Don’t Feel Good About Feeling Bad

This may sound crazy… but I used to like being angry, depressed & pitiful. 

I didn’t feel right unless there was something to complain about. 

I reveled in my troubles… wallowed in my misery… & enjoyed the influx of pity I got from people, when I very somberly shared all the problems that others had caused me. 

Poor Jeff got dealt a bad hand in life. 

Bullshit… don’t let me fool you! The hand I was dealt was just fine… it was just easier to steal negative attention than work for positive attention. 

The goal for today: don’t feel good about feeling bad! 

Have a great day everybody!

One thought on “Don’t Feel Good About Feeling Bad

  1. Jeff how you write so profoundly ! sometimes it feels like a refuge coming and reading your writings ……work for positive attention I got the message here will try to work for it today,,,,

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