Bad Day

If I’m having a bad day… shoul I fix it or spread it around to everyone else?

“I’m having a bad day”… isn’t really a good enough excuse to mistreat other people.

Furthermore, my bad day is never somebody else’s fault.

How many times have we all treated someone like shit… felt bad about it… & said “Sorry, but I’m having a really bad day.”

The Right thing to do, would be to spot, admit & correct the root cause of my bad day (fear)… & treat people with the love & kindness that they deserve.

The goal for today: fix it!

Have a great day everybody!

Make The Right Choice

What should I do if someone insults or offends me?

A) Feel hurt

B) Retaliate

C) Love them

Feeling hurt is always a choice… & always the wrong choice.

Retaliation always starts a vicious cycle… & is always the wrong thing to do.

Love is always the right thing to do… it is the only right answer to this question… & love will completely destroy the other two shitty conditions.

I can never feel hurt when giving love… & love always breaks the vicious cycle of negativity!

The goal for today: love… no matter what!

Have a great day everybody!

Our Part

Everybody plays their part in every trial, tribulation & triumph.

I have played a part in everything that has ever happened to me… good, bad or otherwise.

There is a source of Pure Good that flows through each & every one of us… “IF” we let it.

If we don’t let it flow freely through us… we have problems.

The goal for today: start taking responsibility… stop blaming everyone else… start living by the truth… stop looking for excuses… & know that if I want to change my life… I must change myself!

Have a great day everybody!

No Matter What

A friend of mine had a rough day yesterday.

It was one of those days where nothing seems to go your way.

They had a work related problem, family problems & other personal problems… nothing went right.

But at the end of the day, rather than wallow in self-pity & remorse, they took great comfort in the lesson learned.

They messaged me & said… “Today was my PROOF that I can be happy even in the midst of a shitstorm!”

The goal for today: Happiness, Peace & Contentment… no matter what!

Have a great day everybody!

The Present Moment Is The Defining Moment

There is really no such thing as a defining moment in life.

I’ve done some good things in my past & I’ve done some bad, but none of that really matters today.

If thoughts of past mistakes creep in, I should think about doing better.

If thoughts of past good deeds come to mind, I should think about being better still.

My past can’t force me to be good or bad right now & therefore… the only truly defining moment is the present one.

The goal for today: ask myself “What kind of person are you right now?”… because that’s all that really matters!

Have a great day everybody!

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself!

Why wouldn’t you?

You have survived… you have overcome… & whether you know it or not, you have inspired others to do the same.

Time after time, we prove to ourselves that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to… but then we slip back into doubt.

Fear & doubt can be destroyed by faith & truth, but no one can believe for you… faith must come from within.

The goal for today: replace “I don’t think I can do this” with “I know I can do this!”

Have a great day everybody!

Hard Work

“You are not likely to have the most talent in the room, but you could work the hardest in the room” ~Rorke Denver.

I’m certainly not the most talented person, but heart & hard work will definitely make up the difference.

When I’m feeling a little short on talent, I don’t give up… I work harder.

In fact… all real talent comes from hard work anyway.

The goal for today: give 110%… because hard work brings peace, contentment & fulfillment… & talent alone, can’t do that!

Have a great day everybody!