The Poem of a Patriot

As I gaze out my window on a day like today
In the depths of a winter so ashen & gray
I can always find solace in this I must say
A sight that inspires in its particular way
I stand in the easterly corner of home
Looking due west directly into the gloom
But one window provides me an alternate view
The flag of our fathers in a beautiful hue
It stands out like a lighthouse to a sailor in need
Whom tosses & toils in the dark night at sea
It brings to me memories, it fills me with pride
The emotion it brings me I seldom can hide
Our founders, our fathers, our brothers, our sons
Have protected our freedoms from a world full of wrongs
It may not mean all the same things to you
But to me it means freedom for the tried & the true
I will respect it & love it & defend it I swear
From all threats to freedom, for yours I will care
For this glorious ensign that once meant so much
Still means the world to the hearts that its touched
So say what you will & do what you do
But to claim that “its” wronged you is simply not true
They say you can burn it but I’d say you’re a fool
For it will do much more to fill your heart if it remains red, white & blue


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