Political… Social… Spiritual

If I had to choose one of these three, which would it be?

Politically correct… where I’m encouraged to lie to you to avoid hurting your feelings.

Socially acceptable… where I lie to you for fear that you won’t accept me for who I am.

Or Spiritually fit… where I think, speak & act the Right way, for all the Right reasons.

I’m choosing spiritual… not only is it the Right thing to do, but it makes the other two completely unnecessary.

The goal for today: set the bar for my conduct on God’s standards… no one else’s!

Have a great day everybody!

Pure Motives

If I refuse to change because I’m afraid… I should find a way to overcome the fear & make the change.

If I make a change because I’m afraid… I should find a way to overcome the fear & not make the change.

I’ve been making decisions based on fear all my life & I never get any positive, long term, results from doing that.

Motives mean everything & fear is never a good motive.

The goal for today: spot, admit & correct my fears… because real, positive, lasting results come from Pure motives!

Have a great day everybody!


Would you be mad at me for being afraid?

I ask because fear is the root cause of all wrong.

I lie because I’m afraid the truth will somehow hurt me.

I’m selfish because I’m afraid I might not get what I need, or think I need.

I get angry because I’m afraid that others are trying to deceive me… take from me… or hurt me.

So, even the anger over the wrong doings of others, is all fear.

The goal for today: get rid of fear & watch dishonesty, selfishness & resentment fade away!

Have a great day everybody!

Active Or Alive

There is a big difference between being active & being alive.

Just keeping busy doesn’t always mean that I am truly alive.

Sometimes being really active means that I’m unhappy & keeping busy to distract myself.

But to be truly alive means that I’m happy… I find Joy in my daily activities… I do the Right things for the Right reasons… I embrace the Truth… I get excited about helping others… I Love giving Love!

The goal for today: don’t just be… but be fully alive!

Have a great day everybody!

Raise The Shades

“Finally the shades are raised” ~Eddie Vedder.

I love the analogy of raising the shades… letting the Light in & ending the darkness.

I pulled the shades down because I was afraid.

Afraid of people… of the world… hell, I was even afraid of myself at times.

I have this running conversation with a friend that frequently ends with one of us saying… “f*** fear”.

The goal for today: f*** fear… raise the shades & embrace the Love & the Light… the people & the world… the Clarity & the Truth… & come back to Life!

Have a great day everybody!

Aim To Be Helpful

“To be helpful is our only aim” ~Anon.

All I ever want to do is help people!

I ask God to help me be helpful to you.

I think about helping you.

I feel really good about the idea of helping you.

And once I’ve prayed about it… thought it through… & feel good about the path I’ve chosen… then I should physically carry out the act of being helpful.

Whether it’s face to face… through these writings… or indirectly when the people I help, help others… I always try to be helpful.

The goal for today: aim to be helpful!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Just Say ‘Love’… Practice It

A friend said they were trying to demonstrate Love… rather than just say it.

What a powerful & incredibly honest statement!

Sure it’s nice to hear sometimes, but we should all be far more concerned with the practice of Love.

As I said yesterday… Love is something that I should be giving, rather than getting & if I keep that in mind… I won’t abuse the word Love to get something from someone.

The goal for today: perform the action of Love by giving it out freely to others!

Have a great day everybody!

Knowledge… Or Ignorance?

“Knowledge doesn’t bring chaos, ignorance does” ~from the movie ‘Lucy’.

We have more knowledge, yet more chaos than ever before… where does our ignorance lie?

We don’t know how to Live, Love, or be Free.

I was living only for me, always trying to ‘get’ love & freedom was all about ‘my’ instant gratification.

I should Live for all of us, ‘give’ Love & secure Freedom for future generations.

The goal for today: work for knowledge & use that knowledge to help others!

Have a great day everybody!

Be Nice

If you’re nice to me… I’ll be nice to you.

That’s lovely isn’t it… but I’m gonna take it a step further.

If you’re mean to me… I’ll be nice to you.

If you’re critical of me… I’ll be nice to you.

If you lie, cheat & steal from me… I’ll be nice to you.

Even if you flat out hate me… I’ll be nice to you.

Just to clarify… being nice does not mean being a doormat… it means taking the Right action in the face of wrong doing.

The goal for today: be nice… we all know it’s the Right thing to do!

Have a great day everybody!


I was talking to a friend about ‘planning’ & this thought came to mind… ‘Don’t let fear masquerade as planning’.

I have had many occasions in life where I would plan & plan & plan some more.

I called it planning & made it look like I was trying to be responsible, when really I was just procrastinating because I was afraid.

Afraid to make the change or the move or the tough decision.

The goal for today: contemplate… plan… pray… but don’t procrastinate!

Have a great day everybody!