A Serious Change

“Perhaps they created the impression that he is to be wrapped in cotton wool and placed on a pedestal. Successful readjustment means the opposite” ~Anon.

When I got serious about changing my life, I no longer wanted to be coddled & comforted & enabled.

I wanted someone to tell me the Truth… & I got it!

At first it stung a little (sometimes a lot)… but in the end, it was in fact, the Truth that set me Free!

The goal for today: if I want to know what real Freedom feels like… I need to seek, find & live by the Truth!

Have a great day everybody!

Hang On

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it & hang on” ~Unknown.

When faced with adversity… when nothing is going your way… when you’re really up against it… hang on!

But don’t just hang on… learn how to fix it while you’re hanging on.

We constantly see people overcome obstacles, against all odds & you are no different.

If one person can do it, then we can all do it & it’s time to prove that to ourselves.

The goal for today: don’t ever quit… don’t ever give up… do whatever it takes to hang on… & rise above!

Have a great day everybody!

Show Me How

“I can’t escape this now, unless you show me how” ~Demons (Imagine Dragons).

Music moves me & this is one of my favorites!

In my mind, this one simple sentence sums up our purpose for existing.

We all have difficulties to escape & lucky for us… there are people available to show us how.

This is the real definition of love; one person has a problem, one has a solution & when these people come together… love is the end result & that is what we are here for!

The goal for today: show someone how!

Have a great day everybody!

Not Right

The world isn’t right, because our countries aren’t right.

Our countries aren’t right, because our states aren’t right.

Our states aren’t right, because our cities aren’t right.

Our cities aren’t right, because our communities aren’t right.

Our communities aren’t right, because our families aren’t right.

Our families aren’t right, because our lives aren’t right.

Our lives aren’t right, because our souls aren’t right.

The goal for today: personal responsibility… because Happiness, Peace & Freedom, must first exist in the individual before they can be spread around the world!

Have a great day everybody!

Conscience Can’t Be Fooled

If I lie to you, I might get something that I haven’t earned & don’t deserve & this gives me the false impression that sometimes lying is a good thing.

Nine times out of ten however, I will lose whatever I gained through lying… & anything I don’t physically lose, will rot my soul.

I might be able to fool you with my lies, but I can never, ever, fool my own conscience.

My guilty conscience isn’t fool enough to believe my lies.

The goal for today: if I want to get good things & feel good about those things, then I MUST be Honest!

Have a great day everybody!

I Love Loving You

The strange but wonderful paradox of love is that it somehow makes the giver feel better than the recipient.

Sometimes things don’t line up with conventional wisdom, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not true.

Love is definitely one of those things!

Conventional wisdom would suggest that being loved would feel better than giving it, but conventional wisdom would be wrong.

Nothing feels better than giving love… nothing!

The goal for today: feel the real Power of Love, by giving all that I’ve got!

Have a great day everybody!

Positive Or Ignorant?

There is a very fine line between ‘staying positive’ & ‘ignorance is bliss’.

If something negative takes place in my life, I should give it as much attention as I need to, in order to solve it.

If I give it more attention than that, I’m giving it power to hurt me & others.

On the other hand, if I give it less attention than that, I’m ignoring it & allowing it to continue to hurt me & others.

Don’t pretend that you don’t have problems… but don’t drown in them either.

The goal for today: spot, admit & correct my problems… then go find someone to help!

Have a great day everybody!