I don’t feel guilty about making mistakes anymore… I fix them.

Guilt doesn’t solve problems, it compounds them.

When I feel guilty I usually don’t sleep well, my appetite tends to fall off, my self-esteem goes out the window & my ability to be helpful & useful to others is destroyed.

Anyone reading this who thinks there is nothing that can be done about their problems, needs to msg me.

There is always a solution… there is always a way out… & it always leads to better things!

The goal for today: eliminate guilt, with positive, constructive, action!

Have a great day everybody!


One thought on “Guilt

  1. I live with guilt on a daily basis. Started when I was very little; mom always said “you should be ashamed of yourself”. for every little thing that I didn’t do perfectly, I was made to feel as less of a person.
    Guilt is probably the worst feeling a person can have. Even if I haven’t done anything wrong, I feel some sort of responsibility; guilt. Guilt has physical and mental affects; I pray (often) “Jesus, lift this burden from me”! I walk in your shoes, brother! I will take all the help I can get to be out from under these chains. God bless you.

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