Not Right

The world isn’t right, because our countries aren’t right.

Our countries aren’t right, because our states aren’t right.

Our states aren’t right, because our cities aren’t right.

Our cities aren’t right, because our communities aren’t right.

Our communities aren’t right, because our families aren’t right.

Our families aren’t right, because our lives aren’t right.

Our lives aren’t right, because our souls aren’t right.

The goal for today: personal responsibility… because Happiness, Peace & Freedom, must first exist in the individual before they can be spread around the world!

Have a great day everybody!

Conscience Can’t Be Fooled

If I lie to you, I might get something that I haven’t earned & don’t deserve & this gives me the false impression that sometimes lying is a good thing.

Nine times out of ten however, I will lose whatever I gained through lying… & anything I don’t physically lose, will rot my soul.

I might be able to fool you with my lies, but I can never, ever, fool my own conscience.

My guilty conscience isn’t fool enough to believe my lies.

The goal for today: if I want to get good things & feel good about those things, then I MUST be Honest!

Have a great day everybody!

I Love Loving You

The strange but wonderful paradox of love is that it somehow makes the giver feel better than the recipient.

Sometimes things don’t line up with conventional wisdom, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not true.

Love is definitely one of those things!

Conventional wisdom would suggest that being loved would feel better than giving it, but conventional wisdom would be wrong.

Nothing feels better than giving love… nothing!

The goal for today: feel the real Power of Love, by giving all that I’ve got!

Have a great day everybody!

Positive Or Ignorant?

There is a very fine line between ‘staying positive’ & ‘ignorance is bliss’.

If something negative takes place in my life, I should give it as much attention as I need to, in order to solve it.

If I give it more attention than that, I’m giving it power to hurt me & others.

On the other hand, if I give it less attention than that, I’m ignoring it & allowing it to continue to hurt me & others.

Don’t pretend that you don’t have problems… but don’t drown in them either.

The goal for today: spot, admit & correct my problems… then go find someone to help!

Have a great day everybody!

Three Choices

This is another one of my recurring themes, but it comes up so frequently, that it needs to be discussed frequently.

If someone insults me, gossips about me, or flat out puts me down… I have a choice.

Actually, I have 3 choices:

1) I can believe what they say & feel hurt.

2) I can believe what they say & fix it.

3) I can choose to not believe what they say & let it roll off my back.

Number 1 is always wrong & the other 2 are situational.

The goal for today: if it’s true, I should fix it… & if it’s not, I should disregard it!

Have a great day everybody!

Selfish… Selfless

Selfishness can never bring Happiness; and Selflessness can never bring unhappiness.

I never understood the Natural Laws of Life & as a result, I tried to work around them & cheat my way to Happiness.

I spent nearly 20 years trying to be selfish & Happy… it didn’t work!

The reason it didn’t work is because it is an infallible, unbreakable, Law of Life.

The goal for today: know that these Laws are harder to prove on paper than some other laws… but they work just as matter of factly as gravity!

Have a great day everybody!

The American Spirit

I think we’ve lost touch with the American Spirit.

What’s the American Spirit?

Well, in my mind, America can be summed up in 5 words “Liberty and Justice for all.”

And Spirit is the enthusiasm & emotion… the vigilance & determination with which one lives up to their own ideological beliefs.

The American Spirit was not originally to carpet bomb everybody that doesn’t act right.

At the same time, it was not to roll over & let anyone walk on us either.

The goal for today: know that revenge & Justice are 2 different things & be spirited about the Right one!

Have a great day everybody!

Always A Solution

“There is a solution” ~Anon.

There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem!

Some problems may require more effort than I’m willing to put into them.

Some may require more faith than I’m willing to put into them.

Some may require me to face fears I’m not willing to face at present.

But make no mistake about it… there is ALWAYS a solution!

And based on what I wrote above… a big part of the solution is willingness.

The goal for today: find the willingness to do the work, find my faith & face my fears… then I can solve any & all problems!

Have a great day everybody!


There are two reasons people don’t sleep at night:

1) They did something they shouldn’t have & are remorseful.

2) They didn’t do something they should have & are worrying.

What are some of the things I shouldn’t do?

I shouldn’t be selfish, resentful, dishonest & afraid.

What are some of the things I should do?

I should be Selfless, Loving, Honest & Pure.

Most importantly, I should be very careful not to drift into worry, remorse or morbid reflection.

The goal for today: know that there is no better sleeping pill than a clear conscience & clean hands!

Have a great day everybody!

Talk Or Listen?

If I don’t take the time to listen, I never learn anything.

If I talk & talk & talk (usually because I’m afraid you won’t notice me), I never learn how to get rid of that fear.

I don’t want to be noticed for being the guy that never lets anybody else talk.

If I talk less & listen more, not only will people notice me because I’m a good listener, but I might hear someone talking about how to solve my problems… my fears.

The goal for today: listen & learn… then I can talk & teach!

Have a great day everybody!