“I am so f***ing bored… nothing to do today… I think I’ll sit around & medicate” ~Theory of a dead man. This quote may sound a bit extreme… but is it? How many millions of times have we heard people say things like “there’s nothing to do in this town… no wonder we have a drink/drug problem here.” There is a solution to this problem! I haven’t been “bored” in 13 years… & the reason is because I spend my spare time helping people. And I didn’t have to help starving children halfway around the globe… I guarantee you that someone in your town needs help. The goal for today: know that the cure for boredom is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others! Have a great day everybody!


“To be helpful is our only aim” ~Anon. When I’m at home… I want to be helpful. When I’m at work… I want to be helpful. When I’m at the grocery store… I want to be helpful. This desire to be helpful has transformed my life. I don’t practice it perfectly, but when I do practice the unselfish concern for the welfare of others… my life & the lives of those around me, are instantly improved. Happiness kicks in and things like loneliness & negativity fade out. The goal for today: aim to be helpful… it is the greatest good & the single, most powerful ally to Happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Love… Or Fear?

“There are actually only two human emotions… love and fear” ~Emmet Fox. I was talking to a friend about how simple life could be if we would only let it be. We talked about how all positives come from love & all negatives come from fear… & how easy it is to tell the difference. All we have to do to know for certain if we are headed toward a positive or a negative, is simply ask… “Is this a form of love or fear?” Does anger come from love or fear? Does selfishness come from love or fear? Does dishonesty come from love or fear? See how easy that is? The goal for today: simplify the tools you use to navigate your daily life… & let love reign! Have a great day everybody!

Many Problems… One Solution

There are a million different paths we can take to get to a solution… but there is still only One Solution. No matter what the problem is, or how it came about… there can be but One way to fix it. I have come to the point blank conclusion that getting rid of selfishness is the key to solving ALL of my problems. My problems may have taken me down a different path than yours took you down… but at the end of each of our paths lies Unselfishness. The goal for today: unity through the unselfish concern for the welfare of others! Have a great day everybody!


Life is precious! Not because you only live once & not because your time here is limited… but because every single second of it has meaning. Our thoughts, feelings & experiences contribute to something much bigger than ourselves. We are here to live… not just drift aimlessly through life. We are here to feel… not to medicate our feelings away. We are here to love… not to fearfully take from each other or hate each other. The goal for today: give all of the love in your heart & see what it feels like to be truly alive… that’s what we’re here for! Have a great day everybody!

The Motive Guarantee

I know that helping others is going to make me feel better… but that’s not why I do it. I do it because it’s the Right thing to do… because it’s what we are here to do… because it makes the world a better place for everyone. But I’ve got to get that motive Right in order to get the Right result. When I help someone & I don’t feel better, that’s proof that my motive wasn’t Pure. Somewhere along the line, I was doing it for me… not you. The goal for today: help others the Right way, for the Right reasons, expecting nothing in return from them… & your own happiness will be guaranteed! Have a great day everybody!

Enjoy It All

Sometimes life gets so busy, hectic & stressful that we forget to enjoy it. Life is definitely supposed to be an enjoyable experience… not some miserable undertaking that we have to drag ourselves through. Of course we need to be responsible & handle the business of life… but we can still laugh, smile & be happy while taking care of our responsibilities. We could all use some stress relief & all we need to do to get it, is look at life differently. The goal for today: view all parts of life as a pleasure… & enjoy it all! Have a great day everybody!

Give Thanks

If I claim to have nothing to be grateful for, that is proof that I am most certainly taking a bunch of stuff for granted. I am sure that we could all have fuller lives… but every single one of us has much to be thankful for, whether we know it or not. I have spent the past few years trying to gain some true gratitude in my life, for the things that really matter. I’m thankful to have a heart full of Love! I’m thankful to have a mind full of Truth! I’m thankful to have some peace of mind, even in uncertain times! And most of all… I’m eternally grateful that I get to share these things with you! The goal for today: give thanks! Have a great day everybody! Happy Thanksgiving!

Make It Better

“If you treat a man as he is, he will remain as he is. If you treat him as he could & should be… he will become what he could & should be” ~Goethe. Every human being, in the history of mankind, has made a mistake. Should we treat each other based on our mistakes, or should we treat each other with love & kindness… no matter what? Should we use past mistakes to break each other down… or inspire each other to be better & lift each other up? The goal for today: know that when we treat each other Right, the world becomes a better place! Have a great day everybody!

The Cure

Negativity is like a disease… & when left untreated, it tends to spread & get progressively worse. Fortunately, there is a cure to this disease… positivity! We can only have one conscious thought at a time & if we consistently focus on positives, it becomes habitual, infiltrates the subconscious & becomes the norm. The best way to avoid negativity is to be in constant pursuit of positivity. The goal for today: practice positivity as a cure… it will heal your ailing heart & ease your worried mind! Have a great day everybody!