Ulterior Motives = Bad Results

When I say things like “I’m done helping people because they never appreciate it”… that just means I wasn’t really being helpful to begin with… I was actually being selfish. If I help you, but I have ulterior motives, that’s when bad things happen. If I help you to get praise or to make myself feel better, that’s when it goes unappreciated. And it is actually my ulterior motive that caused that bad thing to happen & therefore, it’s my fault not theirs. The goal for today: genuinely help people & never get hurt! Have a great day everybody!

Ourselves… Or Others?

“Were we thinking of ourselves most of the time, or were we thinking of what we could do for others?” ~Anon. The answer to this question will dictate whether I have a good day or a bad day. If I’m thinking of myself most of the time, I will definitely not have a good day… selfishness never really leads to good. If I’m thinking of what I could do for others, I will have a good day… unselfishness always leads to good. Try it for yourself & see what happens. The goal for today: rise above my own problems on the wings of unselfishness! Have a great day everybody!

Just Inspired… Or Actually Helped?

A lot of us will read things today that sound inspiring, but will they actually help make our lives better? If I read some inspirational quote today that sounds really intelligent & tells me to enjoy every moment today, but it doesn’t tell me how to do it… then what good is it? If something sounds inspiring, but it can’t be practiced… it’s useless… it will make you feel good for about 5 minutes & then… back to feeling bad. The goal for today: enjoy every moment by giving freely of yourself & helping others! Have a great day everybody!


“We are sure all would be utopia, if only the rest of the world would behave” ~Anon. This is a totally sarcastic statement… but I really believed it. I spent the whole of my adult life believing that if everyone else was doing what “I” knew was best for them… then “I” could be happy. I would strongly suggest against holding your breath waiting for the world around you to act right… it’s NEVER going to happen. The goal for today: know that all will be Utopia in my life… when “I” behave! Have a great day everybody!

Why Are You Mad?

Did you ever suggest that someone do something that was for their own good & when they didn’t take your advice, you got mad? And do you know why you got mad? This has happened to me many, many times & here is what I’ve learned: I didn’t get mad because they didn’t get what they needed… I got mad because them not taking my advice meant they didn’t think I was smart enough to know what I was talking about… they didn’t respect my opinion. The goal for today: help people so they can get better… not so I can get respect! Have a great day everybody!


“Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone” ~John 8:7. I spent a good portion of my life, maliciously judging people as if I had never made a mistake myself. Well, I have made mistakes, lots of them… & so have you. So let’s try some forgiveness… some understanding… & some compassion… rather than bashing the shit out of each other for our mistakes. The goal for today: I won’t self-righteously point out your mistakes… & at the same time, I will refuse to be affected by it when others self-righteously point out mine! Have a great day everybody!


Why do we constantly do things that we know in our hearts we shouldn’t do? We revel in our anger… drown in our self-pity… refuse to forgive… & then lie to ourselves & others about it. I am 100% certain that anger, self-pity, resentment & dishonesty are wrong… so why do I still sometimes do these things? And why then, am I shocked when unhappiness follows? Unhappiness comes as a direct result of doing the opposite of what your heart wants you to do. The goal for today: know that love, self-esteem, forgiveness & truth cause happiness! Have a great day everybody!