Safety… Or Freedom?

If safety is more important to you than freedom… you have missed the whole point of life. I believe that a reasonable number of people in this world MUST be risk takers. For years I tried to be like everybody else… work, eat, sleep, repeat… but I got to a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore. My heart felt heavy, my soul restless & my spirit was stifled & slowly fading. I felt as though I had no choice but to go out & seek more. I needed to feel free… I needed room to grow… I needed to be alive! The goal for today: some are leaders & some are followers; find out which one you are… & follow it to freedom! Have a great day everybody!

Take Control

The best way to not be treated like a doormat, is to not act like one. The best way to not be taken advantage of, is to not allow people to take more than you are willing & able to give. The best way to not be disrespected, is to not put yourself under the thumb of such people. Waiting for the world to treat me right, is a waste of time. Learning how to defend myself against the wrongs of the world, is of infinite value. The goal for today: have enough confidence & self-esteem to take control of my own thoughts, feelings & actions! Have a great day everybody!


I have always sucked at asking for help. I was afraid that needing help made me look weak… but now I know the Truth. Honestly admitting that I need help is a strength. Asking for help is a sign of humility. Hearing someone out when they are offering help requires open-mindedness. And taking the action required of me to solve my problem is a demonstration of willingness. I don’t want to be in a constant state of need… but everybody needs a helping hand from time to time. The goal for today: be strong enough to ask for help! Have a great day everybody!

Just Because It’s Right

There is a Law of Life that says you can’t do good… & feel bad about it. All the times I got upset when someone didn’t appreciate my kindness, prove that I had a selfish, ulterior motive. I shouldn’t do kind things expecting appreciation; I should do kind things expecting nothing in return, praying for the unappreciative, and hoping that no one finds out that “I” did it. I should be kind to people, simply because it’s the Right thing to do… knowing that doing what’s Right carries its own rewards. The goal for today: kindness… no questions asked, no strings attached, just because it’s Right! Have a great day everybody!

Yes You Can!

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” ~Unknown. Think about the life you have lived. Think about the hundreds of times you have accomplished things you thought you couldn’t do. And then think about how good it felt to achieve some of those seemingly impossible goals. Now stop saying “I can’t”… because it simply isn’t true. You can… & you will conquer any & all challenges that come your way, once you want something bad enough to put your whole heart into it. The goal for today: know that with faith, courage & fortitude… the world is yours! Have a great day everybody!


Love is all that really matters! I believe that the primary purpose for our existence is to learn how to give love out freely to others. There is nothing that any of us could possibly accomplish in life that would be more important than that. The understanding of love changes everything! Once properly understood, it changes our entire outlook on life… we think, feel & act differently. The greatest mistake a human being can make is to try to “get” love… it is something that can only be felt by giving. The goal for today: give love… & succeed at life! Have a great day everybody!

Independently Together

I have a responsibility to learn how to take care of myself… but I don’t have to do it alone. I have a responsibility to teach you how to take care of yourself… but I shouldn’t do that alone. I have a responsibility to participate in the lives of others for the sake of unity… & we obviously can’t do that alone. I needed help to learn how to take care of myself… & a lot of that help came from people I was helping… & together we can all figure this out & live in peace & harmony. The goal for today: take care of myself, by taking care of others… so we can all live independently together! Have a great day everybody!