Change From Within

I never eliminate people, places or things from my life. 

I eliminate selfishness, resentment, dishonesty & fear from my life & then people, places & things take care of themselves. 

Nothing can stay in my life unless it finds something within me that attracts it… so when I’m Right on the inside, things are Right on the outside. 
The goal for today: eliminate the wrongs within & let the without take regard for itself! 
Have a great day everybody!

Panic Isn’t The Solution

Panic is never the way out of a problem… calm & quiet affirmation, that there is a solution, is a much better bet. 
Did you ever have a problem that you believed was the end of the world? 
Yet here you are… the world did not end. 
Obviously there is nothing wrong with being responsible & addressing my problems… but panic causes poor decisions & usually compounds the problem. 
The goal for today: trust God, clean house, help others & feel the tranquility! 
Have a great day everybody!

Lucky To Give

“I’m so lucky to love her” ~from the movie The Fault in Our Stars. 
Love is something we should seek to ‘give’ rather than ‘get’. 
Giving Love is the purpose for our existence… it’s the reason we live… it’s our most powerful emotion… it’s what we seek most… it’s really the only thing that matters & that’s why nothing feels better than giving Love. 
The goal for today: give Love… & then give some more! 
Have a great day everybody!

Balance… Or All-In

Some things in life require a healthy balance. 

For example: Confidence is the balance between arrogance & fear. 

Other things in life require an all-in approach. 

For example: If I only ‘kinda’ want to quit doing drugs… that’s probably not gonna work out to well for me. 

The goal for today: I’m going to take an all-in approach to life & be fully alive… by balancing my activities so I don’t miss out on, or neglect, any part of my life… work, home & Helpfulness to others! 

Have a great day everybody!

Genuine & Sincere

I use the words ‘genuine’ & ‘sincere’ a lot because fake things don’t bring about any real good.

The trouble with these two things is that they can’t come from outside of us… they can only come from within.

No one can force us to mean what we say; there are no instructions on how to be sincere; either we are… or we aren’t.

Sincerity comes when I believe in what I’m doing… not when I’m forced or threatened or coerced.

The goal for today: give real Love… because it will make the world a better place!

Have a great day everybody!

The Other One’s Happiness

“Each might pray about it, having the other one’s happiness uppermost in mind” ~Anon.

It’s never Right to mistreat someone… to take someone for granted or take advantage of them.

It’s never Right to lie, cheat or steal.

When I pray, I’m reminded that I shouldn’t treat people that way… but I am also reminded that I shouldn’t allow people to treat me that way either.

The goal for today: use prayer to govern any & all human relations!

Have a great day everybody!

Fear Isn’t Real

Fear isn’t real!

It feels real… it looks real… hell, it even causes real things to happen.

So to clarify… the effect that fear has on me is real, but the things that I’m afraid of are not real.

Example: If I think I’m not good enough, that will cause me to feel afraid… but it doesn’t mean that I am actually not good enough.

All I have to do to not feel afraid, is to stop lying to myself about the things that I’m afraid of.

The goal for today: know the Truth about my fears & they have no power over me!

Have a great day everybody!

Have Heart

I’m a sucker for a good human interest story.

America was founded on one & periodically has a new story that lifts our hearts & minds.

Every once in awhile, some person or event comes along & reminds us of what it means to have heart.

A moment when the heart supersedes the mind & drives us to do what’s Right, cost what it may.

The goal for today: live Right, Love Right, do Right & don’t ever stop… because Heart is all that matters!

Have a great day everybody!

Free Will

Have you ever stopped to think about why we have free will?

We have free will because things like patience, tolerance, kindliness & love aren’t real or genuine or sincere unless they are voluntary.

When I give these 4 things against my will, patience is really procrastination… tolerance is really ignorance… kindliness is really selfishness… & love is really fear.

The goal for today: give Understanding & Love out freely to everyone, looking for nothing in return, for no reason other than… it’s the Right thing to do!

Have a great day everybody!