“Nobody’s evil, they just decide to forget who they are” ~a scene from the Walking Dead. Everybody… absolutely everybody… is good at their core. I had to understand this statement in both directions. Not only does it tell me that I’m not the useless piece of shit that I once believed myself to be… but neither is anybody else! You’re good… I’m good… everybody is good… irregardless of any mistakes or wrong doings that may have occurred. The goal for today: see the good in ALL people… ourselves & everybody else as well! Have a great day everybody!

Know What’s Important

There is a very fine line between “Don’t sweat the small stuff” & “F*** it… I don’t care anymore.” We skate this fine line all day, every day. I put a considerable amount of effort into not making a mountain of a mole hill, but sometimes I let things get the best of me. Conversely, I sometimes put things off that are important & require more immediate attention. The goal for today: don’t overvalue the small stuff… don’t undervalue the important stuff… & never stop searching for the difference between the two! Have a great day everybody!

Be Better

There are many things that I need to be better at.
I need to seek more Truth.
I need to spread more Love.
I need a heightened awareness.
I need to feel more compassion.
I need to have more understanding.
I need to know God better.
I need to know myself better.
I need to know others better.
I need to help people more… & help more people.
The goal for today: live, learn, grow… & be better at least one of these things! Have a great day everybody!

Desire Good

“Good means not merely not to do wrong, but rather not to desire to do wrong” ~Democritus. To refrain from doing a wrong that I desire to do, will never bring permanent results. Ex: why do people relapse into drinking & drugging? Because they don’t really “want” to stop. Why can’t people quit smoking for good? Because they don’t really want to stop. Why can’t people stop gambling? Because they don’t really want to stop. The goal for today: find the honest desire to stop… & find permanent results! Have a great day everybody!


There is a person in this world that can change everything! A person full of Light & Love… a person that cares… a person that has enough Love in their heart to save lives! This person is of course capable of things that they aren’t aware of… they don’t know how incredible they are. All this person needs to do to change the world is believe in themselves… claim their rightful place in this world… & help others do the same. The goal for today: KNOW that this kind, loving, knowledgable, powerful person… is YOU! Have a great day everybody!

Pure In Heart

We all say “It’s the thought that counts”… but do we really mean it? My beautiful fiancé says it & means it & proves it. She told me I could have got her a bread tie instead of a diamond & she would have loved it just the same. She said the gifts that cost nothing are the ones that matter most. I have never met anyone more kind, loving, honest & decent, than this beautiful soul! I have never met anyone with a bigger heart, full of patience, love & purity! The goal for today: follow the lead of those who are truly living Right in this world! Have a great day everybody!

It’s Still There

“The magic is still there, though latent, needing only to touch the right sensitive head to reassert itself” ~Thomas Pynchon. Christmas has always been a somewhat magical time of year… but we have definitely lost touch with the spirit of this holiday over the past few years. The magic is still there, the spirit is still there, the joy is still there… we just need to renew our minds about it. The goal for today: refocus our hearts & minds on the things that really matter… & watch the Truth, the Love & the Joy of Life, reassert itself! Have a great day everybody!