Don’t Give Up… Don’t Give In

I never give up on anybody… but it is equally as important to not give in to anybody.

There is a very fine line between helping & enabling… it’s a very delicate balance.

Everybody… absolutely everybody, is ‘capable’ of change & that’s why I will never give up on anybody.

There is no such thing as a lost cause.

At the same time… I can’t always help people the way ‘they’ want me to help them.

The goal for today: learn how to properly help people… know that change is always possible… & never give up!

Have a great day everybody!

Now I Give Help

When my life was coming apart, I needed help.

I found that help… put it into practice & turned my life around.

Now, I put my effort into offering help to others that want it & need it.

The secret to solving my problems, is to help you solve yours.

The solutions I offer you, apply to me as well… the more time I spend helping you, the less time I spend drowning in my own problems.

The goal for today: If I need a prayer or a helping hand or a moment of kindness & caring… I should give one!

Have a great day everybody!

Listen… Listen… Listen

With a few key pieces of information & the ability to listen… there is nothing that can’t be known.

I have been practicing the art of paying attention & I’ve learned a lot.

I have listened to thousands of problems & from what I’ve seen & heard… our solutions are always contained within the stories we are telling about our problems.

The goal for today: pinpoint the keys… listen carefully to myself & others… find real solutions, to real problems & experience real Peace!

Have a great day everybody!

Am I Willing?

Are you really willing to go to any lengths to solve your problems… to help others solve their problems… to earn your own Happiness, Peace & Freedom?

Most of my life, the honest answer to that question would be a resounding… “NO!”

I would let the government fix it… I would let my family & friends fix it… but I was never willing to do what was required of ‘me’ to fix my problems properly.

The goal for today: grab the reins… be responsible… earn what I get & live Free!

Have a great day everybody!

Earn Forgiveness

Most of us have done things that we are not proud of… God knows I have.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was believing that I did things that were unforgivable… but now I know better.

If I am Honestly sorry for what I’ve done & Truly willing to correct my mistake… then I will be forgiven.

So the only unforgivable sin is the one I’m not sorry for… that I continue to commit.

The goal for today: admit my mistakes, work toward correcting them & earn my forgiveness!

Have a great day everybody!

Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

Treating someone poorly won’t make them want to treat me good.

In the past, when people weren’t acting the way I wanted… I would treat them like shit, to teach them a lesson, with the hope that they would come around & treat me right.

Well, that’s just crazy!

If someone said to me that I should treat people the way that I would want to be treated, I would agree… but I certainly wasn’t living that way.

The goal for today: treat people Right… because it’s the Right thing to do!

Have a great day everybody!

Common peril… Common solution… Common journey

Imagine what life might be like if everyone openly & honestly admitted their own mistakes.

We would find that we are not so different after all.

We all make mistakes… in fact, we all make the same mistakes & that means we all have the same solution.

If we could understand this, even to a minor degree… we wouldn’t feel so alone.

The goal for today: practice humility… find our similarities… learn the common solution & see what the Brotherhood of Man really feels like!

Have a great day everybody!