Relate Or Solve

Relating to someone’s problems is different then helping to solve them.

In reality, we can all relate to each other’s problems if we look at the root cause.

For example: I might have a money problem & you might have a relationship problem… but at the root of the trouble lies the same 4 defects of character.

On the surface the problem looks different, but at it’s core… every problem is identical.

The goal for today: trace my problems back to the fear that causes ALL problems & then I can solve my problems & help you do the same!

Have a great day everybody!


3 thoughts on “Relate Or Solve

    • Great question! The defects of character are fear, dishonesty, selfishness & resentment (& they work in that order). Fear… untreated, turns into dishonesty; dishonesty… untreated, manifests into selfishness; and selfishness… untreated, ultimates in resentment. Example: at 14 my girlfriend left me for an older guy with a job & a car… the ‘fear’ of being alone set in & caused me to lie to myself. The ‘dishonest’ thing that I told myself was that this girl was my soulmate… my one shot at happiness. Once convinced of that lie… that my whole life’s happiness was dependent upon ‘this’ girl… I had to ‘selfishly’ pursue her. And when my selfishness drove her away for good… I became bitter & ‘resentful’.
      But the beauty of this is that there is a solution! The solution to any & all problems is to simply do the opposite. The opposite of resentment is Love; the opposite of selfishness is Selflessness; the opposite of dishonesty is Honesty; and the opposite of a fear based motive is a Pure motive… in other words, I’m not going to do the Right thing because I’m afraid… I’m going to do it because it’s the Right thing to do. Motives are vitally important!
      That was a bit of a long winded response… I hope I made sense out of it. Thank you for wanting to know… so few do!

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