Humility Breeds Humility

Humility is about admitting my own mistakes.

Did you ever point out someone else’s mistakes to them & end up in an argument… yeah, me too.

Did you ever point out your own mistakes to someone else & end up in an argument… yeah, me neither.

This should tell me something… maybe I should stick to my own mistakes.

The goal for today, know that the best way to point out someone else’s mistakes, is to point out my own… because humility breeds humility!

Have a great day everybody!

Make A Real Difference

Can you tell the difference between the ‘unwilling’ & the ‘unable’?

This is important!

I Love helping people but it’s wrong to give to the unwilling.

Emmet Fox says that ‘Wisdom is the perfect blending of Intelligence & Love’.

If I blindly give because I want to help… intelligence is absent.

If I refuse to give for the sake of the ‘bottom line’… Love is absent.

But if I use my heart & mind… then I can Truly help people.

The goal for today, learn how to give to the right people… In the right way… at the right time & make a real difference!

Have a great day everybody!

You Must Have Peace To Spread Peace

Inner Peace… Domestic Tranquility… World Peace… in that order.

This is a point of paramount importance!

Inner Peace is established by having a genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Then large groups of people, unified by Inner Peace, can begin to experience Domestic Tranquility.

Then these large groups (nations), unified by Domestic Tranquility, can begin to experience World Peace.

This is a scientific equation… it simply can not work any other way.

The goal for today, Inner Peace… because I can’t give what I don’t have!

Have a great day everybody!

It Takes One… To Know One

“It takes one… to know one”.

I have been taught how to see through my own lies & as a result… I can see through yours too.

It’s easy to lie to doctors & psychiatrists… to family & friends… even to ourselves… but it’s nearly impossible to lie to a good liar.

My past was once a terrible liability, but now it is a valuable asset… now I can help people because of it.

The goal for today, if you need to know the Truth, ask a reformed liar… for there is no better bullshit detector!

Have a great day everybody!

Entirely Honest

“We must be entirely honest with somebody if we expect to live long or happily in this world” ~Anon.

I’ve made many mistakes in life & the less willing I was to admit them… the more I found myself repeating them.

Honesty should never be scary… it is a healing & redeeming quality that can only bring about good when properly carried out.

Lies never fix problems, they simply hide them from sight… usually making them worse.

The goal for today, be fearlessly honest about myself… because it solves problems & encourages others to do the same!

Have a great day everybody!

Memorial Day 2014

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” ~JFK.

There is no greater sacrifice for your country, than to lay down your life in defense of it!

The American flag is a symbol of Peace & Freedom… Liberty & Justice… Faith & Courage… & that is what the bravest of the brave put their lives on the line for.

They don’t risk all for government or politics… they risk all for the Love of God & country… for family… & for each other.

The goal for today, honor their courage… their devotion… their sacrifice & live up to the Freedom they fought & died to earn for all of us!

Happy Memorial Day!

Have a great day everybody!

Free Thinkers

America’s founding fathers were commonly referred to as ‘Free Thinkers’.

What does that mean?

They thought for themselves & encouraged others to do the same.

They were not being blindly lead by anyone… not by the church nor the political world.

They were being lead by their hearts & minds… their instincts & intuition… by their God-consciousness.

Blindly following is not Freedom.

Freedom is doing what we know in our heart is Right… not what someone else tells us is right.

The goal for today, know that ‘God gave us brains to use’!

Have a great day everybody!