Choose Happiness

No one can take my happiness from me… but I can choose to let it go.

If someone passes away… I can mourn their death or celebrate their life.

If someone wrongs me… I can get angry & seek revenge or I can learn from it & move on.

If I lose my job… I can get depressed or I can go find another one & embrace the new beginning.

Happiness absolutely is a choice!

It is an attitude that I can take into… or throw out of, every single aspect of life.

The goal for today: choose Happiness… no matter what!

Have a great day everybody!


2 thoughts on “Choose Happiness

    • I believe that there are a number of reasons that it’s hard to choose happiness.
      1) I didn’t really believe that it was a choice. I thought my happiness was contingent upon outside forces… people, places & things.
      2) Societal standards tell us that we aren’t supposed to be happy under certain circumstances… like at a funeral.
      3) We really don’t understand how happiness works… where it comes from, what causes it & what prevents it.
      4) And this is the most twisted one of all, but I had times in my life where I didn’t want to be happy. My sadness & depression got me attention & gave me excuses to do things like abuse drugs & or alcohol… it kept me from having to attend family gatherings & functions… it gave me justification for absenting myself from everyday life & kept me from having to face the fear of being a part of the world.
      We all have our reasons not to choose happiness… but there isn’t a human being on the planet that isn’t capable of choosing happiness.

      Thanks for stopping by & thanks for the great question! I hope you have a great day… full of happiness, peace & freedom!

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