I had no idea what the subconscious mind was or what went on there. 

My whole life, it seemed as though things were happening to me by no fault of my own. 

I thought people forced me to feel a certain way. 

I thought God caused all of my problems, as some sort of test or punishment. 

I thought my life was a never ending cycle of unfortunate mishaps, that were outside of my control. 

As usual… I was wrong! 

The goal for today: watch my thinking, because nothing happens outside… until a thought takes place inside! 

Have a great day everybody!

3 thoughts on “Subconscious

  1. once there used to be too much of contemplation of things relating to the metaphysical ….that it took over other aspects of life ….then after realizing this now there is sort of fear which is embedded within….strange isn’t it ….

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