Who Are We Kidding?

Did you ever try to trick God or the universe or whatever powers to be you believe are out there? For example: what would you do if you won the lottery? Do we really think God is fool enough to believe that we would donate it to charity? The point is that I have wasted a lot of time asking God for things, claiming that it would be in the best interest of others, when I was really only trying to help myself. And when my prayers weren’t answered, I gave up on God. But why weren’t they answered? Because there’s no God, or is it because there is a God & He doesn’t answer selfish prayers… no matter how I dress them up? The goal for today: know that unselfish prayers are ALWAYS answered! Have a great day everybody!

Whose Life Are You Living?

Why do you believe what you believe? Did you ever think about where your beliefs came from? Did you build your own belief system… or have you adopted someone else’s? I tried to live my life based on what other people believed, but it didn’t work. Begrudgingly living a certain way because someone else believed it was right, brought me nothing but discord & discontent. I lived unhappily like that for years & then one day someone suggested that I start asking myself what to believe rather than blindly following others beliefs. If you’re unhappy, it might be because you are trying to live someone else’s life. The goal for today: do what YOU believe is Right! Have a great day everybody!

What Do You Really Believe?

“We always do what we believe” ~Emmet Fox. I “said” I wanted to quit smoking, but what did I “do”… I kept smoking. I “said” I wanted to stop drinking & drugging, but what did I “do”… I continued to drink & drug. I “said” I wanted to help others, but what did I “do”… I helped only myself. I “said” I wanted to do God’s will, but what did I “do”… I did my will. I was stuck in the terrible habit of saying one thing, but doing another. Hmmm, maybe actions really do speak louder than words. The goal for today: pay attention to your actions & find out what you REALLY believe! Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Just Survive… Live!

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” ~Matthew 4:4. To me this statement means that it’s not enough to just survive… we NEED to be fully alive. And that means we are to be happy, healthy, and helpful to each other. I don’t just want to wake up each day, I want to rise up above all the bullshit and claim what is Rightfully mine… Happiness, Peace, and Freedom. The goal for today: don’t just feed your body in order to survive… but feed your soul and find out what life feels like when you are truly alive! Have a great day everybody!

Life Is Simple!

Life is simple! Fear, dishonesty, selfishness & resentment are bad; Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love are good. If I’m not happy, it is because of the 1st four… & if I am happy, it is because of the 2nd four. I have not found an exception to this formula & therefore, I rely on it wholeheartedly. I may not practice it perfectly, but when I do practice it… it works perfectly. It NEVER fails to yield the Right results. The real beauty of this simple system is that the 2nd four are the solution to the 1st four… so if I’m unhappy, I simply apply the 2nd four to the situation. The goal for today: do the Right thing for the Right reason (Purity); tell myself & others the Truth (Honesty); give freely of myself to others (Unselfishness)… & maintain an impersonal sense of goodwill toward all (Love)! Have a great day everybody!

The Altruistic Solution

After nearly 20 years of anxiety & depression & a near suicide attempt, I have found the solution. That solution is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. I finally found true happiness in giving freely of myself to others. Helping others brought clarity & helped solve my problems too… it gave me purpose in a life that didn’t appear to have any… it filled my heart & mind with a sense of peace that I never got from trying to take from people. The goal for today: help others in any way I can & let happiness, peace & freedom rule the day! Have a great day everybody!

One Solution

I am of the belief that there is exactly 1 solution to every problem. And I think the reason that so many disagree with that is because we can’t seem to agree on what caused the problem to begin with. The fact of the matter is this: if selfishness is my problem… then Unselfishness is the ONLY solution. If powerlessness is the problem… then Power is the ONLY solution. Once I decide what caused my problem, I should do the opposite. If it doesn’t work, then I was wrong about the cause… not the solution. The goal for today: know that the opposite of the problem is ALWAYS the ONLY solution! Have a great day everybody!

One Reason

“There is only one reason to do what’s right; because it’s the right thing to do” ~Emmet Fox. If I’m doing what’s right for the sake of fame, fortune, reputation, or self-gain of any sort… then it isn’t real & it won’t produce the happiness & harmony I seek. It might produce money & popularity… but it won’t produce the things really worth having in life, like peace of mind & serenity. Don’t love to be loved… don’t be charitable to be revered… & don’t do anything just because someone else said you should. The goal for today: just be genuine! Have a great day everybody!

Admit… Or Bury?

I made a mistake at work yesterday & my old thinking kicked in. I immediately started looking for someone else’s mistakes, so I could conveniently hide mine beneath theirs. Fortunately it didn’t take long for me to realize what I was doing & I was able to quickly turn it around. I turned my focus, attention & energy toward spotting, admitting & correcting my mistake… rather than trying to bury it & pretend it didn’t happen. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility & humility always feel better & bring better results, than fear & blame! Have a great day everybody!


Do we practice unconditional love? Do we really understand what the word unconditional means? And do we know what would be classified as a condition? Most of us do not practice unconditional love, even though we think we do. Most of us know it means “without condition”, but we don’t really comprehend what that means. Most of us put conditions on our kindness & we don’t even realize we are doing it. If I get upset because my love isn’t reciprocated… that’s a condition. If I get mad because my love isn’t appreciated… that’s a condition. If I only love people that lift me up… that’s a condition. The goal for today: REAL Unconditional Love! Have a great day everybody!