Personal Inventory

“… a personal inventory, which many of us had never attempted” ~Anon.

I was told I was selfish & I said “No I’m not… I’d give you the shirt off my back”.

I was told I was resentful & I said “No I’m not… I get along with everybody”.

I was told I was dishonest & I said “No I’m not… I always tell the truth”.

I was told I was afraid & I said “No I’m not… I’m not afraid of anything”.

Then I was taught how to take a personal inventory & sure enough, I had all of these defects of character.

The goal for today, keep tabs on myself… because it makes my life & yours better!

Have a great day everybody!

Nothing Ever Goes My Way

For years I couldn’t figure out why nothing ever seemed to go my way.

Well, I finally figured it out.

My way said that ‘my’ happiness was all that mattered… that all of my anger was justified… that concealing the truth was the best way to get what I wanted… that fear would keep me safe.

Technically, I did get my way & it lead me to misery & depression.

The goal for today, care about others… get rid of anger… tell the Truth… live Free… & then I can experience Peace & Happiness!

Have a great day everybody!

Who’s Running Your Life

I used to be powerless over people, places & things.

I allowed people to dictate my feelings & my sense of worth…

I allowed my surroundings to dictate my activities…

I allowed ‘things’ to become far too important to me.

But not anymore!

Now I get to choose how I feel & I know what I’m worth…

I can make sane, logical decisions about the activities that I partake in from day to day…

I have gotten much better at attaching the appropriate value to material things.

The goal for today, regain control of my own life & feelings!

Have a great day everybody!

Make All Things Positive

A friend of mine has recently proven that every cloud literally has a silver lining.

If we are willing to look for it… there is an upside to everything.

Example: Someone called her fat… she got mad & then realized that the reason she got mad was because she isn’t happy about her weight.

She started walking & lost 10lbs in a week.

When we discussed it, she laughed & said instead of getting mad… I should thank him.

The goal for today, make all things positive!

Have a great day everybody!

Think Until You Know

“I know” ~Emmet Fox.

I encourage people to think.

When someone says “I don’t know why I did that” or “I don’t know why they would do that”… I usually ask them to think about it.

Nobody ever does or says anything for no reason & if I take the time to understand the reason, then that particular person or thing can’t hurt me anymore.

In fact, if I truly understand people, then I can learn & grow & progress as a result of the thing that previously seemed so negative.

The goal for today, know!

Have a great day everybody!


There is nothing wrong with being wrong… but there is something wrong with not admitting when I’m wrong.

For some strange reason, I used to believe that it was better to pretend that I didn’t ever make a mistake… than to admit it & try to make it right.

Everybody makes mistakes & everybody knows that, so who did I think I was fooling?

The goal for today, earn peoples trust & respect by admitting my mistakes!

Have a great day everybody!

Understand & Love

“It’s impossible to truly understand someone & not love them” ~From the movie Ender’s Game.

Love is when I have no ill toward a person & if I do have ill will toward them… it’s because I don’t understand them.

If someone is acting poorly, it is because they are hurt or wounded & in need of help.

Sometimes we can help them overcome their problems, but other times we can only help by understanding why they are acting that way & not getting upset.

The goal for today, Understand & Love!

Have a great day everybody!