With the Right definition & understanding of the word… Love really can conquer all!

The goal for today, don’t sit around waiting to be loved… go out & give Love!

Have a great day everybody!

Humility & Confidence

A few years ago, I had a debate with someone that taught me how to properly combine humility & confidence.

I had 3 choices:

1) Assume that they know everything.

2) Assume that I know everything.

3) Assume nothing… read the instruction manual & find out the Truth.

The goal for today, don’t blindly follow… but don’t be an arrogant ass either.

Put the extra effort into finding the Truth… it is always available & it’s the only thing that really matters!

Have a great day everybody!

Principles Never Fail

There are spiritual principles that govern our lives, just as there are physical principles that govern our world.

The physical principles are things like… ‘water seeks it’s own level’ & ‘what goes up, must come down’.

The spiritual principles are things like… ‘I can’t be selfish & happy’ & ‘I can’t give out hate & get back love’.

The goal for today, remember that principles never fail… what goes up, must come down… & he who is truly selfless, must be truly happy!

Have a great day everybody!

Revenge Leads To Guilt

We can’t feel good about hurting someone… even if they deserve it.

We are not built to destroy ourselves, or each other, it’s incredibly unnatural… but for some strange reason, we constantly test this principle.

We think we can hurt & hate & take from people & still be happy… & no matter how many times we try & fail… we still believe that it is right & just & rewarding to inflict punishment & pain on each other.

The goal for today, help… don’t hurt… it is far more rewarding!

Have a great day everybody!

Choose Lightheartedness

I have a friend that seems to be able to take a lighthearted approach to almost any person or situation… & every time I witness this, it serves as a great reminder that there is no need to get aggravated with people.

Last night, someone said something crazy & foolish… some got annoyed, some ignored it, but my lighthearted friend put a comedic twist on it & made everybody in the room laugh & smile… even the person that made the crazy remark.

The goal for today, be serious when necessary… but laugh & smile as often as possible!

Have a great day everybody!

The More I Give… The Less I Need

I once said to someone… “can you help me get through today?”… & their response was… “Yes… in fact, I can help you get through every day. I’m going to teach you how to help others, because the more you help others… the less frequently you will need help.”

The goal for today, find someone to help… because giving help is the best way to not need help!

May we forever live in the season of giving!

Merry Christmas!

Have a great day everybody!