Do yourself & those around you a favor & forgive someone today. We tend to view forgiveness as some sort of submissive act, but it’s quite the opposite. There is no greater show of strength & courage than forgiveness. Being a big enough person to forgive is a very powerful demonstration of strength. I have witnessed acts of forgiveness that some wouldn’t even believe. The goal for today: forgive the person who has wronged you most in life… & watch your strength bring peace to all who see it! Have a great day everybody!

Give What?

I don’t have much money to give you. I don’t really have any material goods to give you. But life isn’t really about giving each other stuff anyway. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with giving someone a gift… unless that’s all I’m giving you. Every single one of us has a heart full of kindness, love, respect, caring & understanding… maybe we should be more concerned with giving those things to the people around us. The goal for today: whether it is mental, emotional or physical… give from the heart! Have a great day everybody!


“God gave us brains to use”‘~Anon. I’ve learned how to be a critical thinker. We must keep an open mind, without being blindly led. It’s a fine line, a delicate balance… but we have to ride the razors edge if we want to know the Truth. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to find the Truth? Are you willing to go to any length? Are you willing to put in the effort? And are you willing to live by the Truth once you find it? These are the questions I had to ask myself. The goal for today: seek, find & follow! Have a great day everybody!

Get & Give

Most of my life I had problem, after problem, after problem. And no matter how many times I sought help… the problems just kept coming. Then the missing piece of the puzzle finally turned up. Now I can see that the problems kept coming because I wasn’t “giving” help to anyone. Of course we all need to “get” help from time to time, in order to solve our own problems… but the best way to keep problems solved is to help others. The goal for today: seek help when I need it… but need it a lot less by giving help out freely to others! Have a great day everybody!

Selflessness… The Solution!

Someone once told me that altruism was the cure to depression. I didn’t believe them & in fact… I got upset at the idea that I might be selfish. But the more I thought about it… the more it made sense. How could I know I was depressed unless I was thinking about myself? Some people get mad when I say this, but I’m saying it anyway… helping others is the best way to get rid of depression. The goal for today: start destroying depression by getting… & staying focused on helpfulness to others! Have a great day everybody!

Believe It Or Not

“Some things are true whether you believe them or not” ~Unknown. At 32 years old my life had come undone. I lost everything I deemed important… I burned all of my bridges to safety… I isolated myself to a dangerous extent… & I was on the brink of suicide. What ultimately saved my life was open-mindedness. I didn’t believe in God, simplicity or altruism, but fortunately I did come to believe & these things turned out to be the Absolute Truth. The goal for today: God lives in our hearts, wants us to Love each other & guarantees our Happiness if we do… believe it or not! Have a great day everybody!

Peace During Chaos

The next time you feel Happy or at Peace, stop & realize that the world around you is exactly the same as it was the last time you were angry or frustrated. The fact is that we all choose how we are going to feel from moment to moment & day to day. Peace comes from inside of us not outside… & that means we can feel Peace even when the world around us is total chaos. Don’t allow anyone or anything, any event or occurrence outside of ourselves, dictate how we feel inside. The goal for today: think Peace… feel Peace… share Peace! Have a great day everybody!