Open… But Not Blind

I try to be open-minded, but not blindly led… & sometimes this is a very fine line.

If I don’t open my mind, I never learn anything new; if I already know… I can’t be taught.

On the other hand, if I simply believe everything everyone says… then I might end up going off the edge of the cliff with the rest of the sheep.

An open mind is essential, but if I have a tendency to change my mind numerous times in regard to the same question… I might want to stop listening to opinions & go find myself some facts.

The goal for today: open my mind just enough to let the facts in!

Have a great day everybody!


One thought on “Open… But Not Blind

  1. Hi!

    I believe that having an open mind doesn’t mean to take everyone’s opinions as your own, but to accept and understand them. The secret is in not judging – not thinking your opinions are better or worse than them.
    It’s important to have critical thinking, and there’s nothing wrong with changing opinions often, as long as you researched and thought about the subject for long enough, so it could sink on you. 😉

    Have the best of days,

    Nícia ❤

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