I love when people ask questions… it encourages me to find answers.

I was recently asked “What does it really mean to forgive?”

1) Forgiveness is something we should always be more concerned with giving than getting.

2) Forgiveness is breaking the shackles that bind people together as enemies.

3) Forgiveness must be genuine & complete… there is no such thing as forgiving someone halfway.

The goal for today: Honestly break the chains of resentment that bind us… free others of the weight of my condemnation & set myself free in the process!

Have a great day everybody!


One thought on “Forgive

  1. It’s true forgiveness is very important and rewarding. God demands it.
    But we must be careful not to fast forward people into it.
    People forgive at different paces, just as healing comes to others faster than it does for some.
    We should strive to get there, but we must never judge any one who is still struggling.

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