Uniquely The Same

If I’m not unique, I’m afraid you won’t notice me.

If I am unique or different, I’m afraid I won’t fit in.

Fear is easily the most destructive force that exists in this world!

I should not be basing any of my decisions on fear.

I should be basing my decisions on Purity.

What the hell does that mean?

Purity means doing the Right thing, for the Right reason.

The one thing that makes us all unique, but at the same time, all exactly the same, is our desire to love & help each other.

The goal for today: we can all love people in our own unique way… but we must all love!

Have a great day everybody!


I used to like my depression… my misery… my problems.

Sane people would not like these things… but I wasn’t all that sane at the time.

Why did I like them?

Because if I was depressed, you would console & comfort me.

If I was miserable, you would try to cheer me up.

If I had a problem, you would spend time with me helping me try to fix it.

I used all of these negative things to steal people’s attention.

I falsely believed that any attention was good attention.

The goal for today: get positive attention by fixing my problems & helping others do the same!

Have a great day everybody!


The subconscious mind is where we store all of our memories… the good ones, the bad ones, and everything in between.

We all have an entire lifetime (maybe many lifetimes) worth of memories stored in the subconscious, but we can only have one conscious thought at a time.

So if we let our minds work the way they were designed to, they give us the Right thought, at the Right time.

All of these memories, even the bad ones, should be used to help people.

The goal for today: let God guide my heart (subconscious mind), & let my heart guide my mind!

Have a great day everybody!

Humility & Altruism

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how the fear of being alone is the root cause of all of our troubles.

From the most earth shattering difficulty, to the most minute or petty annoyance… fear of being alone is at the root.

Having firmly established that fact, he ask “How do I fix it?”

Great Question!

The best way to not be alone is to help others!

Humility & helpfulness to others, are two of the most attractive qualities that a human being can possess.

The goal for today: practice humility & altruism… then the Right people will want to be around us!

Have a great day everybody!


I have found a surefire method of getting rid of guilt!

It is guaranteed to work, every time, if properly applied.

First, the cause: guilt is a direct result of having done something that I shouldn’t have done… or not doing something that I should have done.

That being said, the guaranteed method of overcoming guilt is this: stop doing the things that I know in my heart I shouldn’t do & start doing the things that I know in my heart I should do.

Holy crap!

Could it really be that simple?

Yes, it can be & it is!

The goal for today: stop feeling guilty!

Have a great day everybody!

The Real Truth

We seem to be opposed to the truth.

When things aren’t going right in my life I get scared & then I start lying to myself.

At the age of 32, when absolutely nothing was going right in my life, I had to sit down & take a good hard look at my life & here is what I found.

When I think it’s you… it’s me; when I think it’s me… it’s you.

My fear of what others think of me causes me to blame you for my mistakes & my fear that I’m not good enough causes me to blame myself for your mistakes.

The goal for today: find the real Truth… & fix the real problem!

Have a great day everybody!


“You can speak to him about hopelessness, because you offer a solution” ~Anon.

I have found the solution to your hopelessness!

Tell me all about it & I will offer a solution!

If you tell me all about it, unload it, dump it, get it off your chest & I don’t know how to help you solve it… then all I gave you was a temporary, false sense of hope that will not last for long.

But, fortunately for us, there is a solution… to any & all of our problems.

The goal for today: find the solution… apply it to my own life… show others what I’ve learned… & know Hope!

Have a great day everybody!


“Where had we been inconsiderate?” ~Anon.

Most of my life I was acting inconsiderately & I didn’t even realize it.

It is easy to see others inconsideration, but it seems like it’s extremely difficult to spot my own inconsideration.

So I will give some examples:

If someone is sleeping, should I turn the TV up or down?

If someone is talking on the phone, should I try to talk to them more or less?

If there is only one left, should I take it or offer it?

The goal for today: take a moment to think about the affect my actions have on those around me & be considerate!

Have a great day everybody!

Think Right

After yesterday’s message a friend asked “How do I change my mind?”

Great question!

I change my mind by letting my conscience (God) direct my thinking.

What’s interesting is that I don’t even have to be a believer to make this work.

If you believe in prayer then ask God to direct your thinking when you wake up & then use “Thy will, not mine, be done” all throughout the day to keep on the Right track.

If not a believer, simply ask yourself “IF there was a God, would He want me to think, speak or act the way I’m about to?”

The goal for today: think Right!

Have a great day everybody!

Change Your Mind

Don’t change people, places & things… change your mind.

I’ve come to the absolute conclusion that jumping from girl to girl… job to job… & address to address, is not the proper way to fix my problems.

If I change my mind, some of those things may change too, but if I don’t change my mind, my life won’t get better.

Happiness, Peace & Freedom start in the mind & if I’m only experiencing them superficially, it doesn’t mean much & it won’t last.

The goal for today: change my mind!

Have a great day everybody!