The Right Way Is The Easy Way

“They never said it would be easy… they said it would be worth it” ~idk.

Is it easier to Love… or hate?

Is it easier to be Honest… or to live a lie?

Is it easier to Give… or take?

Is it easier to make decisions based on Purity… or fear?

The Right way is always the easiest way!

Living Right is easy… the only thing that is hard about it is the breaking of old, bad habits that I’ve practiced for years.

The goal for today: Practice living the Right way & it will become the easy way & it is definitely worth it!

Have a great day everybody!

Blame Who

“And if there’s something you’d like to do… just let me continue to blame you” ~Footsteps by Pearl Jam.

This is a song about spending my whole life blaming everybody else for all of my problems, just to wake up one day & realize that it was nobody’s fault but mine.

The day I admitted ‘I’ was my problem, was the day I began to heal.

Taking responsibility is now, a very important part of my daily life.

If it’s you, I can’t fix it… if it’s me, I can.

The goal for today: know that personal responsibility leads to personal freedom!

Have a great day everybody!

Clear, Concise & Consciously Aware

My problems are the result of selfishness, dishonesty resentment & fear.

My solutions are the result of Selflessness, Honesty, Love & Purity.

All life is a paradox!

I can’t help myself, except by helping others…

Admitting that I’ve lied, is Honest…

The only way to stop hate, is with Love…

Fear will cause the things I’m most afraid to happen.

The goal for today: understand the paradox, live in reality & experience Life the way it was intended to be… be clear, concise & consciously aware!

Have a great day everybody!

Like Attracts Like

If I want to be loved… I must be loving.

If I want to be understood… I must be understanding.

If I want to be respected… I must be respecting.

If I want to be forgiven… I must be forgiving.

It would be crazy of me to believe that I could be an angry, miserable, intolerant, disrespectful jerk & expect to be surrounded by people who are kind, considerate, patient, tolerant & loving.

The goal for today: remember that one of the all embracing Master Laws of Life says that ‘Like Attracts Like’!

Have a great day everybody!

Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

Why does it feel so good to help people?

Because it’s the Right thing to do.

Why doesn’t it feel good to hurt people?

Because it’s the wrong thing to do.

All I have to do to KNOW if I’m doing the Right thing is pay attention to the feeling that comes from doing it.

The catch is to fully understand that that spiteful, vindictive, twisted sense of pleasure, that we ‘seem’ to get from hurting people, isn’t real.

The goal for today: know the difference between real happiness & rotten happiness & live according to the one I would rather feel.

Have a great day everybody!

Divine Mind

The most important thing to ask of God on a daily basis is that He direct my thinking.

If I have a problem, He will direct my thinking to the solution.

If I need something, He will direct my thinking to what I need to do to get it.

If someone else is in need, He will direct my thinking to how I can help them.

If I’m full of fear & anxiety, He will direct my thinking to Peace & Contentment.

If I’m full of anger & frustration, He will direct my thinking to Love & Harmony.

The goal for today: ask God to direct my thinking, early & often.

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Default To Low Self-esteem

Why do we tend to think the worst of ourselves?

If someone doesn’t treat me right, should I assume that it’s because I’m no good?

Or is it possible that they are having a bad day & happened to take it out on me?

If I take it personally, I feel bad about myself, hurt & maybe even angry.

If I don’t take it personally, I can be kind, compassionate & understanding.

The goal for today: don’t default to low self-esteem… see things for what they really are & fill my day with Peace, Contentment & Helpfulness!

Have a great day everybody!

Seek, Find & Follow

To not believe in a Creator… is to believe that I was not created.

I’m sure we all believe that something created us, or we wouldn’t be here.

Whatever I choose to believe created me, turns out to be my God.

I believe in a higher intelligence… because if human intelligence was the highest, we would already know everything, which clearly is not the case.

The goal for today: open my mind to the fact that there is a force out there that can & will make my life better… if I seek, find & follow it!

Have a great day everybody!

Where I’m Really Supposed To Be

“You’re right where you’re supposed to be” ~idk.

I have been told this in the midst of struggles & difficulties & could never understand why I was ‘supposed to be’ miserable.

Now I know that I was confused about it, because I was NOT where I was supposed to be.

I’m supposed to be happy, joyous & free & if I’m not… I should work toward correcting it & strive to get to that better place.

The goal for today: do whatever it takes to get to where I’m really supposed to be… Happy, Helpful & Alive!

Have a great day everybody!

Life Can Stay Good

“If everything seems right, then there is definitely something wrong” ~idk.

That’s just crazy!

Maybe the reason that nothing good ever seems to last is because I keep filling myself full of fear & doubt… destroying hope, with negative, derogatory thoughts like that one.

It’s time to rise above our own defeatist attitudes & believe that things can get & stay good, so long as we keep up the good work.

The goal for today: keep thinking & doing good & things can & will stay Right!

Have a great day everybody!