Your Birthright

The Truth is a funny thing. When I don’t want to hear it… I don’t seek it… I don’t find it… & it pisses me off when someone tries to force it on me. When I do want to hear it… I seek it… I find it… & I appreciate it. And even when it’s an ugly Truth… it heals me & helps me learn & grow. If we want to be truly happy, we will eventually have to stand toe to toe with the Truth… because there is a Law of Life that says it is impossible to achieve happiness without it. The goal for today: seek, find & follow the Truth to your birthright… happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Unique… Or Unified?

We are all unique in a lot of ways & that’s a wonderful thing… but what matters most is how we are all exactly the same. Unity is far more important than being unique. I have learned certain things, that when properly understood, could unify the world! All of our problems are caused by fear & they are all cured by giving Love & in that respect, we are not unique… we are unified. The goal for today: get rid of the false belief that no one understands what you’re going through… find someone to give Love to… & let the power of unity heal the world! Have a great day everybody!

You’re Smart

Lazy mindedness is one of the biggest problems we have in the world today. Like every problem… it’s caused by fear (fear of not being smart enough). Nobody wants to think about anything… they just want to know. We want to let other people do all of the thinking for us & then we can just watch a YouTube video that explains it all… & hope they’re right. We need to learn how to think for ourselves again. Sure, watch an instructional video, but don’t just automatically believe it… think about it first. The goal for today: THINK… use the brains that God gave you… because you’re smarter than you know! Have a great day everybody!

Are You Trying To Get?

All relationship troubles stem from selfishness. We get angry or hurt because we are afraid we aren’t going to “get” what we want or need from the relationship. But, like magic, our relationship troubles tend to go away when we are more focused on what we can contribute to the relationship. Also, the motive behind giving must be Pure; we get taken advantage of & taken for granted when we are giving specifically with the intent to “get” a return. The goal for today: stop taking… & stop giving just to get; give freely of yourself & let the Law of Attraction do the rest! Have a great day everybody!

Nothing Outside…

Nothing outside of me can force me to think, feel, or act a certain way. Self-esteem comes from inside… no one can force me to feel good or bad about myself. Fear & anger come from inside… no one can force me to feel these emotions. Negative thoughts come from self… no one can force me to think about anything. Once I stopped blaming the world & the people around me for all of my problems, my life instantly started getting better. The goal for today: take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings & actions… & take control of my life! Have a great day everybody!

Do You Know?

Do you have someone in your life that just can’t seem to get it together & you can’t figure out why? Do they seem to have every opportunity to live right & be happy… they just won’t do it for some reason? Well, what I’ve learned is that if I can’t figure out why they aren’t living right, how can I expect them to know? We all have a lot to learn. We all need to gain a better understanding of our problems. We all need to stop getting mad at people for being confused & start learning how to help them instead. The goal for today: know that understanding helps & anger hurts! Have a great day everybody!

Walk Strongly

If I told you that I know why you’re unhappy & that I know how to fix it… would you be willing to listen? Could you open your eyes, your heart & your mind enough to see it, feel it & understand it? Would you be willing to do whatever it takes to fix it? Could you muster up enough faith in the process to try it? If you answered “yes” to even some of these questions, then you are ready to start your journey toward happiness. The goal for today: know that true Happiness is attainable for absolutely EVERYONE, put your feet in motion & walk strongly down the Path that will lead you there! Have a great day everybody! Merry Christmas!