“After all, isn’t fear the true basis of intolerance?” ~Anon. Intolerance: unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviors that differ from one’s own. Treating some people good & others bad, is caused by fear. Argument & fault finding are caused by fear. Most of what we see in the world today is intolerant & is a direct result of fear. If someone mistreats me, I will protect myself, understand their fear & pray for them. If I mistreat someone else, I will protect myself, understand my fear & pray that it be removed. The goal for today: get rid of fear… & practice real tolerance! Have a great day everybody!

Right In Front Of You

The D&H Railroad, from Carbondale to Honesdale, was the 1st commercially successful railroad in America. Carbondale Pa, a town rich with history, is my hometown… & in large part, I have taken it for granted. I once visited a train museum nearly 3 hours south of here… yet I have never visited the one 20 minutes south of here. The point being, we tend to take what we’ve already got for granted… & go out in search of what somebody else has. The goal for today: don’t overlook the amazing people, places & things standing right in front of you… they are there! Have a great day everybody!


“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.” ~Daniel Webster. Our loved & lost were so ready to guard & defend freedom that they laid down their lives for it. They proved through their actions that freedom for all, is infinitely more important than the survival of one. The goal for today: honor our fallen soldiers by applying the same “do or die” approach to our everyday lives. Let us be just as willing to do what’s Right in our states, cities, communities & homes. Let us live by the Happiness, Peace & Freedom that they so courageously gave their lives to provide us with. Today, truly honor their sacrifice by living Right! Happy Memorial Day! Have a great day everybody!


Who is the most important person in your life today? If you are the most important person in your life today, then you have been lead astray & misinformed about the meaning of Life. The whole point & purpose of life is to love & care about others. From a societal standpoint, we have been taught to be selfish. We have been programmed to believe that “look out for #1” is the right way to live. There is nothing wrong with a little “me time”… but the general tone of life should be helping others. The goal for today: swim against the tide of selfishness… & I can personally guarantee that it will be worth the effort! Have a great day everybody!


Hindsight… insight… foresight. If I’m happy at the moment (insight), it’s because my thoughts & feelings were positive (hindsight), and more happiness will come if I continue to think positive (foresight). The same works in reverse. If I’m unhappy at the moment (insight), it’s because my thoughts & feelings were negative (hindsight), and more unhappiness will come if I continue to think negative (foresight). The goal for today: pay attention… use your gift of sight… simplify your life… & find the happiness you’ve been looking for! Have a great day everybody!

Thank You!

imageI am truly humbled by the outpour of Love I have received in regard to my book being published… & I can’t thank all of you enough. What’s really cool about this is that it stands as a giant reminder of how impossible it is to succeed at anything without each other. I could not have accomplished this without the help of so many people. Everyone I have ever come in contact with, has actually contributed to this book in some way, shape or form… & most of you probably don’t even realize how much you have helped me. I thank God, country & every one of you… I couldn’t have done this without you! The goal for today: give credit where credit is due! Have a great day everybody!