There Is Nothing That Can’t Be Known

If I don’t know the Truth about something… it’s because I don’t want it.

The only thing that can keep me from the Truth is my own laziness & or fear.

I’m not willing to do the work to find it, or I’m afraid of what knowing it will require of me.

It’s actually a lot less work to live by the Truth than it is to live a lie & nothing bad can ever happen as a result of the Truth!

The goal for today: go get the Truth… we have a lot left to learn, but there is nothing that can’t be known!

Have a great day everybody!

My Feelings… My Fault

It’s never anybody else’s fault that ‘I’ am annoyed.

Sometimes the things people do annoy me… other times they don’t.

That is proof positive that I am in control of my own feelings… they are not being forced on me from the outside by people, places or things.

When my head is screwed on straight, I don’t let other people control my feelings… my moods… or my sense of worth.

The goal for today: know that my thoughts are mine… my feelings are mine & my actions are mine… & don’t relinquish control of them to anyone except God!

Have a great day everybody!

Progress… Or Just Change?

“It is not strange… to mistake change for progress” ~Millard Fillmore.

We have made many changes over the past 75 years or so, but very few of them have brought about a change for the better… very few could claim forward progress.

I believe that we need to change ‘back’ to the Principles that this country was founded on to begin with.

The goal for today: Life, Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Peace, Prosperity & most importantly Posterity (future generations)… we need to get it right for them!

Have a great day everybody!


The Truth will set you free!

I recently spoke with someone who claimed to believe something that they didn’t really believe.

They made this claim because they were afraid I would judge them, but I saw through the lie & I didn’t judge them.

Once they saw that they couldn’t lie to me & that I wasn’t going to judge them, they started telling the Truth & I watched their eyes light up & hope reenter their heart.

The goal for today: help each other seek, find & follow the Truth… because our Happiness, Peace & Freedom depend upon it!

Have a great day everybody!


“You are a product of your environment” ~idk.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We have all seen cases where people came from bad environments & turned out just fine.

We’ve also seen cases where people came from good environments & turned out screwed up.

The fact of the matter is that although our environment may sway our behavior… it cannot govern our behavior.

The goal for today: know that my environment doesn’t control my behavior… my own thinking does!

Have a great day everybody!

Your Beliefs… Or My Beliefs?

I can’t build my life based on your beliefs.

Not only is it a bad idea to blindly follow the beliefs of others, but it’s actually impossible.

Anything that I’ve been taught that I don’t truly believe, in my own heart, will fade away eventually.

It is impossible to build a belief system on things that I don’t believe.

The goal for today: know that the most important thing for me to do is to search my own heart & find out what I really believe, because Peace & Happiness never come from begrudgingly following someone else’s beliefs & ideas.

Have a great day everybody!

Where Does Inner Peace Come From?

There is only one place to get inner peace… from within.

There is a powerful source of Peace deep down inside of every man, woman & child.

I call it God, but regardless of what I call it, I must get in touch with it if I want peace… for there is no other source.

I can’t get it through money, women, things, vacations, drugs & or alcohol, or any other source outside of myself.

The goal for today: seek, find & follow that Peace, Power & Direction that exists deep down inside of every heart & soul!

Have a great day everybody!