Inside… Or Outside (what do you really believe)?

For years I would say things like “Happiness is an inside job”… & then I would claim that someone else (outside of me) was making me unhappy. We need to be clear on these things. We need to decide for ourselves… does happiness come from inside; or is it based on how the world outside of me acts & treats me? I no longer say things that sound smart, but mean nothing. We need to try to stop saying one thing & doing another. The goal for today: If I really believe happiness is an inside job… then I will stop trying to get it from outside! Have a great day everybody!

Focus On Kindness

If I’m having a bad day, that doesn’t give me the right to treat other people poorly. Treating people poorly will never make me feel better… in fact, it always makes me feel worse in the end. If I focus on being genuinely kind, considerate, helpful & loving toward others when I’m having a bad day, my bad day will instantly turn around… guaranteed! No one on earth needs my misery, but I am certain that someone needs my kindness… so I want to focus on that. The goal for today: find someone to be kind to… & be guaranteed a good day! Have a great day everybody!

Right… Or Just Not Wrong?

I was living wrong for many years… & as a result, I felt bad. Once I stopped living wrong, I felt a lot better… but then I realized there was more. When I started actually living Right, as opposed to just not living wrong, a whole new world opened up to me. If I keep moving forward… learning, growing & helping others… then my Happiness grows too. Don’t settle for temporarily feeling better; trust God, clean house, help others & feel your best! The goal for today: don’t just avoid doing wrong… go out of your way to do Right… & be supremely Happy! Have a great day everybody!


“We relax and take it easy. We don’t struggle” ~Anon. I read this every morning & it stands as a daily reminder of some of the small things I can do to start my day off on the Right foot. But I don’t just read it… I do it. As soon as I read those words, it reminds me to stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath, let my shoulders drop… & relax. And my work doesn’t stop there… every time I feel tension trying to sneak back in (like when I’m driving to work on the interstate) I remind myself of it & do it again (don’t close your eyes if you’re driving – lol). The goal for today: RELAX! Have a great day everybody!

Happy & Helpful

Years ago someone said to me that it’s dishonest to believe that other people can make me feel. I didn’t believe them at the time, but little by little I started testing that theory… & sure enough, they were right. There is no law that says I MUST feel hurt or angry if someone wrongs me. If even just for one day we all practiced Unconditional Love… it would forever change the world. And don’t knock until you try it. The goal for today: CHOOSE to be Happy & Helpful no matter what anybody else says or does! Have a great day everybody!

Positive… Constructive… Solution Based Thinking!

Most people are chronically engaged in what I like to call “Dooms Day” thinking. Within 5 minutes of our eyes opening, we start thinking about all of our problems & how all sorts of terrible things are going to happen. That type of thinking is guaranteed to destroy your happiness. Now I’m not suggesting that you simply pretend life doesn’t suck… I’m suggesting that you focus your thinking on positives. Even if your life really is a train wreck, you should be thinking about how to fix it… because just thinking about how bad it is, will definitely not fix it. The goal for today: have positive, constructive, solution based thinking… all day long! Have a great day everybody!

Change Your Mind

Change your mind… & you change your life. Do you ever get mad at other drivers on the road? Do you ever drive somewhere & not get mad? Do you get mad when your dog pisses on the floor? Do you ever not get mad when your dog pisses on the floor? The point is that we all experience things that sometimes piss us off… & sometimes don’t. Do you know what the difference is? It is a simple frame of mind. For example: if I’m running late for work, I tend to let things bother me more than they normally would… & that’s not my dogs fault. The goal for today: know that my fear based thinking is causing my irritation… & stop getting mad at everyone & everything else! Have a great day everybody!