“Quite as important was the discovery that spiritual principles would solve ALL our problems” ~Anon. That’s a great statement… but what is a spiritual principle? I would define a spiritual principle as a Moral Law. Moral meaning that your heart will tell you what’s Right & what’s wrong… & law means law. Example: we can’t be selfish & happy at the same time. I know this is true because I tried to cheat that law for about 20 years… & it definitely did not work. The goal for today: let your heart tell you what’s Right… do what’s Right… & get the Right results! Have a great day everybody!

Simply Unselfish

Did you ever read a spiritual writing that sounded super intelligent… but you have no idea what it actually meant? Yeah, me too… all the time. I am a lover & believer of simplicity. I don’t believe that big fancy words always add up to the Truth. In fact, as a writer, I’ve come to the conclusion that when I use .25c words where .05c words are sufficient… it’s because I’m trying to impress you, rather than help you. The goal for today: start this simple: unselfishness is the key ingredient in Happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Control Your Thinking… Control Your Life

One of the simplest yet most profound & powerful pieces of information that has ever been shared with me was this: “You can think about whatever you want right now.” We actually have total control of our thinking! We have a tendency to believe that we have no choice but to worry, fear & stress over things… but we do have a choice. So when I can’t sleep at night because I’m too busy worrying… I can & should, very simply, think about something else. It is that simple! The goal for today: don’t let your mind push you around; control your thinking… control your life! Have a great day everybody!

Given… Earned… & Attracted

I always wanted to be loved, respected & appreciated… & now I know how to achieve that goal. The only way to feel loved is to give love, never demanding it in return. The only way to get real respect is to earn it through Right actions. Appreciation is something that we can attract to ourselves by helping people the Right way, for the Right reasons… whether they appreciate it or not. Trying to get these things in any other way is futile… I know because I tried it the wrong way for many years & failed. The goal for today: give love… earn respect… & attract appreciation! Have a great day everybody!

The Secret Path

I am a firm believer in personal responsibility. I believe that everyone is responsible for their own thoughts, feelings & actions. I believe that blame is a delusion. Once I took responsibility for my own life, some really strange things started happening. I was able to solve some problems that I thought were permanent… I started sleeping better at night… I gained some much needed self-esteem & confidence. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility is the secret path to happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!


We all know that gossip is a terrible thing to do… but we just keep doing it. Why? I believe that we are created equal (spiritually), but my low self-esteem sometimes tricked me into believing the opposite… & that’s when things like jealousy & gossip rear their ugly heads. I never knew how to lift myself up… so instead, I would try to knock you down in order to feel better about myself. But now I know that dragging others down in an attempt to feel better about myself, is not only foolish… but it NEVER works. The goal for today: know that lifting others up always feels good… earns respect… & makes the world a better place! Have a great day everybody!


There are 3 sides to everything… the left, the right & the middle. Watching tv last night someone was dying of an illness & said… “I don’t believe in heaven because if I believe in heaven, then I have to believe in God; and if I believe in God, then I have to believe that He did this to me. I would rather believe it’s all random.” The extreme left says God did this to you. The extreme right says there is no God. But maybe there is a healthy range of sanity in the middle that says… there is a God, but He didn’t cause this. Maybe… just maybe… it wasn’t God’s idea to take a plant, dry it out, crush it up, light it on fire, and inhale it. The goal for today: find the 3rd side of every story… & at least consider it! Have a great day everybody!


We are all in this life together & therefore, we need to learn how to help each other properly. When someone wrongs me, insulting & condemning them isn’t going to help either one of us. Insults & anger don’t really ever help anybody… so why do we do it so much? When someone is acting like an ass, it’s because they have a problem & they need our help. The tricky part (& this is why most people won’t do it) is that we need to help them without enabling them… or becoming a doormat for them. The goal for today: learn how to help people properly… & start helping everyone that is willing to be helped! Have a great day everybody!

A Tough Topic

This is a tough topic. Why does God let “bad” things happen. There is an ancient saying… “You can’t know the light, without experiencing the dark.” Bad things happen because God gave us free will & we don’t always do what’s Right with it. And I promise, you would like God even less if He revoked your free will. Robots don’t have free will… & as a result, they also don’t experience things like Love. If God turned us into robots, nothing “bad” would ever happen… but nothing “Good” would either. The goal for today: know that even though it comes with some risks, free will is still the greatest gift we have… we just need to put it to Good use! Have a great day everybody!

Give It First

Should I complain about not getting understanding… or focus on giving it? Should I complain about not getting appreciation… or focus on giving it? Should I complain about not getting love… or focus on giving it? I spent so much time complaining that people weren’t treating me right, that it never dawned on me that I wasn’t treating them right either. The only way to feel Real understanding, appreciation & love is to GIVE them. The goal for today: know that giving ALWAYS feels better than getting… try it & see! Have a great day everybody!