A Better Way

At 32 my life was coming undone & I had to find a better way of life because the way I was living nearly killed me. I found someone to help me & became willing to do whatever it took to fix it. I read… I studied… I learned… I put in the work to change my life… & as a result, things began to change for the better. The mistake that nearly ended me was that I was more concerned with getting than giving… I was selfish. Giving, rather than getting, is 100% guaranteed to make our lives better. It is impossible to give FREELY of yourself & be unhappy. The goal for today: give! Have a great day everybody!

Unnatural Fear

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” ~2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬. I constantly hear people saying that fear is normal & natural… I disagree. It is not a God given thing… we are not born with it… it is NOT human nature to be afraid. Just because everybody’s doing it, doesn’t mean it is normal & natural… that just means that it has become common place. The goal for today: unlearn fear… starve it to death by not giving it your attention… rise above fear & live free! Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Compare

We tend to compare our problems as if it is some sort of competition to win the “biggest problem in the world” award. The fact is that fear is how we measure the size of our problems. It doesn’t matter if you are dying, or have social anxiety… the level of fear you attach to it is what dictates how it effects you. Fear is the root cause of our problems, so the next time you have a problem don’t waste time thinking about the problem… spot, admit & correct the fear that caused the problem. The goal for today: don’t compare problems… eliminate fears! Have a great day everybody!

Healthcare Done Right

Robert Smith (Dr. Bob) was a cofounder of AA, but I’m more impressed with his take on universal health care. He used his God given intuition to differentiate between the unwilling & the unable. If you were able to pay, you did… if you were unable, you didn’t… & if you were unwilling, he taught you the 12 steps to help you become willing to take care of yourself. The goal for today: we don’t need a new way of dealing with a new world… we simply need to get back to doing things the Right way! Have a great day everybody!

Money… Or Love?

Money doesn’t fix anything! Donate… donate… donate… that’s all we do. Actually… physically… face to face… loving each other, like actual human beings, is the absolute only way to fix the problems that we are currently faced with in the world. Giving money is NEVER enough! Money is a very temporary fix to our lack of humanity. Writing a check can never do as much good as getting up off my ass & actually going out & giving love directly to another living thing. The goal for today: real humanity! Have a great day everybody!


I want to succeed in life… but what does that really mean? To me it means finding Happiness, Peace & Freedom. And how do we find these things? We find them by doing the Right thing, for the Right reason (Purity)… by telling ourselves the Truth (Honesty)… by giving freely of ourselves to others (Selflessness)… through the impersonal sense of goodwill toward all (Love). More importantly, how do we keep these things? By teaching them to others. The goal for today: know if I’m not helping others… I’m not succeeding! Have a great day everybody!

Want Truth

I used to want certain things to be true & certain things to be false. For example: when something went wrong, I wouldn’t take responsibility… I would rather believe that it was someone else’s fault. Now… I just want the Truth to be the Truth & I want to know what it is. For example: when something goes wrong, I want to take responsibility… because I know I can’t fix it if I don’t. Personal responsibility leads to personal freedom. The goal for today: seek, find & follow the Truth… no matter what! Have a great day everybody!