Forgiving & Forgiven

Forgiveness is an inside job & it doesn’t matter if we are talking about giving it or getting it.

I can forgive myself whether you forgive me or not… but part of forgiving myself will depend upon my willingness to forgive others.

If I’m doing the best I can today… God will forgive me.

If I’m doing the best I can today… I will forgive me.

If I’m doing the best I can today… I will forgive you!

The goal for today, remember that “It is by forgiving that one is forgiven” ~St. Francis of Assisi.

Have a great day everybody!

Powerless Or Powerful

I once was powerless over people, places & things.

What does that mean?

I’m powerless if I let people dictate my mood… if I let my environment dictate who I am… if I let material things dictate my worth.

How do I correct this problem?

I choose to be happy… regardless of what anyone says or does.

I choose to be defined by where my heart is… not where my house is.

I choose to base my worth on peace, Love & altruism… not money, cars & houses.

The goal for today, be powerful!

Have a great day everybody!

Direct My Thinking

A friend suggested that I frequently ask God to direct my thinking.

If I don’t believe in God, then ask ‘If there is a God… I ask that You direct my thinking’.

Keep asking until the voice in your head says ‘Help others’ & when you hear that, you know it’s God & you should do what He says.

I tried it & sure enough it worked & it didn’t just work once, it works every time that I honestly & genuinely do it.

The goal for today, avoid feeling lonely, angry or depressed by asking God to help me, be helpful to others!

Have a great day everybody!

The Letter & The Spirit

We have written many laws, but we still have crime… why?

Because the letter of the law says ‘don’t murder’, but the spirit says ‘Love’ & we ignore the spirit.

We have written many prayers, but we still have sin… why?

Because the letter of the prayer says ‘Thy will be done’… but the spirit says ‘sincerity gives prayer power’… I can’t just say it… I have to mean it!

If we really want to fix our problems, we must understand, practice & teach this spirit… until every man, woman & child in this world gets it.

Have a spiritual day everybody!

Don’t Celebrate Suffering

“We always have the choice of learning through spiritual unfoldment, or painful experience & it’s our own fault if we choose the latter”‘~Emmet Fox.

I think the lesson that I’m supposed to learn through all of my pain & suffering is that I don’t have to experience pain & suffering to learn.

As soon as I stop accepting pain & suffering as a ‘necessary’ part of life… then that pain & suffering will end.

The goal for today, stop celebrating my pain & suffering… & start learning a better way!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Roll Over… Rise Above

I found a way of life, that at first, sounded like it was asking me to be a doormat.

I have since come to realize that it was not asking me to roll over… it was asking me to rise above.

Now it is a flawless strategy for happiness.

It is my duty to be kind to people & not try to hurt them.

The other half of this sacred duty is to not allow myself to be hurt by others.

It’s a high standard… I try not to hurt… or be hurt.

Obviously, I don’t practice this perfectly… but I’m sure as hell gonna try today!

Have a great day everybody!

Look Harder

We need to look for positives… We need to stop giving so much of our time & attention to negatives.

If I can’t acknowledge at least one good thing in my life today… it’s because I’m not looking.

It’s NEVER because nothing good happened… it’s ALWAYS because I failed to see it.

Good is taking place all around us… all day… every day… let’s not miss it because we are too busy with our problems.

The goal for today, know that if I give more attention to good, than bad… my life will get better!

Have a great day everybody!