Two Types…

There are two types of information in the world… facts & opinions. How can we tell the difference? Easy… if it doesn’t apply to everyone on earth, it’s an opinion. Here are some of the facts I have found: 1) When we do the Right thing, for the Right reason, we get the Right result (Purity). 2) When we tell ourselves the Truth, we know exactly what we want & exactly how to get it (Honesty). 3) Giving freely of ourselves to others is absolutely essential if we want to be truly happy (Unselfish). 4) True Love can ONLY be felt by giving it. The goal for today: Purify your motives, tell yourself & others the Truth, give Freely of yourself & let Love rule the day! Have a great day everybody!

1 Solution… Many Practices

When people suggest that there are many ways to solve a problem, it confuses people. There is exactly 1 solution to every problem, but there may be many different ways to practice that solution. For example: the absolute one & only solution to selfishness is unselfishness… there is no other. However, there are many different ways a person can be unselfish; you can give love, time or money… you can give food, clothing or shelter… you can give many, many things, but giving is the only solution. The goal for today: we need to stop confusing the issue… learn how to pinpoint the problem & then proceed to do the opposite! Have a great day everybody!

I Just Need To Vent

I’m a pretty good listener, but I’m not very good at listening without offering a solution. When someone says to me “I just need to vent”… I cringe a little. It’s hard for me to listen to your dilemma, know how to fix it, but bite my tongue because I know you don’t want the solution. Just venting is unhealthy; it brings temporary relief, which leads you to believe “you’re over it”… but you’re not really over it, that’s why it keeps coming back. It’s ok to vent as long as when you’re done, you find & apply a solution. The goal for today: don’t just bitch about it, fix it… then you can say “I’m over it” & mean it! Have a great day everybody!

I Have Found…

I have found that it’s impossible to be angry without first being selfish; what were you trying to get from the person you’re mad at? I have found that it’s impossible to be selfish without first being dishonest; why were you trying to get it from them rather than God or self? I have found that it’s impossible to be dishonest without first being afraid; what are you afraid you won’t get… love, money or respect? The goal for today: eliminate anger by getting love from God… money from hard work… & respect from self! Have a great day everybody!

How To Fix It

I always talk about fear being the driving force behind ALL of our problems & today I want to talk about how to fix it. The 1st step is to admit it. No one wants to admit they’re afraid, but we all are. There has never been a human being on planet earth that wasn’t afraid of something. The 2nd step is to pinpoint the fear specifically… & fortunately all fear boils down to this: what are you afraid you are going to lose or not get? The 3rd step is to tell yourself the truth about it. It either isn’t real… or it is & there’s a simple solution. The 4th step is to let it go, which is made easier by knowing the truth about it. The goal for today: learn how to fix fear & take control of your destiny! Have a great day everybody!

Freedom… Or Safety?

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both” ~Thomas Jefferson. What’s more important to you: financial security, or Freedom… physical security, or Freedom… emotional security, or Freedom? We now have a socialist party because we are so shit scared of running out of money. We are desperately trying to take everyone’s guns because we are so shit scared of dying. We are neck deep in “political correctness” because we are so shit scared that someone might hurt our feelings. The goal for today: know that trading Freedom for safety is a bad idea! Have a great day everybody!

Think… Feel… Act

Your whole life is a series of thoughts, coupled with emotions, that manifest into experiences. The affect that the world has on us is a direct result of the emotions we choose to attach to our thoughts. So, the real key to a happy life is learning how to control our emotional choices. The biggest problem I had in life was that I thought I couldn’t control my emotions, I thought they just kinda happened… but that’s not how it works. Our emotions come quickly & that’s why it “seems” as though they are out of our control… but they’re not. The goal for today: practice choosing positive emotions & watch your happiness grow! Have a great day everybody!