Why Me?

About eleven years ago, something wonderful happened to me & I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tend to think… “Why me… what did I do to deserve this wonderful gift?”

Well, it didn’t take long to get my answer.

I was given this gift very specifically to pay it forward… to pass it on.

The fact of the matter is that we, ALL OF US, are worthy of Happiness, Peace & Freedom… but we have to reach out & grab it.

The goal for today: know that being willing to share a miracle is the best way to receive a miracle!

Have a great day everybody!


“You thought the error into existence, now unthink it” ~Emmet Fox.

Maybe I can’t right think my way out of a broken leg (maybe)… but I absolutely can right think my way out of depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, fear, etc… etc.

If I’m feeling anything other than happy, joyous & free… I must change my thinking & the best thing that I have found to change it to, is helping others.

It’s impossible to be depressed if I’m thinking about helping you.

The goal for today: don’t take my word for it… try it!

Have a great day everybody!


I want to be understanding rather than angry.

I get angry when I fail to understand people.

For example: I get angry when people say negative things about me, because I fail to understand why they said it… & why it hurt me.

They said it because they are afraid that they’re not good enough & it hurt me because I’m afraid I’m not good enough.

The goal for today: don’t feel hurt!

If the rumor is true… fix it & if it’s not… disregard it! So, in short, be understanding!

Have a great day everybody!

Like Attracts Like

Like attracts like!

Who would you rather be around?

A) selfish people
B) unselfish people

A) resentful people
B) loving people

A) dishonest people
B) honest people

If you answered “A” then I will pray for you.

If you answered “B” then you should try to be one of those people.

The goal for today: be the kind of person I would want to be around… because like attracts like!

Have a great day everybody!

Failure Is Born Of Fear

Failure is born of fear!

All failure stems from a fear of some sort.

We think that our fears are keeping us safe, but they aren’t… they are keeping us in slavery & actually putting us in harms way.

I had what I would call an epiphany.

I was driving to work & a voice came to me, loud & clear.

It said “you are not afraid because you’re alone; you’re alone because you’re afraid.”

Fear was causing me to act in a manner that was driving people away from me.

The goal for today: know that eliminating fear breeds success!

Have a great day everybody!

Inner Peace

I must get Right in my heart & mind before making decisions to alter my physical & material world.

The only Right way to make decisions is to let my heart take the lead… then my mind can follow my heart… & my body will follow my mind.

It’s Cause, effect & manifestation… in that order.

When I start rearranging externals in an attempt to bring about inner peace, I rapidly realize that it simply doesn’t work.

The goal for today: get Right on the inside first… then the outside will begin to take care of itself!

Have a great day everybody!


My critics have been my greatest teachers… they call me out & force me to back up the things that I’m saying & doing.

I’m grateful for the people that told me I was wrong, because that encouraged me to find the Truth.

I always have 3 choices…

1) Assume that I’m right.
2) Assume that you’re right.
3) Find the Truth.

Assuming I’m right is ego… assuming you’re right is fear… & finding the Truth is humble & courageous.

The goal for today: find the Truth!

Have a great day everybody!