Recurring Fear

My anger doesn’t come from other people’s actions… it is a direct result of a recurring fear.

Example: if my girlfriend cheats on me, I don’t get mad because she cheated, I get mad because I have a fear of being alone, a fear that I can’t trust people & a fear of how others will view me.

What’s awesome about this realization is that once I KNOW it to be true… I can never be hurt by that circumstance again.

That doesn’t mean it can’t happen again… but it can’t hurt me again.

The goal for today: know the Truth!

Have a great day everybody!


3 thoughts on “Recurring Fear

    • You are so very welcome… you just made my day! That is exactly why I write… because I know that someone needs to hear it today! I don’t know where you stand with the whole God thing, but the very simple prayer that I use for that is… “God, I ask that you remove my fear & direct my attention to what you would have.” I say that prayer & then I look for somebody to “give” love to 🙂
      Thank you… I hope you have a great day!

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