Control Your Emotions

If I can control my feelings in some situations… then I can control them in all situations.

For example: if someone calls me a jerk… I’m not too worried about it, I let it role off my back.

But what if someone really, seriously, wrongs me… can I still control my emotions?

I absolutely can!

There is no Law in this world that says I MUST feel angry or hurt, if someone wrongs me.

The goal for today: practice reacting sanely to any & all situations & circumstances!

Have a great day everybody!


2 thoughts on “Control Your Emotions

    • I agree… it definitely can be arduous. But with God’s help & a little practice, it becomes infinitely easier. I got this great technique from Alcoholics Anonymous… when a person offends me I say this prayer: “God, this is a sick person. How can I be helpful to them? Save me from being angry… Thy will be done.” It works every time, as long as I say it sincerely. Try it out… maybe it will work for you too. Thanks Tanvi… have a great day! 🙂

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