I spent most of my life justifying & minimizing my mistakes… whilst crucifying you for yours.

The fact of the matter is that we all make mistakes.

What should we do about it?

We should all learn how to take our own inventory.

I have never once fixed one of my problems by pointing out all of yours.

We are all responsible for our own mistakes & never responsible for the mistakes of others.

I can no longer feel good about hiding my mistakes underneath yours.

The goal for today: look for my own mistakes… because my solution hides behind my blame!

Have a great day everybody!


“We have found nothing which has contributed more to the rehabilitation of these men than the altruistic movement now growing up among them” ~Anon.

Altruism is defined as… the unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

It doesn’t matter what you are rehabilitating from… nothing will go further in helping correct it than helping others.

The happiest people in the world are ALWAYS the ones giving freely of themselves & contributing to the happiness of others.

The goal for today: practice altruism & be happy… or look out for #1 & be depressed!

Have a great day everybody!


Anger is a lack of understanding.

Anger is never really justifiable… I should always try to see it for what it really is & correct it.

Example: If someone lies & I get aggravated or annoyed, I want to try to understand both sides of the situation.

First of all, they lied because they are afraid (fear always causes dishonesty).

Secondly, I got annoyed because my intelligence was insulted… I’m afraid they think I’m dumb enough to believe that lie.

The goal for today: Life’s Law says that their fear caused their lie & my fear caused my anger… & that I should fix me & pray for them!

Have a great day everybody!


After a post like yesterday’s, I always get some “doesn’t that make me a doormat” type of comments.

I’d like to clear this up.

Being kind to everyone is not what makes a person a doormat.

Being kind to everyone because I’m afraid of what other people think or say about me is what makes a person a doormat.

We absolutely can be kind to a**holes without becoming a doormat to them.

The goal for today: know that being kind out of Love, rather than fear… will keep me from being a doormat!

Have a great day everybody!


I no longer treat people in accordance with how they treat me.

I used to treat people good when they treated me good; and I would treat people bad when they treated me bad.

But doesn’t that really just defy logic & make me just as bad as them?

If you treat me bad & I treat you bad, that just adds up to a lot of bad.

If you treat me bad & I treat you good… you will either change or go find someone else to mistreat.

The goal for today: treat everyone good… because it’s the only Right thing to do!

Have a great day everybody!

Understanding Selfishness


Many years ago, I asked someone for help and the first thing they told me was that I was selfish. Well naturally, I wasn’t happy about that diagnosis and my response was “I’m not selfish, I would give you the shirt off my back!” This person didn’t argue with me about it, they just let that fact resonate and ruminate. Approximately two weeks later, I called them on the phone, looking for help with some terrible dilemma. They sat very quietly and patiently, listening while I rambled on and on incessantly about my tragic problem. When my insane rant finally came to an end, they simply said… “I’m doing alright today, thanks for asking!” and proceeded to hang up on me. This hit me like a wrecking ball! I could instantly see that they were right. Not only did I not care if they were dead or alive, but I fully expected everyone in the world, to drop whatever they might be busy doing at the time, because “I” had a problem. At that moment, I knew that selfishness was a major contributor to all of my problems.
The reason I couldn’t see my selfishness at first, was because there are two different types of selfishness. We have this greedy behavior like we see in a spoiled child who won’t share their toys… and that type of selfishness is obvious to everyone. But we also have this more subtle form of selfishness that we generally refer to as self-centeredness… and this form is not so obvious. So self-centeredness is when I think about myself too much. For example: I was in the checkout isle of a store with my girlfriend, and she sensed my discomfort… and when she asked what was wrong, I responded “I’m just uncomfortable around people” and then she said “Get over yourself!” Now, the way she said it lead me to believe that she thought that I was being arrogant and I didn’t really understand what she meant by it… but now I do. What she was saying was, do you really think that you are so important that these people are all looking at you? Once I understood the point she was trying to make, I had to agree, she was right. Those people have their own lives to live, their own stuff to deal with and worry about… they honestly couldn’t care less about me, but I was terrified, thinking that they were all looking at me, so I better not make a mistake like trip or drop something because then what will people think of me. That’s self-centeredness to the extreme and it renders me useless to everyone around me. I can’t help you, when all I’m thinking about is me.
I once read that we have two fears, fear of losing something we’ve already got… and fear of not getting something we really want. The fear of losing something, brings on that greedy, obvious form of selfishness; whereas, the fear of not getting something, is more likely to bring on that subtle selfishness… our self-centered thinking.
We live in an incredibly selfish world and we really can’t see that nearly everything we do is selfish, in some way, shape or form. I have many, many examples of selfishness based on my own experience and that’s what I will draw from to try to help people see their own selfishness. I was living with, and dating a girl that I was doing everything for… or at least I thought I was doing it for her. I was cooking and cleaning and paying the bills and taking care of her and her son… I was doing everything and felt as though I deserved the “Boyfriend of the year” award. Then one day, as I was explaining, to a friend, what a great guy I am (insert sarcastic eye roll here), he said “Are you sure you are doing it for her, or are you really doing it because you want something from her?” And yet again, he was right! I wasn’t doing it for her sake, I was doing it so I could strong arm her into treating me better. I was using it as leverage to get what I wanted, which made all of these seemingly selfless acts, incredibly selfish, in reality. Here is a great example, which will probably piss off at least half the world. I used to think that giving the federal government half of my paycheck, to take care of the less fortunate, was an extremely selfless act, but in reality, it is the epitome of selfishness. What I am really saying is that I am too lazy and selfish to get up off my ass and walk across the street to love my neighbor, so I will just give the government 38% of my paycheck and they can love my neighbor for me. Realistically, I am alleviating my own guilt. I would feel bad if I did nothing to help them, but I’m unwilling to help them the Right way, so this option is the incredibly wrong alternative.

COPYRIGHT © 2015 by Jeffrey S. Brown

The Happiest & Most Powerful!

“If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world” ~Emmet Fox.

Love is all that matters… & that being the case, I need to understand it.

What is it… how does it work… where does it come from?

It’s an impersonal sense of good will toward all.

It can ONLY be experienced or felt by giving it.

And it derives from a place so deep down inside of us, that most are unaware of, or in disbelief of, it’s existence (God).

The goal for today: Love!

Have a great day everybody!

A Real Change

“Nothing changes, if nothing changes” ~idk.

There’s nothing to debate about this quote… it’s a simple matter of common sense.

However, the question we need to ask ourselves is this: what should I change?

Outside changes “might” bring about some temporary good results… but the inside change is the one that really matters.

The goal for today: the only way to bring about a worthwhile change for the better, is to first change my heart… my mind… & my feelings!

Have a great day everybody!


Low self-esteem frequently gets the best of us.

We typically assume the worst about ourselves when someone doesn’t treat us the way we want to be treated.

If our significant others cheat on us, or people speak poorly of us, or our parents don’t love us enough… we automatically assume it’s because we’re not good enough.

The reality is probably that our significant others are afraid of being alone, our critics are afraid they aren’t good enough & our parents are afraid they are bad parents.

The goal for Today: let “self”-esteem come from inside & know that we are all good enough!

Have a great day everybody!

Always Inside

I’m never disturbed for the reason that I think I am.

I always thought that my disturbance came from someone else’s actions, but that is NEVER true.

In reality, your actions simply remind me that I am full of fear.

Your actions may wake up my dormant disturbance, but it is always something inside that is at the root of my troubles.

I need to learn how to control & potentially eliminate my fear, rather than allow your actions to provoke it.

The goal for today: if I become disturbed… I will spot, admit & correct the fear of being alone that really caused it!

Have a great day everybody!