Meek & Humble

There were things that I refused to believe, because believing them would involve me admitting I was wrong.

It wasn’t until I became willing to admit that I was wrong, that I began to really see the Truth.

With an open mind, I can see the Truth about me… the Truth about you & the Truth about the world around us.

I can solve problems… help you solve problems & maybe even avoid some problems.

The goal for today, open my mind… practice humility & gain immensely in Peace & Freedom!

Have a great day everybody!

3 thoughts on “Meek & Humble

    • Well there doesn’t seem to be any overnight, quick fix, magic trick style of solution… but there is a solution & it’s a pretty simple one. If a have a lack of peace, it’s because I have an over abundance of fear. We have what I call ‘The Big 3 Fears’… to a certain extent, every human being on Earth has a fear of being alone… a fear of running out of money & a fear of what other people think of them & when these fears cross a certain fine line… they begin to chip away at our peace & happiness… our sense of safety & security… our confidence & self-esteem. Therefore… regaining your peace is a matter of triumphing over your fears & the best way to overcome your fears is to fully understand them. Most people think they don’t have a fear of being alone… they say things like “I actually enjoy having time to myself”… but to understand this, you have to dig a little deeper. I too enjoy having some time to myself… but if you told me that I was going to spend the rest of my life alone… well, that’s different… that might make me incredibly uncomfortable & would probably cause me to go out, find a significant other & cling to them as if my very life was dependent upon them. The paradox of this particular fear is that I’m not afraid because I’m alone… I’m alone because I’m afraid. My fear is causing me to think, speak & act in a manner that is generally unattractive to other people. For example… a fear of being alone usually causes me to act selfishly (I NEED YOU… SO I CAN BE HAPPY) & selfishness is a very unattractive quality. So my fear based selfishness is driving people out of my life & the only solution is to get rid of the fear. To briefly sum this up… get rid of fear & you’ll get your peace back. I could go on & on & on… but I don’t want you to spend your whole weekend reading my reply – lol. Skim through my posts… they are all tiny little pieces of the puzzle of life. When we start putting the pieces together… the bigger picture begins to come into view. As you can see, I really enjoy talking about this stuff… so feel free to keep asking questions & even though this is a somewhat limited manner of communicating… I’ll do my best to furnish you with answers. Thanks Anna… now go out in the world today & refuse to settle for anything less than harmony & happiness!

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