Yesterday I talked about the importance of Loving people, so I thought I’d describe the method I employ.

I must get rid of selfishness, resentment, dishonesty & fear… because I can’t Love my neighbor if I don’t.

These four defects of character are, very specifically, the things that keep us from being able to Love each other.

And the only way to get rid of them is with Purity, Honesty, selflessness & Love… their polar opposites.

The goal for today: Love!

Have a great day everybody!

Most Important

The one thing we need to teach children, above all else, is how to honestly & genuinely care about others.
All the education in the world & all the money in the world… can NEVER take the place of Love!
If we don’t Love each other, none of the other stuff matters… “things” are irrelevant without Love.
The goal for today: let Loving my neighbor supersede my education, my wealth & my reputation… for after all, Love is the only True measure of intelligence, prosperity & standing!
Have a great day everybody!


“We spoke of intolerance, while we were intolerant ourselves” ~Anon.
I used to get mad when people lied, but somehow convinced myself that it was ok for me to lie.
I used to get mad when people started rumors about me, but I had no problem starting rumors about them.
I used to get mad when people pushed their beliefs on me, but I expected them to be ok with me pushing my beliefs on them.
The goal for today: no double standards, hypocrisy or intolerance… just Love & Respect toward all!
Have a great day everybody!

Nothing More… Nothing Less

If you tell me that I’m doing better than I am… I might not work very hard to get better.

If you tell me that I’m doing worse than I am… I might not work very hard to get better.

If you tell me that anything is possible if I’m willing to put in the effort & earn my accomplishments, then I won’t write myself off or feel entitled to things I haven’t earned.

The goal for today: know that we are entitled to the Truth… nothing more, nothing less!

Have a great day everybody!

Reception Of & Reaction To…

If “I’m” not Happy… then “I’m” doing something wrong.

I used to believe that my Happiness was contingent upon the thoughts, words & deeds of others, but now I see the Truth.

Real Happiness is contingent upon my reception of, & reaction to, the thoughts, words & deeds of others & there are no exceptions.

There never was & never will be a situation that can force me to be unhappy… that can ONLY happen by choice!

The goal for today: seek & find the Truth about Happiness… & take control of my Life!

Have a great day everybody!

Think Better

When we wake up, we all have a thought that sets the tone for our day.

Because it’s subconscious, most of us are unaware that it’s happening & as a result… we don’t know why we have bad days.

We blame people, places & things, when in fact, it is our own wrong thinking that causes our trouble.

I fix this by reviewing my day & clearing my conscious before I go to bed & asking God to direct my thinking when I wake up.

The goal for today: make a habit of Right thinking & put a stop to bad days!

Have a great day everybody!

Preconceived Ideas

Preconceived ideas can be very dangerous!

I recently had a conversation with someone & I used gravity as an example, to prove a point.

But this person was so convinced of their preconceived idea, that they actually argued gravity.

If I am willing to argue gravity rather than humble myself, admit that I’m wrong & open my mind… that makes me a dangerous person… that makes me a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The goal for today: open my mind… practice some humility… & find the Truth!

Have a great day everybody!

Self-constructed Prison

Fear is the self constructed prison of mankind… I’m a slave to whatever I fear.

I’m afraid of heights & that may keep me from going skydiving… but what about the more subtle fears.

The fear of public opinion, may literally keep me from leaving my house.

The fear of running out of money, may cause me to neglect my family or maybe even steal from them.

And the fear of all fears, is the fear of being alone… we all have it & it keeps us from feeling alive.

The goal for today: remember that fear doesn’t keep me safe… it robs me of Life!

Have a great day everybody!


“Life and harmony are inseparable” ~Emmet Fox.

I love statements like this!

This is talking about “Life” in the spiritual, rather than a physical sense.

Without Happiness & Harmony… I’m not really Alive.

Without Peace & Freedom… I’m not really Alive.

Who wants to be physically alive but miserably unhappy?

Not me… I’m done dragging myself through life.

The goal for today: refuse to settle for anything less than Happiness & Harmony & see what real Life feels like!

Have a great day everybody!

Send Me

“Here am I; send me” ~Isaiah 6:8.

This line was used in the movie “Fury” when a tank crew excepted the fact that their cause was more important than their lives!

It’s not someone else’s job!

It’s not someone else’s problem!

It’s not someone else’s responsibility!


I passed the buck for far too long & now “Here am I; send me!”

My Happiness, Peace & Freedom are my responsibility!

My thoughts, words & deeds, are my responsibility!

And today… I will gladly assume that responsibility!

Have a great day everybody!