Constructive… or Destructive?

We are usually either too hard on ourselves… or too easy on ourselves. Finding balance in this respect specifically, is extremely important! Always beating myself up for making mistakes is counterproductive & renders me useless to the people around me. Being too easy on myself keeps me from ever really fixing my problems & breeds irresponsibility. The goal for today: don’t ignore my mistakes, but don’t beat myself up for them either… spot them, admit them & move toward correcting them! Have a great day everybody!

The Right Leader

“I’m Irish, you’re German… but what makes us both Americans is The Constitution” ~from the movie Bridge of Spies. I never get a lot of support on these type of statements, so I thought I might explain. My posts are never political, they are patriotic… there is a difference. In my mind the difference is that The Constitution is the government of God & always good… politics is the government of man & could go either way. The one we choose to follow will dictate the future of this great nation. The goal for today: follow the Right Leader! Have a great day everybody!


I’m terrible at asking for help! I always have been… & I still am at times. This is a problem that I need to resolve. I know the root cause is fear. I’m afraid that people will think “Maybe this guy doesn’t really know what he is talking about after all.” In my sane moments I know that what people would really think of me having a problem is “It’s nice to see that he is human after all.” I don’t ever want to be a hypocrite… & more importantly, I don’t want people to lose faith in the solution just because I fall short in practicing it at times. The goal for today: be human! Have a great day everybody!

The Wisdom Of Humility

Is being right more important than being helpful? I know a lot about alcoholism & drug addiction… & I help a lot of people. But if someone were to prove my methods wrong, I would concede to that immediately, because I am far more concerned with you getting well & staying alive than I am with me being right. Humility is something that I was lacking most of my life… but these days, when push comes to shove, your life is far more important than my ego. The goal for today: be confident & strong… but know that humility is where real wisdom comes from! Have a great day everybody!

Unappreciated Kindness

A friend once suggested to me, that I do something nice for someone… & don’t get caught. I remember thinking how crazy that sounded, because I always wanted credit for my good deeds. I wrote the other day how unreciprocated love makes me feel bad & therefore… I should stop seeking reciprocation. And here we are talking about how frustrating unappreciated kindness can feel. The solution to this problem is to be kind without seeking appreciation. The goal for today: stop trying to get shit from people & you will stop feeling bad! Have a great day everybody!

Work… Or Opportunity?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” ~Thomas A. Edison. Wow… how true is that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a job opportunity, an opportunity to help someone, or an opportunity to experience peace & happiness… we have to put in the work. Nothing worth having in this life comes without work, but earning what I get out of life is work that feels really good! The goal for today: with the right attitude, work doesn’t feel like work… it feels like an opportunity! Have a great day everybody!

Quid Pro Quo

“Love will never look for a quid pro quo” ~Emmet Fox. There is no worse feeling in the world than giving love, expecting to get it in return & being let down. How can we avoid this problem? Should we stop giving love? Should we stop having expectations? Or maybe we should fully understand that giving anything with a motive of getting something in return is always a bad idea… & should never be called love. The goal for today: give love because it’s the right thing to do… not because I want something from you! Have a great day everybody!