Don’t Just Pursue Freedom… Catch It

Yesterday, a friend associated the word ‘Free’… with the word ‘Happy’.

This is really a profound realization!

The Declaration of Independence says that we are ‘Free’ to pursue Happiness… but once you actually attain Happiness, the word ‘Free’ takes on a whole new meaning.

A lot of people are free in the respect that they are not physically locked in a cage, but real Freedom = Happiness.

The goal for today, don’t stop at physical freedom… press on to Happiness & feel what it’s like to be Truly Free… from the inside out!

Have a great day everybody!

Anger Destroys Peace

Anger destroys peace… not the peace of the other person, but the peace of the person that is angry.

There have been times when the person I was angry at didn’t even know I was angry & therefore, the only person that suffered as a result of my anger, was me.

I once read that harboring resentment is like me drinking poison, thinking that the other person will die from it (Emmet Fox).

All we accomplish with anger is the poisoning of our own souls.

The goal for today, eliminate anger with Love!

Have a great day everybody!

Humility Is Powerful

What’s the Right thing to do when I make a mistake?

A) Pretend it didn’t happen & hope no one finds out.

B) Deny it & tell a series of elaborate lies instead.

C) Admit it & put an honest effort into correcting it.

I have tried all three & I can say, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that ‘C’ is the one that works best.

I once read that ‘The Truth always heals’… & I have found that to be entirely accurate.

Once I admit my mistakes, all the sick & stressful feelings go away… the solutions become clearer & people are usually willing to help.

The goal for today, admit my mistakes & help others fix theirs!

Have a great day everybody!

It’s Important To Communicate

This is what I mean when I use these words:

God = The innate ability to know Right from wrong.

Heaven = The good feeling that comes from doing the Right thing.

Bible = Principle based instruction manual (with a few dangerous opinions sprinkled around in it).

Love = Impersonal sense of good will toward all.

I’m not saying that anyone has to agree with them… I just thought I’d throw that out there to add a little clarity to my messages.

The goal for today, talk about things like God so we can better understand each other!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Undervalue Sincerity

Sincerity is grossly undervalued in the world today!

We think that as long as we don’t break the law, we’ve done enough… & that simply isn’t true.

Example: The Bible says ‘Thou shall not kill’… but did you know that it also says the only way to sincerely achieve that goal is to rid our hearts & minds of hate & anger (Matthew 5:21/22).

Loving my neighbor by force of law may keep me out of jail… but it won’t get me into Heaven… that requires real Love!

The goal for today, sincerity!

Have a great day everybody!

Free Will… A Blessing Or A Curse?

I believe that God has a plan… He wants us to be happy, as the result of learning how to Love each other.

Only one thing can spoil that plan… & that’s us.

Human beings, with free will, have been throwing a wrench in God’s plan since the dawn of man.

When something goes wrong, we ask ‘why would God do that… or why would God let this happen?’… when we should be asking ‘what part of God’s plan did we screw up?’.

The goal for today, line my will up with God’s will & be happy!

Have a great day everybody!

Opinions Aren’t Facts

A friend: Porn is immoral… right?
Me: Why do you think it’s immoral?
A friend: Because it’s selfish.
Me: Selfishness is definitely immoral.

Whether or not porn is immoral… is an opinion. Whether or not selfishness is immoral… is a fact.

These four things are ALWAYS wrong: selfishness, resentment, dishonesty & fear… everything else is circumstantial.

If this idea could be accurately conveyed to the world, it would literally solve ALL of our problems.

The goal for today, know the difference between Fact & opinion!

Have a great day everybody!

Offer A Real Solution

“You can talk about hopelessness because you offer a solution” ~Anon.

I used to pat people on the back & tell them ‘everything’s gonna be ok’… even if it wasn’t gonna be ok.

I did it because the alternative was to say ‘you’re screwed… & I don’t know how to help you’.

Well, I have finally learned how to solve problems… a lot of problems… & now I can confidently say to people ‘this is bad… but there is a solution’.

The goal for today, tell it like it is… but make sure I know what ‘it is’ first!

Have a great day everybody!

In That Order

Spiritual->Mental->Physical… in that order.

The Truth comes from my heart… then my mind decides whether to accept it, or reject it… then the body blindly follows.

The mistake that I made most of my life, was that I thought the physical came first… I thought if I changed people, places & things… then I would be at peace.

I was wrong!

The heart is where Peace originates & once my mind accepts that… my life will start to change for the better.

The goal for today, look inside for real Peace!

Have a great day everybody!

Think About The Right Things… At The Right Times

I used to have a hard time sleeping, but once I figured out why, I was able to fix it.

I didn’t sleep because of my thinking… it didn’t matter if I was thinking about the past, the future, or the weather… my brain wouldn’t let me rest.

One night I put my head on my pillow & asked God to help me sleep & this is what He said… “It’s important to think about these things… but not now”.

We can’t turn our brains off… but we can point them in the Right direction.

The goal for today, focus on the task at hand!

Have a great day everybody!