Fair & Just… Square & Level

The human mind is a creative force!

With it we build lives, families & communities… houses, bridges & buildings… cities, states & nations.

It’s important to understand what our minds can do… but it’s more important to learn how to use them properly.

Example: Exercise is good, but if I’m doing it wrong, I might get hurt.

So if I don’t learn how to use my mind properly… the structures & worlds & lives we build… might turn out all wrong.

The goal for today, let everything that my mind creates be Fair & Just… Square & Level!

Have a great day everybody!

“A Profound Alteration In His Reaction To Life”

My old reaction to life:

If my girl left me… I would drown in the fear of being alone.

If you wronged me… I would poison my heart with anger & resentment.

If things didn’t go my way… I would selfishly try to control everyone.

And if you said I was wrong… I would cook up elaborate lies to justify myself & my actions.

My new reaction to life:

Stop making decisions based on fear.

Get rid of anger at all costs.

Put your needs ahead of mine.

And stop lying to myself & others.

It’s a big goal… but I will put my best effort into achieving it!

Have a great day everybody!

Expectations Can Be A Tricky Thing

Expectations can be a tricky thing.

If I set them too high… I get let down; if I set them too low… I live a bleak, unfulfilled life.

Today, I will not expect something for nothing… I’ll expect to get exactly what I earn.

I will not expect people to act in a manner that they are not currently capable of… I’ll expect them to act exactly as they are (good or bad).

I will not expect the world to revolve around me… I’ll give to the world rather than take from it & I will expect to be happy as a result!

Today, I will set realistic goals & expectations & live Free!

Have a great day everybody!

Moral Fiber

“…whether the destruction fell on the dining-room furniture or his own moral fiber…” ~Anon.

This was a difficult lesson for me to learn.

Just because I didn’t get caught, doesn’t mean there are no consequences.

A guilty conscience is far worse than any physical punishment that could be dealt out… & the only way to get rid of a guilty conscience is to stop doing what I know in my heart is wrong.

The goal for today, do the Right thing, even if I could get away with the wrong & rebuild my moral fiber!

Have a great day everybody!

If It’s Good… It’s God! If It’s God… It’s Good!

If it’s good… it’s God!

God doesn’t make bad things happen… bad is a direct result of human beings making poor decisions… God makes good things happen!

If it’s God… it’s good!

Even things like natural disasters aren’t always bad… they are part of the planets immune system & they are absolutely essential to our survival.

The goal for today, reevaluate my thinking… grow in understanding… learn how to make better decisions… stop blaming God… & take one more step toward Peace & Happiness!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Condemn

Should I condemn people for being rich or poor?

Should I condemn people for being republican or democrat?

Should I condemn people for being white or black?

Should I condemn people for being gay or straight?

And then the big question!

Should I condemn people for condemning people… or should I stop being a hypocrite that lives by double standards?

Today, I will not condemn anyone… for any reason & any condemnation directed toward me… will fall on deaf ears!

Have a great day everybody!

It’s All Small Stuff

“Don’t sweat the small stuff… & it’s all small stuff” ~Richard Carlson.

A wave of peace & calm came over me as I had this thought… I don’t have to get stressed because people are bad drivers. I don’t have to get stressed because of the weather. I don’t have to get stressed because of the holiday hustle & bustle.

I can remain calm… do what I need to do… & not sweat the small stuff.

In fact… I can meet these challenges with a smile on my face… with a spirit of Love & Tolerance.

Have a great day everybody!