Communication Gap

We have a giant communication gap in this world & the root cause of this problem is identical to the root cause of every problem in human history… fear!

Fear causes us to lie to each other & ourselves.

Fear is either blocking us from seeing the truth or convincing us not to tell it… because you might not like me if I tell the truth.

The goal for today: find the real Truth inside of yourself & communicate that Truth, clearly & openly… because we need to get back to believing that the Truth will set us free!

Have a great day everybody!

Defend Ourselves With Love

The only Right thing to do when someone wrongs me, is to Love them.

However, that doesn’t mean that I should let them continue to wrong me.

Sometimes people view this as being a doormat, but it’s not.

I can stop people from harming me without getting angry & resentful.

Actually, anger & resentment are NEVER the solution to any problem!

Self-defense doesn’t require anger… in fact, anger ALWAYS makes self-defense more difficult.

The goal for today: defend ourselves… with Love!

Have a great day everybody!

Choose Good

Acting the right way will usually cause people to treat me the right way, but not always… so I have to be prepared for when that happens.

I prepare myself by knowing that I decide how I feel… & no one can take that away from me.

If someone insults me, I should ask myself if what they are saying is true & if it is, I should fix it… not be hurt by the truth.

If it’s not true, then I should let it roll off my back & pray for the person that said it.

The goal for today: always choose to feel good… because it isn’t sane, logical or rational to choose anything else!

Have a great day everybody!

Understanding Overcompensation

People tend to overcompensate for their supposed deficiencies.

If I act like a know it all… it’s because I’m afraid I’m not smart enough.

If I act like a bully… it’s because I’m afraid I’m not strong enough.

If I act like I’m better than you… it’s because I’m afraid I’m not good enough.

Next time you feel yourself getting aggravated with someone for acting like this, remember that they are afraid & pray for them rather than getting angry or feeling hurt by them.

The goal for today: be understanding!

Have a great day everybody!

Willing Participant

“God Himself, will not save men against their wills” ~Thomas Jefferson.

A willing participant is an absolutely essential requirement in problem solving.

For example: someone said “God help me not punch this person in the face!”

Well, God can’t force you to do what’s right… but He can fill your heart with love & give you the choice of love or hate.

Begging God to stop me from doing something that I “want” to do is a waste of time.

The goal for today: don’t ask God to revoke your free will… voluntarily line your will up with His… & be guaranteed a better result!

Have a great day everybody!

Of Ourselves

“We took a searching & fearless moral inventory of ourselves” ~Anon.

I’ve been practicing this for quite some time now… & it has literally taught me how to live.

Here is what I found: Fear is the underlying cause of all of our problems… internal dishonesty is one of our most destructive habits… selfishness is the best way to end up alone… & justified anger is a bunch of bullshit!

The goal for today: Pure motives, Honest thoughts, Selfless acts & a Loving heart… that’s the key to Happiness!

Have a great day everybody!

Turn Out Fear

“Fear is a bluffer” -Unknown.

I had to take off work yesterday, which is always uncomfortable for me.

My girlfriend had surgery which is always a bit nerve racking.

I got pulled over on my way there & that’s always a little scary.

And then I got to meet her parents for the first time in the waiting room.

Fear could have destroyed the entire day, but I stayed vigilant & turned it out.

As a result, I had no trouble getting the day off… the surgery went beautifully… I received money yesterday that covered the ticket… & I got along famously with the family.

The goal for today: turn out fear!

Have a great day everybody!